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Lilac [Social/Farid]

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1 Lilac [Social/Farid] on 23/08/16, 07:28 am

Night time was the perfect moment to take a good walk, at least that was what Lilithia prefer. Night time offered her a calm feeling, a quiet surrounding and also a mysterious vibe of the danger for being in the dark. The Imuchakk woman preferred it like that rather than the day time that seemed a little bit noisy for her, but not to the hating point though. The blue haired woman let out a soft sigh before looking around, enjoying the quietness since there was no other people in the street. "Hmmm..." She hummed and walked to the bench in the nearby park, maneuvering her body to sit on it before crossing her legs and adjusted her hat.

'I wonder if Asisiak would let me to travel around the world... it's not like I will leave the tribe... and I need to find the way to free him as well...'


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2 Re: Lilac [Social/Farid] on 24/08/16, 09:53 pm

The night breeze enveloped Farid's sweat-soaked body. A refreshing cloak of air eased his sore muscles from his strenuous training. Now all these crazy occurrences had happened to him, he wanted to be prepared for the future. Having met Lili, Zadi, the undead, hearing of the Alchemist, and now the most recent, being infect with a parasite.... He was ill and more worried about his own life and the type of problems he would have with establishing his own trading company. It seemed that these situations were the norm for someone with any type of serious goal. What if there was an actual deadly challenge that would push him to his limit?

Farid was always immodest but that was because he put a lot of effort into everything he did. He was an athlete first and being a fanalis gave him an edge but there were other fanalis, there were humans as strong as he. It was a lot to take in.

As Farid was occupied in his thoughts, he saw the woman that had kept him company all these days... At first he thought it was coincidence but for such a thing to keep happening.... Was she perhaps following him? His paranoia was getting to him. He scratched his head as if trying to scrub the thought out. 'Well I will just have to plan where we meet from now on."

He came around slowly and stealthily behind the bench Lilithia was on as to not make a sound to catch her attention and he was fortunately downwind from her. Farid slipped his hand around her ears and covered her eyes simultaneously. "I bet you can't tell who these monkey hands belong to." He spoke sarcastically, not even bothering to mask his voice.


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3 Re: Lilac [Social/Farid] on 26/08/16, 12:53 am

Lilithia could feel someone covering her eyes suddenly, but she let it to happen without fighting it. The blue haired woman readied herself to immediately attack if this person who was covering her eyes meant harm, she would use her hair to stab this person mercilessly. However when the man spoke, she recognized the voice and chuckled, “Hmmm, who could it be…?”

The Fanalis would find his arms being covered by blue colored hairs and it would pull him towards the Imuchakk more, making his chest pressed against Lilithia’s back. Strands of hair would also wrap Farid’s neack and it would softly pulling his head so it would be right at beside the woman. Then after the hair would slowly pull his hands down from her eyes, Lilithia would look at the Fanalis with a smile, “Oh my, isnt this the free monkey from Balbadd? Don’t you think it is strange for us to keep meeting in the strange place?” The woman chuckled again as she said the obvious thing, finding it strange to keep meeting the Fanalis. Perhaps he was following her all this time… or perhaps it was just fate meddling with her life…


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4 Re: Lilac [Social/Farid] on 27/08/16, 07:27 pm

Farid embraced the woman, as he was pulled in. His hands locking with his forearms beneath her bust, holding her closely. "I'm surprised you remembered. Where are you from again? But I think you must be following me." He chuckled for a moment, but his last statement had a hint of truth in it. He stopped to think as he inhaled her fragrance since he was already so intimate. "Speaking of Balbaad... I think I'm gonna be leaving Reim next month." He paused for a moment to allow her a reply to his words or actions.

If she remained silent, he would continue to speak. "But you're coming with me. But I don't know if you really care about what we'll be doing, do you?" And if she were to not rebuff his advances, he would keep an arm around her shoulder and hop onto the bench to have a seat beside her, revealing the bottle of Dragon(fruit)wine that he had never gotten around to drinking, offering it to her.


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5 Re: Lilac [Social/Farid] on 29/08/16, 02:02 pm

The blue haired girl stayed still, enjoying the embrace from the man before finally letting out a soft chuckle when he accused that she was following him. She would shake her head and letting him inhaled her scent, perhaps he could smell the sweet scent from her body as that was what people around her said. “Why do I need to follow you…? I have no purpose to do that, nor that you have something that interest me… I am no dog.” She said after the man paused himself and gave her the chance to speak, but she would listen to what Farid wanted to say first before continuing. It seemed that this man would be having a plan on Balbadd, if not why would he wanted her to come with him? It was true that they enjoyed teasing each other intimately like what they just did, but they were not a lover or anything. There was no benefit that came from their current relationship except the amusement from hearing each other’s sarcasm.

However Lilithia would not ask about it for now, she needed to defend herself from Farid’s accusation even though maybe it was a joke. “Perhaps it was you, after all? Are you so desperate for a companion that you begin to follow me and showed up in front of me while I was enjoying the calmness of the night just like that night in front of the cavern?” The woman would cross her legs and also her arms, but she didn’t fight it when the Fanalis keep an arm around her shoulder and let his hand rest on her shoulder like that. “However about Balbadd… What are going to do there? Why do I need to come with you? You see, we just met like several days ago, that might be not enough for you to put a trust to someone else…”

The blue haired woman took the bottle before sniffing the scent of the dragonfruit wine, liking it and then her peach colored lips would touch the bottle’s tip as she sipped some. She would only take a small amount of the wine into her throat before pulling the bottle away from her lips a little bit. Her topaz orbs would stare at the tip of the bottle and her tongue would slip from her lips and found its way to the bottle's tip, licking some of the little wine that was left there. She would bring it to her lips again once more to take another gulp, processing it slowly in her tongue so it would make the taste linger on her mouth before swallowing it.

She would give it back to the Fanalis and waited to hear Farid’s opinion. However if he remained silent and still letting the woman to talk, Liltihia would continue after letting out another chuckle, “Hmmm… it would be nice to travel though… maybe I could find something that could help me with my goal…”


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6 Re: Lilac [Social/Farid] on 30/08/16, 04:24 pm

Farid whistled into her ear, waiting a few second after. "Huh, I guess you aren't. When I whistle to a tame bitch, usually they just jump right on my lap. Either way I'm sure you could find something that interests you, if you looked."

Farid turned to a tree in front of them, then pointing off into the distance. "Yes, I hired people to keep track of you twenty-four seven. Can you see them?" Farid would rub her shoulder as she spit venom at him. The halfling was thoroughly amused to the point where he couldn't resist but crack a smile as she spoke.

"Well, I have some lofty goals..." he paused for a moment, wondering how much he would reveal of his own desires and intentions, "and no, you don't have to come. But I will say this, trust should never be a barrier to your decisions. If I needed trust to do something, I would be a recluse." Then he would observe her tongue, probing the tip of the bottle to lap up every bit of its juices. "Well, if you are gonna do that, I might just have to force you to come."

"And you, what are your goals?"


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7 Re: Lilac [Social/Farid] on 31/08/16, 04:41 am

“Because the bitch wants something from you when they look at you, but I can’t find something that interest me, no matter how hard I look at you.” The blue haired girl chuckled, it was not fully true that she couldn’t find something in this man that interest her. Well, she never meet or talk with a Fanalis before and she was interested to know more about the other race that had the same monstrous strength like her race, possibly stronger even though she didn’t want to admit it.

The woman didn’t bother to look at the place that Farid was pointing at and shook her head, she didn’t really care about it and just laughed at the man’s silliness. Lilithia would finally gaze at Farid when he started to speak, listening to every words that he said tentatively. She thought this man was kind of naïve based from his opinion about trust, but she too, agreed to what he said. She just felt that it was funny that a person like Farid existed and decided to answer his question about her goal. Her smile faded as she began to speak, and all that was left on her face this serious expression. “I wish to kill a certain someone, but to do that I need to save that person from this eternal trap.” She paused for a bit, her finger started to twirl her hair playfully. “No one in my tribe knows about how to free him, so I think… by going outside Imuchakk and perhaps looking for the way to free him might help, they said there is this city of magic and I wish to travel there as well.”

The blue haired woman touched her chin and was thinking about which other place that she wanted to go. However, instead of saying which places, the woman chuckled and said another thing. “Hmmm… Other than that I don’t really have any goals… If I can kill him and prove myself, I think my life purpose is done. But what about you, you haven’t told me about your plans in Balbad… if it is interesting then I might come with you.” The female Imuchakk would lean closer to the man, her face was just several inches away from Farid. “The problem is… how you will force me to come?”


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8 Re: Lilac [Social/Farid] on 02/09/16, 03:41 am

Farid had felt close to Lilithia, she as crude and as violent as himself, and someone whom he did not have to conceal his true self for. "Well, I do have to say, you are the only person so far I have come to enjoy within Reim, just sit back and relax." Farid knew even as tough as he was, he would need someone close beside him. Lilithia was reliable in her strength and her personality, so a person such as her would be a great partner for him in the future.

"I will tell you everything. Remember when I said I was a monkey? My father was a shrewd man, he wanted to create a stock of fanalis and Imuchakk slaves. So he purchased some exotic women and proceeded to rape them until he had gotten more slaves to sell. I was one of the first. He had hired tutors to train the slaves so we would be even more valuable. However, I realized and did my best to become more than a slave through my training, and my father gave me but a single chance to become his rightful heir.... By selling my half-brother and half-sisters. I did it without remorse. I worked and worked so I could be more than a slave, and my tutors took pity on me. They were my surrogate parents."

Farid paused for a moment, it was a while since he had recalled his childhood, the portion of his motivation. Then looking at Lilithia to gauge her reaction.

"Don't get me wrong, I love my father. To most people, he may have been a horrible man, but it has shaped me into what I am today. Anyways, he was the right hand of the old king when it came to commerce, and since the old king was removed, my father was forced into hiding. With that, Balbaad, once the trading capital of the world has begun to stagnate and decline. I want to return and establish myself in the absence of my father. I will form a trading company and create a bridge between all nations. After I have established myself, I will establish a monopoly on exports from Balbaad, then return Balbaad back to a monarchy by removing the bitch Mirah Al-Jabiri from office from the inside-out."

Farid had completely forgotten about his companion for a moment during his evil mastermind monologue. Then turning to Lilithia, now her face within inches of her own. He leaned further as to whisper directly into her ear. "I know your true value. I need you as my partner in this venture. Freeing and killing this man. Money. Power. Sex. I will give you what I can if you will be my first mate." His tongue was strange close to her as he licked her. "If you don't, I might have to force you or kill you." He spoke his last line quite jokingly, but it was a hollow humor.


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9 Re: Lilac [Social/Farid] on 05/09/16, 12:03 pm

“Ohh~ isn't that a good thing that you are still able to love your father despite of what he had done to you?” Her tone was sarcastic, but it would change into a darker one as she began to continue her words, “I loathe my father, he had done nothing that at least a father need to do.”

The moment Farid licked her, Lilithia giggled while pulling herself away from the man. She would shake her head and chuckled, from all the things that the Fanalis offered to her, there was only one thing that she was interested. But instead of answering the man right away, the woman would break the silence with a loud laugh. She would wrap her arms around her stomach because she was laughing too much and it would be hard to stop at the moment even though her stomach might begging her to stop because it felt hurt. “You want me to be your first mate?!” Lilithia gained her composure but as soon as she said that, she began to burst into laugh again because it was just too funny in her head about how this man did the recruitment thing for his business. “But… but you might have to force me or kill me? That was just so funny, oh my… my stomach…” It seemed the man would need to wait for a few moments again before they could continue their conversation as the blue haired man was not covering her lips with one hand while the other one was wrapping her stomach. Her body trembled and she closed her eyes, trying hard to hold the laughter.

Once she gained back her composure, for real now, Lilithia would place her hand on the man’s shoulder and said, “Killing my father is my own business, I’d appreciate the help but don’t get in the way...” The woman didn’t accidentally said about the identity of the person that she wanted to kill, she said it in purpose so he would understand that no one could interfere but her. “Let me tell you something, I will be grateful if you can accompany me to find the way to free my father. However, what I want the most is power and I will help you with your trading company in return.” Power was the thing she needed, her pride as Imuchakk and her fear for being seen as a weak person drove her to push herself to be stronger. Although the power that she was looking for now was purely the power of the physical strength, Lilithia thought that gaining power in the other things would be necessary as well, no matter what kind of thing it would be. The most important thing was to free her father from the ice tomb and then kill him, that was all she wanted to do.

She smirked and continued, “But, if you sway from what you told me you want to do, I… will kill you, monkey.” Her words didn’t sound as she was joking at all, but the woman would quickly say, “Im joking…..maybe. But it might be fun to do this dirty job with you.”


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10 Re: Lilac [Social/Farid] on 05/09/16, 11:12 pm

Farid was happy now that his intentions were out in the open for the most part. Lilithia was as psychotic as he was, so with a little spark this could be quite a rewarding relationship.

Deep inside, the Balbaadian was quite happy that she was laughing. It was a good sign for the process. There was only one thing that she seemed to want. Revenge. "Well, I can definitely free your father. If you wanna tell me why he's imprisoned, that'd be cool, but more importantly, where is he being jailed?"

Her final words meant nothing to him. No matter what, he was going to complete his goals, even if Lilithia would leave him for another goal or even betray him. Nothing would ever overcome him

"I'm gonna be recruiting a few more people to our cause, and after that, I will get in touch with you so we can go to Balbaad together... How should we handle that anyway?"



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11 Re: Lilac [Social/Farid] on 06/09/16, 11:26 am

“In Imuchakk, my homeland.” The blue haired girl stood up and stretched her arms up while answering Farid’s question casually but didn’t tell him anything else other than that. She just didn’t feel like talking about it anymore and just wanted to go back to her comfy bed in the inn. It was the first time someone managed to make her talk about her revenge plan though, but perhaps if he wanted to know more, then he needed to be patient even though that she was sure he didn’t really care about it.

“I heard about this pair of book that could allow you to communicate with each other, they said if someone write something in the book, the writing will show up in the other book. Pretty convenient but I don’t know where to find it. However, letter is fine, you can send it to Aquamarine’s Jewel Inn.”



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