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The endless search begins (Open)

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26 Re: The endless search begins (Open) on 15/09/16, 05:54 pm


Her now tear filled eyes had grown wide as his words his her... how many of them were still alive today? They had all escaped together and lived together for a few weeks after that until they were able to safely get some work to live off of... had they been recaptured? or killed? None of them stayed in touch for their own safety, so Aayla had no way of knowing. She hoped they were alright... but she would do everything she could to persevere herself, and if that meant working with this man long enough to get what she needed out of him, then she would.

However, whenever Abbas and Altan stepped away, saying their goodbyes and how they couldn't help her if she went along with him, her heart sank. They were really going to leave her with him? There was only so much she could do for herself... She first looked to Altan pleadingly as the other girl apologized and began to leave.

She cried out as she pulled her shoulder out from under Jericho and took a few steps towards their retreating forms. She looked panicked as she watched them go. Neither stopped when she called out to them, so chasing them was out of the question.  It looked like she had chosen wrong after all.

"Abbas, and... Altan..."
She muttered under her breath, committing their names and faces to memory.  She felt much more at ease with those two girls than she did with Jericho, and so she made a point of seeing them again. Abbas wanted her to become a citizen... well then that would be the first thing she did. Altan thought of her as a proud Fanalis warrior, then that would be the second... she would better herself and find her place in this strange world with Jericho's help. She took in a deep breath, and hesitantly raised her hand in the air as she waved good-bye to the twqo girls, wether they looked back at her or not.

"Thank you!"
She yelled out, though her face was still showing her distress. Finally, she would turn to face Jericho once more, reaching up with her sleeves to wipe away the tears that had built in her eyes.

"Let's get one thing straight. You do the paperwork you need to, to get me out of trouble, but I am not your slave. I am nobody's slave anymore okay? I will become a citizen..."
She told him seriously, now staring at him quite intently.

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27 Re: The endless search begins (Open) on 16/09/16, 04:34 am

The tears were something that gave him a moments pause. It wasn't the first time he'd had this happen of course but normally it'd be from younger targets and on top of that he'd usually just block it out on the track back to whatever camp or troop they belonged too. This time it couldn't help but take a moments pause... He was gonna be traveling with her for sometime. It was enough to almost make his stomach lurch. But he still just shoved it down as deep as he could. Deep deep down enough to try and hide the sensation. Daisy just remaining silent tilting her head looking up towards him as well as a moment after towards the girl. It was hard to say if she was confused or knew exactly what she was thinking. Jericho just sighing giving a Daisy a moments stare.

He'd just watch her call out to the others. Taking a moment to deal with what just happened. Sliding his hands into his pockets thinking silently this wasn't gonna be the first time a slave realized what the real world was like. Freedom didn't mean happiness... It just removed shackles and showed you just how awful the real world was and no to some extent there wasn't even the protection of a owner. He'd let her deal with that before finally turning to answer him. Personally just giving her a smirk but it was a little more dulled then his prior expressions. "Of course you will... But until then lets just worry about getting some cash up darlin. Freedom or possible citizenship don't mean shit if you don't have money for food and shelter. Lets worry about figuring out what were gonna do next before we got setting our sights to far." Calming her and giving a cheeky grin. He'd give her a nod though as if some understanding was made before jerking his head to the side and whistling at Daisy who'd be sticking close to Aayla. Taking all the time in the world to take in and remember that scent. "We'll get a room not far from here for cheap... Hopefully before long we can afford better then dingy boarding houses but beggars can't be choosers as they say." He'd say scratching his chin. A little money lost to both their aids in exchange for the services of a Fanalis strength at his side. AT least she was a strong breed... This was gonna be good. Maybe even for both of them.


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