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Secure The Path [Lucifer]

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1 Secure The Path [Lucifer] on 23/03/14, 02:47 am

Job Name: Secure the Path
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Jade Mountains
Job Rewards: 100xp / 7,000
Job Overview:
Well it seems the trade paths to the main city have been taken over by rather bold men. They have blocked a major route that is to the south west of the city right near the river and the mountains. Go there and get rid of these pesky people and clear up our trade route!

Enemy Name: Highway Robbers x6
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: 1 D each
These guys are rather weak but use their numbers to their advantage. They deal D tier damage with daggers and arrows. The arrows move at a speed of 10 m/s.

Another job and another day of doing grunt work for the people of Zou, honestly didn't these people have someone to do this for them. After the meeting with the Elf girl and traveling around himself, Zeraldin found himself here on another mission to take care of some bandits that were holding up trade here in this particular part of the country. Although why they were doing it was unknown to him as long as he was getting paid for this, he was going to beat the living shit out of them and collect his money. Wearing a long cloak which covered his bare chest and black pants he stood at the beginning of the trail which he would be walking up to get to his mission objective. Currently he would be waiting for his partner whom like the last time he would not know about until they had came to the meeting area and met him. Although the last person was that little girl whom had proven to be of good help, he could not help but wonder just who it would be this time. As his red hair began to blow slowly in the wind, he would stand there and wait. The numbers of the bandits was not known at the moment nor what they were holding weapon wise, but it shouldn't be that big of a deal for a Fanalis like him unless they had weapons that could suddenly shut down his race without a second thought.



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2 Re: Secure The Path [Lucifer] on 23/03/14, 03:33 am

Looking at the job description handed to her, Evangeline nodded her head once before heading off towards the meeting area where she would meet her partner. She had learned a valuable lesson from her last job which was also incidentally her very first. Just like before she would be aiding another in stopping crime, though her last encounter with criminals was a bad experience brought on by her own naivety. Her mind wandered to that upsetting day which had her touching her cheek where she was hit by one of the men. It hurt so much more than just physical pain because she felt she was trying to help, never realizing that she would get a negative response.  The only thing about that whole experience that left Evangeline with a sliver of happiness and to an extent fear, was the man who she now knew as Zeraldin.  The thought of him made her face prickle with heat and his words lingered in her mind. Evangeline didn't know what to think of him, but she felt he was a good person or at the very least a reliable one. She couldn't give a proper assessment and as her mind wandered on thoughts of him she didn't realize just how close she was to the meeting area.
She had worn a white dress with a pink, satin ribbon tied around her midsection and falling into a bow behind her. Using her staff as a walking stick she didn't pay much attention to the road in front of her and ended up bumping right into a rather hard figure.

" Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bump into you..."

Her attention was now back and she was very much alert as her eyes took in the red colored hair of the man before her. She knew this man, it was because of this man that she wasn't paying much attention to her surroundings.  Her uniquely colored orbs widened a bit in excitement as she was happy to see him again. She had never thought that they would be paired up together for a job so soon like this. Evangeline could hardly contain herself as she smiled brightly calling out the first thing she could think of.



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3 Re: Secure The Path [Lucifer] on 23/03/14, 01:53 pm

As he stood there waiting he would close his eyes and think of his next moves not only as a Fanalis but also as someone with no goals except for his family. These thoughts began to rummage around through his head until something bumped into him which caused his eyes to shoot open and look down and growl slightly before picking up the girl and giving her a hug," Oh hello little cub..seems like you are my partner again," sitting her back down he would look over the horizon and try to see where they would be going.

After exchanging pleasantries and hello's he would point to the direction they would be going and look down to her," We shall go there and i shall lead. Numbers are unknown so be prepared for anything," after speaking he would begin to walk up the winding path to get to their destination, although this time he would be walking alongside of the little girl. He didn't mind her because she knew how to get the job done and could even work within her own limits, but seeing what she could do in a situation like this.

As the two continued to walk he would look down to her and tilt his head," How can you walk with such shot legs, surely you cannot be okay with those?," awkward first conversation for the two of them, but his experience with humans has been less than satisfactory and he was only speaking to this one.


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