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Through the seas

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1 Through the seas on 06/09/16, 06:51 pm


Magnos's grin grew as his staff slowly tapped against the ground as he moved through the streets of Kou unhindered by much of anybody.It was odd a town was oddly quiet as Magnos moved closer and closer to the dock as he moved slower and slower his eye looked at the ship to Heliohapt "So then this is the way I shall go...The Rhuk must have wished it" Magnos would say as the salty air brushed through Magnos's hair he slowly boarded the ship as it's first stop was the location of the open seas, a quicker way to the city of Heliohapt, there wasn't much of an easier way as Magnos fully boarded the ship he smiled as he would sit against the flag pole as his head would droop his eye lids felt heavy 'Wow....This is weird...The Rhuk wont settle, its moving faster than I've seen in a while' Magnos would thing as the sails would uncoil and fall, the air blowing against them as the ship began to move.


Magnos's head staired at the clouds as they rolled past faster and faster the boat slamming harshly against the wave, Magnos's arms wrapped around the shaft of his staff as the waves did not hinder him at all, the boat move quicker and quicker through the water as the boat captain would come from the ship's quarters with a smile "Today is a fine day for a adventure, but young lad what plans have you made?" the man would say and with a head bow leave back into the quarters as Magnos's eyes would twitch "Plans?What type of plans do I have....I need to become stronger first...Then I want to help this world..." Magnos would say his eyes looking at the deck of the ship as the ship would begin docking into Heliohapt Magnos would look up and see the sandy shores with a smile as his feet would land on the wooden docks and Magnos would begin walking towards the town.

Used open seas route))

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