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All Hands on Deck job

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Job Name: All Hands on Deck!
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Balbadd
Job Rewards: 50 XP | 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: Help is wanted on the docks of Balbadd. It seems that a sickness similar to the flu has spread to a few of the dock hands causing them to not be able to come into work today. Some extra hands are needed to help take some cargo off a recently docked ship and then load that empty ship up with some spices and other trade items so that it can be on its way quickly and help our country flourish with riches!

It seemed like just yesterday that Zax had been doing work on the dock, getting some money and helping a lazy sailor. Oh wait, because that was yesterday. Anyways, Zax figured that he would be able to once again somehow find entertainment and money at the job board, so when he woke up this beautiful morning he would head on over there.

However, that being said, he couldn't help but find horrible news as he got there. Those sailors.. they were sick! Or, at least some of them were. So, Zax took no time to hesitate, and took the paper with him as he headed right into the docks so he could help out with these poor sick sailors.

When Zax got there, he did indeed find it a bit more empty than last time. What used to be a busy dock was now only half-busy, and that quite bothered Zax. The dock he loved, well, not really loved, but the dock he liked had been compeletely changed thanks to the effects of this peculiar virus that had gone around through it's employees. What a horrible fate for someone to go through.. truly a tragedy that has occurred. However, Zax could not grieve forever. He had to help in some way. So, he got right to it, and asked a nearby sailor what he could do for a little money in his pocket as well as to help out the busy sailors who had not quite caught the illness. Zax was directed as to what to do - he would have to unload a ship of it's already existing cargo, and then load some spices and other goods in for it's departure later today. It seemed easy enough, so Zax decided to give it a shot, and see what he could do to help the rather unfortunate sailors today.

Zax wasted no time, getting right to business as he went into the ship. Normally he'd take his time and entertain himself, but this was somewhat of a crisis in his mind, so he would have to be fast. He quickly grabbed onto some of the barrels in the ship, and would move them out of the ship to the appropriate spot. It was hard on the back, but Zax decided not to complain out of respect for the sailors who were currently working, and of course not to give out a bad impression or anything like that. Finally, Zax would find himself loading the spices and assorted goods into the ship, which was a lot less of a burden then taking out the heavy barrels from the ship. Zax went pretty fast, so this didn't take too long.

Finally, Zax would get off of the ship, just as the ship was getting ready for departure. Zax would be pretty happy that he did a good deed, and even happier when he got a little money out of it as well. Whistling a happy tune back to the streets, he had a feeling he wasn't quite done with those docks yet.

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