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Bashing in some Bandit Brothers [Job/Private: Lilithia, Farid]

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Job Name: The Bandit Brothers
Job Rank: B
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 200 XP|15,000 Huang
Job Overview: Three brothers have taken up banditry, skulking around taverns and preying upon the drunks that stumble out of them. Bring them to justice and you shall be rewarded.

Enemy Name: Leo
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
Abilities: Small and quick, Leo is the youngest of the brothers and can move at 10 m/s. He uses a blowgun as a weapon and is usually the first to strike, attempting to paralyze or disorient his target.

Stun– Leo launches a blow dart from his blowgun at 15 m/s, paralyzing whatever limb he hits for 2 posts.

Pain Split– Leo launches two blow darts from his blowgun in rapid succession at 20 m/s, each causing D-tier damage upon impact. These darts are tipped with a poison that causes immense pain to the limb in question, halving a target’s speed.

Enemy Name: Baleno
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
Abilities: The opposite of his brother Leo, Baleno is a very rotund man with more fat than muscle. He moves at 3 m/s and carries a club he can do D-tier damage with.

Whack– Baleno whacks an opponent’s head with his club at 15 m/s in an attempt to knock them out, imparting C-tier damage.

Boom Boom– Baleno swings his club in a wild arc twice at 10 m/s, each hit he lands imparting D-tier damage.

Enemy Name: Marco
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: A
Marco moves at 9m/s and uses a spiked ball and chain that does B-tier base damage.

Swish- Marco swings his ball and chain around him at 15 m/s, deflecting up to B-tier damage.

Squeeze- Marco wraps the chain of his ball and chain around an opponent’s limb at 15 m/s, immobilizing that limb and imparting C-tier damage.

Snap- Marco swings his ball and chain around rapidly at 20 m/s, imparting B-tier damage and knocking an opponent back 5 meters.

There's a funny thing about booze, it never sees bad sales.  When Reim was attacked, people drank to smother their feelings.  During rebuilding, each time a house was finished people drank to celebrate a job well done.  In the Colosseum people drink while having fun watching a fight.  Whether the mood is somber or celebratory, ale and wine run like water.  Caelus sat at a local pub, drinking a new brew that was imported from Imuchakk.  He described it as having all the sweetness of lemon without any of the sour aftertaste.  Something typical of the lemons up there he said.  It was certainly delicious, but Caelus tried to limit himself.  He was already feeling a little tipsy.

Looking around, he didn't really see anyone that he knew.  Telleus was off at the Colosseum looking for fights for his clients, and Caelus didn't have many friends otherwise.  Sitting alone at the bar like that made him a little self conscious, and he wished he was as good at talking to people as he was at fighting.  It would be so much easier men could just fight and become friends.  He mused, chuckling at the thought.  He sipped from his mug again, enjoying the summery lemon flavor.

He was about to head home when a beautiful blonde haired woman sat down next to him and ordered the same drink.  Caelus blushed, and then blushed again for not knowing why he blushed the first time.  It's not like she sat down to talk to you, get over yourself.

"It's a beautiful night for a drink, isn't it?"

Caelus froze.  Oh Ilah she's talking to me.  Quick, say something!  Don't sit there looking stupid!"  "The beer is really good here."  Caelus mentally kicked himself.  YOU IDIOT!  To his surprise, she laughed.  "You're very funny!  I'm Aria, she said, brushing her golden hair over her shoulder.  "And what can i call you?"

He took a deep breathe to try to relax.  "I'm, uh, Caelus.  Ma'am."  He blushed even harder.

She laughed again.  "Oh my, you're so cute when you're embarrassed aren't you?  It's ok, i don't bite.  Don't you want to talk for a while, and get to know each other?"

"YES."  He practically shouted.  At this point he was sure his face was as red as his hair.  "I-i'm a gladiator you know.  I've been in several fights."  Caelus' brain struggled to control his lips.  WHAT ARE YOU DOING, SHE DOENS'T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT THAT!  SHUT UP!  Aria gasped excitedly.  "A gladiator?  That sounds so exciting!  You simply must tell me more about that.  She said as she grabbed his arm and pulled it close to her busom, nestling herself by his side.  It took all of his willpower to simply stay conscious, but somehow he started talking.

Magoi: 60/60
Stamina: 140/140

~WC: 490/1500~

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The blue haired woman licked her lips as she sat on her bed, wiping her hair from the wetness after taking refreshing shower. The water drips from the strands of her hair, falling right into the bed sheet. With a sigh she looked at the window, her tongue still can remember the taste of that dragonfruit wine, a really unique drink if she could say. She would start to pick up her folded clothes and slowly wearing them, letting the fabric to caress her skin. Perhaps going to the nearby tavern could satisfy her thirst of that drink, so that will be her plan for tonight. She was not addicted to the drink, no; she just wanted to taste it while she still can before she went back to her country. After she wore her boots, Lilithia would stand up and exited her inn room, wondering if she want to eat some dinner as well or not at the tavern.

The tavern was lively and crowded; mostly the customers were gladiators who were taking some refreshing time here by having fun with alcohols. The Imuchakk looked around after getting herself a seat near the counter and noticed a rather amusing scene happening just near her seat. A red haired boy had his face as red as his hair just because this blonde woman grabbed his arm and pulled it close to her chest. Lilithia couldn’t help but to overhear their conversation, it seemed that this boy was a rather inexperienced with woman and this woman who most likely was a stranger suddenly came up and hit on him. The Imuchakk decided she might need to interfere so she could see how the Fanalis would react, so she stood up before sitting beside the redhead, making him sat in the middle of two women. “Hey, I think you might be telling some interesting story… So im interested to know more…” Lilithia slowly moved closer to the man before hugging the boy’s arm, making it touching her bosom as well. “Tell us your story!” She would chuckle before she said that and she would stare right into the boy’s eyes, waiting for him to speak up.

WC: 364/1500


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Kick. Itch. Turn. Roll. Scratch. Reposition. Itch. Scratch. Farid simply couldn't get comfortable. His eyes were closed and he was as shirtless as always. Why were his eyes closed? His consciousness was teetering and tottering, but his lids managed to peel back.... Ah yes... His eyes recognized the building that was turned over, well actually he was laying down on his side. The tan, muscular figure sat up, propping himself with his palms on the floor behind him. There was a large sign across the entrance.... "No Finer Diner." A quaint place where one could eat, drink and be merry. Beautiful women came to prey upon the gladiators, either to marry them or otherwise. But there were now reports of a brotherhood, in the literal sense, of bandits showing up to take advtange of people in their state of delighted stupor.

Farid Issah finally observed the rest of his surroundings, recalling what had happened within the last half hour. He had just been ejected from the bar for passing out and now he was sprawled across a batch of hay near the entrance.

As he rose to his feet, the thin, pale-yellow feed was coming from every nook and cranny on his body. His hair, bandana, armpits, groin and the waist of his cotton shorts. He smirked as he ruffled and patted himself down, removing most of the straw from his body.

The main reason he was here was to drown away the sorrow of having a life-threatening condition. It seemed to be a bit more cooperative now and he was adjusting to everything physically but mentally and emotionally, he was lagging behind. Not that it mattered. He merely pulled the tavern door back and came right back in. Aria turned to the entrance for a moment, Farid gave a wink to the woman but she seemed to return right back to Caelus, purposely ignoring Farid. 'Haha, I must've offended that broad when I came in earlier.'

He believed he had only thought those words but evidence had suggested from the reactions of those around him that his words had been spoken aloud
But then he recognized a familiar bosom, but for the sake of a little fun, he approached the trio from behind Aria. [color=#cc6600] "Hey girls, fancy seeing you women here." Farid eyed the guy between them. Noticing his fanalis features, but perhaps was a halfling like himself. "Boy, you must have soa huge...." He paused a second. "Heart. To have two gorgeous women fawning over you." Laughing his entendre off, unconsciously smacking the table.

WC: 430/1500


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Even as he fumbled through his story, another woman came to sit beside Caelus, grabbing his other arm and pulling it into her rather large bosom.  Blood began to drip from his nose.  What the hell is going on???  I never get this much attention from women!  Or anyone!  This must be what heaven feels like, surrounded by girls and drink and being unable to screw it up!  THANK YOU ILAH, I'LL NEVER SIN AGAIN!  He stuttered out something to the effect of "I'd be glad to" before what could only amount to the worst possible stroke of bad luck he'd ever had strolled up beside the three of them.  An incredibly intoxicated behemoth of a man, practically tripping over his own feet, began talking to them.  Oh what fresh hell is this...  Caelus thought, trying to keep his composure (or lack thereof) in check.  He tried to laugh off the man's comment about his, *ehem* family heirloom, but the man was causing quite a scene, even giving Aria some rather uncomfortable looks.  That sight made Caelus angry, and stood up to face the giant.  Before he could speak however, Aria pulled at his arm.  "Don't let him disturb you, Caelus.  He's as dumb as he is drunk.  You were thrown out of here not long ago if i remember correctly?  By the look of that hay on your ankles i'd say you fell asleep as soon as you hit the sidewalk and were dragged to a haybale.  Couldn't even muster the strength to make the walk of shame back home, could you?"

Aria's words must have stung, even Caelus started to feel bad for the guy.  But there was something about him, something familiar, that made Caelus wary of getting him pissed off.  It was then that Caelus noticed his eyes.  Bright red, like his own, a trait held only by the touched, and the Fanalis.  His dark brown hair was a bit confusing, making Caelus wonder if he wasn't a full Fanalis, but his size and muscle mass made that thought fall by the wayside.  Remembering to wipe the blood from his nose, he turned to speak to the girls but was interrupted by Aria once again.  She turned to him, "Caelus, let's go somewhere more private.  I know a place just around the corner."  She said, with honey colored eyes and a sweet smiling beaming at him.  He could only nod as he was pulled away from the blue haired girl and the Fanalis, and out the door.

"Where are we going?"  Caelus started to ask as they rounded the next street into an empty alley.  They had only walked maybe twenty meters from the bar, and already there was no one around.  To his surprise, she leaned in and kissed him, her lips pressing hard into his before he could register what was happening.  She parted, and Caelus could only stand there dumbfounded, numb from the experience.

Or was it from something else?  He felt a wetness run past his left elbow, and looked to see a dart sticking into his arm, and a thin trial of blood flowing from the wound.  He gasped, both from surprise at the attack and that he didn't notice it until then.  When did this happen?  Who even...  He looked up to see Aria, smiling wickedly as three men appeared beside her, one in particular holding a blow dart.  "Aria...?"  He whispered.  He pulled the dart from his arm and tried to move it but couldn't.  Poison.  Aria turned to leave, slowly walking away with her parting words.  "Sorry Caelus, but this is how the world works.  Don't be too hard on yourself though, i wasn't lying when i said you were cute.  Don't underestimate him, Marco, Baleno, Leo.  He's a 'known Gladiator'."  The four of them shared a laugh before Aria dipped out of sight.

Caelus drew his blade and prepared for the worst.  An offsided fight was not where he expected to find himself that night.  But now that Aria was gone, and the anxiety of the kiss faded, he found himself chuckling. The biggest one cocked an eyebrow.  "What's so funny?"  Caelus grinned.  "It's just that i'm a much better fighter, than i am a ladies man!"  He yelled at the top of his lungs, before flinging Ripple at Marco who was standing between his brothers.  Marco raised his flail to block, and Baleno flinched, but Leo raised his blowgun to his lips to shoot again.  Before he could get a shot off, Caelus had crossed the alley, a palm thrust ramming the blowgun into the back of Leo's throat and sending him crashing to the ground, clutching at his neck.  Marco responded quickly, Snapping the now weaponless Caelus in the side with the ball of the flail, and sending him flying.  Caelus recovered, and stood up, his broken rib causing him pain but not immobilizing him. One down.  Two to go.

Magoi: 60/60
Stamina: 140/140

~WC: 849, 1339/1500~

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The blue haired girl released her arms from the Fanalis before turning back to greet the drunk man, “Fancy seeing you here~” Lilithia waved her hand to Farid but her attention would soon be focused towards the other girl. Based from how she looked like and how she talked, the Imuchakk could tell that she was some kind of cheap woman that would be begging for attention and money from the gladiators. How did she know? Perhaps she could call that as a woman intuition, but she believed woman should be more independent and prideful… not cheap. Oh well, it was not her place to judge what people want to do with their life and she would just stay sitting on her seat when the girl mocked Farid. The drunkard wouldn’t really care to what she said about her, he was not that kind to listen to such a nice compliment. Lilithia would began to chuckle and locked her sapphires with Farid’s rubies before saying something, “You forgot to pay for her cheap service? No wonder she is so mad.” She would say it as loud as possible, loud enough to be heard by the woman and also some of the people in the bar.

When she pulled the young Fanalis with her, probably to do something fun between young man and woman, Lilithia laughed, amused by the fact that the woman left with the boy. She might want to get some money from the poor young boy after trapping him into an intimate trap, the boy was not aware of it as far as she could see from his reaction. Blood was dripping from his nose and Lilithia almost laugh when she recalled that again, to know that there was some innocent boy like him still exist in the world was amusing. He was completely different from this older Fanalis though; tainted might be the right word to describe this drunkard. However, now that she recalled again, the gaze that the young Fanalis gave when he saw Farid was strange, she could feel the anger inside it. “Ahh, they left… I was going to tease that boy more to see his reaction…” The blue haired woman stood up before placing her hand on Farid’s shoulder, “I am going to see how this snake-woman devouring her prey, it might be interesting. Care to join?” She chuckled, and then wrapped her hands around the Fanalis’ arms before pulling him with her. If he refused to link arms with her, she would head to the place where the young man and that woman were going alone.

On her way, she could see the woman came back to the bar and the expression on her face looked different than before. ’Strange… she seemed… excited?’

“Got a good time devouring that poor boy, snake lady?” Lilithia scoffed when she passed against her before heading to look for the boy. Something might happen, she looked like someone that had done something that could get her a lot of benefit and being intimate to an inexperienced young boy wouldn’t make her act like that, unless that boy got a big package or at least he got some hidden skill…oh well, whatever, Lilithia didn’t really care.

The blue haired woman could say that the things was really in heat by the time she arrived, Caelus was fighting some men and he managed to knocked down one of the men. Lilithia slowly walk towards the guy who was now snapping the young Fanalis and sending him flying, noting that this man looked rather strong. “Hello there, handsome.” She said and when the man looked at her, she would deliver an upper knee kick aimed right into Marco’s jaw, didn’t give him any chance to talk back and proceeded to give a little jump and did a downward elbow strike on the man’s head. “Things went bad, gladiator?” Liltihia chuckled as she speak towards Caelus.



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"I couldn't muster the shame, to be honest. Haha, and I didn't have enough money for alcohol and women, so you can guess what I bought." Farid fist slammed the bar countertop almost threateningly under the facade of laughter.

He gave a slight nod to Lilithia, glancing to the center of attention for a moment. He quickly realized the physique and the features weren't quite in line. Farids experience as an athlete allowed him to discern his physical traits and even compared to the weakest of fanalis, he wouldn't be able to match up, he definitely had the traits of a human.

However his exotic look was sure to catch much attention and he understood why, it was easy to fantasize about the exotic. His eyes traveled from Caelus to Lilithis; he knew from personal experience.

Then he looked back to Aria, vaguely recognizing her. She had come to speak to him after he had already a few too many drinks and tried flirting with him. But he was too far gone and had asked for some service right at the counter while he continued to drink and meet women, and she took it as a personal insult, and slapped him.

However, after his nap Farids senses were coming too and he could clearly tell there was a certain thing off about such a woman. Her style didn't match her words nor her personality, but he couldn't pit his finger on it. Then the wench excused herself to rid herself of the situation and isolate the boy.

For a little confidence, Farid reached out and smacked Caelus on the ass, a typical gesture between sportsman, assuming the gladiator was part of that world. "Go give her a run for your money." As he bowed to them, Farid replaced Caelus stool, and spoke a few seconds with Lili.

Farid knew that Aria wouldn't be devouring anyone tonight. She had other plans, but Farid would be happy to catch her in another act. "Of course, let's go." Farid allowed himself to be pulled by Lilithia, he was surprised that she was so enthused and energetic over the situation.

Before they had even left the bar, Farids enhanced hearing could pick up the conversation around the bend and he had the gist of whatwas happening to Caelus, however, he didn't hurry up nor warn Lilithia. Perhaps it was a test or near curiousity but he wanted the half- blooded fanalis to handle the situation on his own.

Farid rubies caught Aria along side Lilithia, barely able to keep his laughter under control during her comments. It was at this time, where Farid excused himself from Lili to allow her to catch up with the gladiator since he wanted to speak to Ari's privately.

Once the Imu had made it around the corner, Aria grew instinctively fearful, perhaps a woman's intuition as a safety mechanism. Farid chased her down incensed, his eyes locked down on her, and within the second he had caught up to her.

In the end, he was actually rather happy that she ram and had tricked the gladiator because now he could justify his revenge for her insults. Petty? Maybe but Farid got what he wanted. His arm swung her forearm behind her back, getting behind her as well. His free hand clenched around her neck as she struggled, his finger and nails digging deeper into her flesh until she was subjugated.

Farid brought her back, pushing her but keeping her up as she stumbled, as she had her own walk of shame.
Two of the three attackers were already down by the time Farid brought Aria and kicked her behind her knees, forcing her leg to buckle

She landed on all fours, and then Farid struck her ribs with his heel in a downward angle, sprawling her into the ground. Farid picked up a rock from the ground, maintaing his foot upon Arias back. Then he would pitch the fist-sized stone, to the final brother, easiily hitting his head and knocking him unconscious. A feat accomplished with finesse from his athletic background.

"I just wanted to make sure you didn't lose anything...oh yeah, what's your name again kid?" Farid didn't wait for a reply as ripped the back of her shirt off in one motion. As her sleeveless, low-cut top was torn from her, half in his hand, the other half spread on the floor as her coin purse spilling to the side from her breast. The side of her bosom exposed.

He picked up the coin purse and tossed it to Caelus. Finally removing his foot off the woman. Aria was there, the only one conscious of her friends. Tears were rolling from her eyes into the ground. Now topless against the ground. "Maybe you'll be better off whoring."

WC: 852 1282/1500


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Caelus' mind raced.  He'd thrown away his weapon, was nursing a broken rib, and still had two more of Aria's brothers to take care of.  Taking one of them down was good, but in doing so he'd been disarmed and badly hurt.  And the brother he'd defeated was arguably the weakest of the three, with both Marco and Baleno both having far more muscular bodies than Leo.  Caelus didn't have much time to think about his plan, as Marco started to walk towards him, heavy flail spinning at his side.  He closed his eyes to take a breath, opening them a moment later about to leap at Marco.  But he stopped.

From a corner, the blue haired girl from the bar nearly flashed in behind Marco, a powerful knee knocking him up, before spinning to deliver a devastating elbow drop to Marco's spine.  Marco hit the dirt instantly, a small crater formed in the dirt where he landed.  Caelus looked on in awe of her battle prowess and beauty, which was as dazzling and destructive as glacier ice.  It finally stuck him.  She's an Imuchakk!  

Baleno made a move towards her, brandishing his large club, but before either Caelus or the woman could react he was quickly dispatched by a large flying stone.  Caelus looked across the near-boulder's path, to see that it was none other than the drunk Fanalis from the bar who'd thrown it.  Baleno flew into a wall, his head nearly crushed and gushing blood into the street.  Caelus could only sit there astounded.  These two took down two very strong opponents, unarmed, in an instant.  Caelus wished for their strength.  It was something he needed, desperately.  Not just to become a strong fighter, but to help him in his ultimate goal of bringing Reim back to its former glory.

Looking to the Imuchakk girl Caelus responded, "You two, you're amazing..."  He caught the coin purse when the man threw it to him.  And looked up again to see Aria in the back sobbing, and half-naked.  Caelus could care less about her fate.  His expression hardened and became more serious.  Moving carefully so as not to cause himself more pain, Caelus knelt before the two, his fist planted in the ground.  "I'll never be able to thank you enough for your help, but i need to ask you for more.  Please... PLEASE TRAIN ME TO BE STRONG!  With you, i know i'll be able to find the power i'm looking for!  So please, let me train under you!  In exchange i'll do whatever you ask!  Please!"  This was very unlike Caelus, who for a very long time had relied only on himself.  But in front of him was an opportunity he simply couldn't pass up, even if it meant asking someone else to help.  As long as it got him closer to his goal, he didn't care what he had to do. If he agreed to train him, Caelus would follow him anywhere.


Magoi: 60/60
Stamina: 140/140

~WC: 502, 1841/1500~

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Lilithia gave her attention to Aria who was now sobbing while covering her upper body, possibly it was Farid’s doing when he decided to release her arms when Aria passed beside them. She stared with towards the pitiful woman with a glare that was as sharp as a knife and as cold as ice from her homeland. There was no pity on her gaze, no sympathy and not even anger could managed to creep into her heart. She basically felt nothing towards the woman, but then she smirked before walking away from both Caelus and Farid. She didn’t mean to ignore Caelus, but the older Fanalis could handle that young gladiator by himself at the moment, perhaps even granting his request so the boy could be stronger.

Aria’s sob became louder and it was almost became a wail, the cause for it was no other than the female giant that made her way to approach her. She thought that perhaps she would be killed by the hand of the blue haired woman, but Lilithia didn’t prefer to do that. She would kneel down in front of the frightened whore and let her hand to reach out to the woman’s face, slowly touching her chin so she could take a look right at the Imuchakk’s face. “Scared…? Oh… you poor little thing…” Her voice was calm and at first Aria thought that it was a pity directed to her, a little light of hope from the same gender that might understand how humiliating it was to be treated like this. However her face lost its color when the blue haired woman began to chuckle, “Do you think I will help you…? Giving you a light of hope and let you live a prideful life? No… I wont… I wont safe you… I wont kill you either…” She brought her hand down to her neck, stopping for a little bit there to wrap her hand around Aria’s fragile neck. “So cheap… so stupid… you think you can try to do anything with your weakness…? You need to be punished… don’t worry… you wont be able to feel anything… It wont be painful…”

The blue haired woman tilted her head with a smile on her face before she touched Aria’s legs with her hands. “It would be easier for you to spread your legs after this…” The sound of the poor woman’s scream echoed like a melody in Lilithia’s ear, her fingers was digging the female Imuchakk’s arms, scratching it and hoped by doing that the sadist in front of her would releaser her. But no, Lili let it happen and her hands would slowly clamping Aria’s knees. It only took a short time to let Caelus and Farid hear the sound of bones snapping as well as the painful scream from the woman who know would be losing her ability to walk. However before stopping, the blue haired woman would take off all the fabric on Aria’s body, making her fully naked now and then she would stand up, her legs would bring her to walk away from the poor woman. Then she would approach the two Fanalis with a smile on her face, as if she didn’t do anything.

WC: 1559/1500


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Farid only gave a glance at Lilithia, realizing she would tend to Aria. Perhaps he had gone a little too far on the woman, not that he cared. He did care how his companions would view him. But now he had directed his focus back to Caelus, appreciating his hardened expression despite what he himself had just done.

The halfling understood his kins feelings. He himself had this notion for power as he was growing up. A mere product initially, going through training for himself to be sold off into slavery. But he was being being groomed by his two tutors, and he had begged them to take him to the epitome of his ability, mentally and physically. The tutors had become a replacement for his lack of parents, albeit temporarily. But he had asked the both of them...

Lilithia was off in her own world. Her hands breaking her knees and then stripping the whore of her clothes. He didn't disagree with her actions, but now he was wondering if Caelus was having second thoughts. "Well, I could take you in..." He offered him a hand, and would help him to his feet or even carry him with Cael's legs perched on his shoulders if he didn't resist. "But you see, this is also the kind of person I am. If you are willing to do what is necessary and help me, I will make you stronger. Are you ready?"

As Lilithia approached them, he would make formal introductions. "I'm Farid Issah, a fanalis half-breed from Balbaad, and this is Lilithia, the well-endowed Imuchakk from Imuchakk." He didn't doubt Caelus' would join them for one second, especially with that look. "I plan on returning to Balbaad, and establish a trading company with a twofold reason. Create a bridge between nations... and return Balbaad to a monarchy with myself seated at its throne." After hearing the boys official response, he would take him to a physician he knew personally to get him treated.

WC: 1500+/1500

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