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Ranger Training [Training/Private]

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1 Ranger Training [Training/Private] on 28/08/16, 01:37 am


After Ronove, Zadi felt different. He couldn't pinpoint if his personality changed or if his physical self changed. Maybe both changed but in such an insignificant way that Zadi felt off regardless. However, Zadi felt he needed to keep changing, both mentally and physically. His strength and speed were on par with the average fanalis, but Zadi didn't want to be a on-trick-pony. He wanted versatility but not too much variety. Too much variety would be too much for Zadi's head to handle. His instincts weren't the sharpest tool in the shed, his pacing and slow thinking helped Zadi get out of most trouble. At least, that's what Zadi believes. There isn't an outside perspective for Zadi to rely on, not yet anyway. Perhaps 'the group' could help the blonde figure himself out? Only time can tell.

Zadi needed to take a walk. He needed Reim's air to inspire him. The warrior needed to visit the Coliseum and see some more fighting techniques. Zadi decided to become a warrior because of the coliseum and things seemed to turn out well for him. Again though, without an outside perspective, Zadi is unable to truly figure himself out. Anyway, Zadi visited the Coliseum and watched a few matches. As per usual, lots of melee combat took place within the large and mostly empty Coliseum. The crowd didn't make the Coliseum's arena look much fuller. In fact, the more of an audience there was, the more empty the arena looked. To Zadi, this was funny and he giggled a little. Match after match, warrior after warrior, nothing changed. Occasionally someone with a bow or other ranged weapon showed up. However, the match never lasted long. Either the ranger was quick enough to cripple the opponent and win or the warrior drastically lowered distance and took the win with a couple hits. Nothing special, but to Zadi the bowmanship was something special. Zadi waited for rangers to come into a Coliseum match, all so that he could study their techniques, their movements, and their reactions.

After a few more rangers participated in matches, Zadi got a good grasp as to the physical and mental necessities of bowmanship. From what he's seen so far, the blonde preferred crossbows. The reason? Even Zadi doesn't know why he likes crossbows so much. However, if Zadi had to answer, he'd probably explain the ease of use. Bows and slings looked far too difficult to master whereas crossbows seemed far simpler. Their power and range did look to be slightly lower. Either the crossbow has more power for less range or vice versa. Granted, such simplicity is exactly what Zadi seemed to like. The uses of a crossbow also presented themselves to be diverse. Fortunately for Zadi, he had plenty of time to continue watching Coliseum matches. Unfortunately, only a handful of matches a day presented rangers. Zadi knew the time spent would only be worth while if he continued to be patient.

After the first day of match watching, Zadi decided to study crossbowmanship. Quite a mouthful and probably not a real word, but Zadi liked crossbows more than regular bows or slings. Crossbowmanship is the next thing for Zadi to master! In order to do so, Zadi also decided where he would study crossbowmanship, or at least watch ranged combat in general. The Coliseum provided the fighters, however scarce, and the time Zadi needed was in great supply. The group Zadi formed wasn't together at the moment but only needed a single meeting in order to establish a goal. For now, the group wouldn't make a move until an opportunity presented itself. Anyway, Zadi continued to watch Coliseum matches in hopes of seeing rangers, crossbowman specifically. With roughly only one crossbowman a day, if Zadi was lucky, he'd need a good long month in order to truly understand the physical movements necessary to handle a crossbow. Zadi's nimble fingers pseudo-practiced loading an 'air crossbow' in order to obtain muscle memory. Obviously not all crossbows are the same and Zadi's nimble fingers would need to adjust once he got the real deal, but for now the air would have to do.

After a week of viewing matches, Zadi decided to buy himself a crossbow. However, the eccentric Zadi wouldn't just settle for any bland crossbow. He HAD to get himself some eye candy! Zadi visited the local bazaar and kept his eyes pealed for eccentrically designed crossbows. Maybe the color would be bright, the carvings intricate, or perhaps the crossbow would be magic? Only time can tell what Zadi will choose. Thankfully, Zadi didn't have to look for very long and found himself an animal-shaped crossbow. The crossbow was a nice green color with a lizard as the animal in question. Zadi recognized the animal as a frilled lizard, though he didn't know what it had to do with crossbows. At least the crossbow fit Zadi's eccentricity, especially considering the crossbow looked to have magic systems built in. That's right, the crossbow was magic! Zadi bought some arrows to go with the crossbow and hurried to the inn he was sleeping in. With crossbow in hand, the warrior started to use his nimble fingers in order to hone his muscle memory. Loading and unloading the crossbow took time to learn, more so considering Zadi wanted to get some speed out of the process.

Another week passed by and Zadi continued to not only watch Coliseum matches, but also practice loading and unloading his new crossbow. Only one more week and Zadi felt he would master his newfound skill! However, Zadi would still not be satisfied unless he participated in a match using his new crossbow. Without a proper fight, the skill would be essentially useless. If Zadi couldn't win a match without killing his opponent using only a crossbow, then the blonde would give up and try something else. Zadi didn't want to be a klutzbowman, he wanted to be a crossbowman! Being both a warrior and a ranger would be quite versatile, at least that's what Zadi hoped.

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The month of training was over, sort of. Zadi hadn't learned to fire his crossbow yet, but only how to repair, notch a bolt, and fire said bolt. No actual bolts have been fired yet, even after a whole month of mental and hand-eye training. Now Zadi would get into the real swing of things; hitting a distant target with the crossbow. Hunter's Spirit, the crossbow in Zadi's possession, was itching to fire some arrows at a target. But not just any target! Zadi would use barrels with a target etched onto the surface! Not the most exciting target, but Zadi had to start somewhere. Zadi decided that his first step of target practice would involve trying to hit the bulls-eye from 10 meters away. A notable distance worth some recognition if he could pull it off. However, with the barrel being a rounded target, not flat, some trouble would inevitably ensue. If Zadi's arrows didn't hit near the middle of the barrel, then the arrow would be deflected and simply scratch the barrel. Not an exciting target but a great target for beginners nonetheless. Zadi began his training and would continue for a week, not moving from the 10 meters he set as the distance.

A week passed and Zadi was able to accurately hit the bulls-eye, but not precisely hit the bulls-eye. Sure the arrows were on the targeted area of the barrels, but the closeness wasn't enough to warrant success. However, practice makes perfect. Granted, Zadi didn't have the patients to continue and decided to simply increase the distance from which he was shooting. For another week, Zadi will try to hit the barrel from 15 meters instead of of 10 meters. Zadi's final goal would be 20 meters, at the least. 30 meters if he felt like being adventurous. Regardless, Zadi wanted to get better! With so much time sunk into the practice, the blonde really wanted to become a master, or at least close. Obviously becoming a master crossbowman takes many years, not just many weeks. Anyway, Zadi distanced himself 15 meters from his target and began his target practice. For another week, Zadi would attempt to not only be accurate from 20 meters, but also be precise. Simply hitting the target accurately isn't good enough. One must precisely hit the target in order to deal fatal damage to a target, or whatever else a crossbow shot is used for. Maybe shooting ammo with rope attached? Probably not. Zadi knew the limit of a crossbow bolt and a rope would likely be too much of a strain on the bolt's power and range. Anyway, crossbow techniques later, basic shooting first.

Another week passed by and Zadi's accuracy didn't change. However, Zadi's precision noticeably increased, for whatever reason. Perhaps the pressure of success helped Zadi succeed in accurately hitting the center of the bulls-eye with repeated precision. However, no telling what Zadi did to improve in such a span of time. Maybe repetition is the key to all forms of success? Whatever went down, Zadi improved and felt good about the improvement. Now it was time for Zadi to increase the distance, again. From 15 meters to 20 meters. Another week of practice and Zadi would have reached his goal for shooting a still barrel. Obviously a long way to go before becoming a master, but the warrior was getting there, shot by shot. After this next week of training, Zadi would attempt to hit a moving target from 20 meters away. Then Zadi would practice shooting while being mobile. Then both Zadi and the target being mobile. This training regiment would certainly take a long while.

A long while later, Zadi became an expert shot with the crossbow! His shots were accurate and precise, even with mobility involved. With this much practice under his kimono, Zadi felt ready to create some techniques akin to a hunter or ranger. Zadi felt going the route of the hunter suited the crossbow because of the versatility of said crossbow. A crossbow can be notched with a bolt, set in place like a trap, and fired using only the tug of a string. On top of the traps, Zadi would also try to devise various gadgets such as smoke mines, flash bombs, and even special bolts. The special bolts would carry with them various effects such as explosives, chemicals, and other such things. The versatility opened up for the blonde warrior-hunter and he felt excited. However, Zadi would need to keep his cool if he wanted to be a hunter. No squealing like a little girl when a target is in sight. Anyway, Zadi would train his hardest in order become the hunter of his dreams. Again, this process would take an ambiguous amount of time, and even then practicing is only half the training.

An ambiguous amount of time later, Zadi finally become an expert hunter. Using his newfound techniques, he hunted around the wilderness of Reim but made sure to show restraint. Zadi didn't want anybody noticing his presence while hunting, for more practice obviously. If anybody found out Zadi was hunting, he would feel like a failure as a hunter. Then again, Zadi wouldn't mind taking out whomever stood in his way using his new skills. A willing target is always welcome, to a degree. Bolts are a precious resource. Without bolts, Zadi can't hit a target with his trusty crossbow, Hunter's Spirit. Speaking of which, Hunter's Spirit's abilities have proved quite useful. The crossbow can repair minor damage if fed magoi by the user while also being able to shoot out a relatively long vine for various purposes. With all this time and effort spent, Zadi felt both mentally and physically exhausted. The newfound skills and techniques felt worth the effort, for the time being. No telling what the world will throw Zadi's way, especially dungeons. Regardless of what's to come, Zadi at least felt ready.

2,000+/2,000 words - A-tier Secondary Class Training


Name: Hunter's Spirit
Tier: B
Type: Magic Crossbow
Magic Type: Life
Appearance: A cross bow that is 96cm in length and 9cm in width. The limbs are 50cm from the tip of each other across to other one, there is a magic circle at the handle of the crossbow. It also functions as a regular crossbow.

  • Jungle Bolt - By feeding magoi into the crossbow, the user can make the next bolt fired turned into a jungle vine, 2m in length on impact. Has B-tier item ability but moves with little strength, its movement can be controlled 1 post after activation. Jungle Bolt has a maximum effective range of 10 m. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.
  • Healing Spirit - By feeding magoi into the crossbow, so long as the magic circle in the hanle has not been destroyed, the bow will reform itself from a broken state. This will heal up to B-tier durability damage, however, if the object was broken, it will only heal D-tier durability. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.



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