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Val's New Vault Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR7A6ScJxRpr1lkWNwLJQ7PWL-xr9PGfZff0MOPZbrArrUrMbpa
Name: Val Achilles
Country Affiliation: Reim
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Sexuality: heterosexual
Tier: D
Age + Birthdate: 18 | July 15
Class: Warrior  
Rukh Alignment: White
Personality: People would expect because of his name that he is aggressive, but really he is very mature and calm.  Most of the time he is serious however many people always love listening to him speak. When his father was out of the house, he would get a little stand in the middle of the town and gather a crowd. He would talk about how Kou is a very evil kingdom or how we can improve Reim’s economy. He always treated everyone with respect, even if they do not deserve it. He can be very shy and sometimes keep secrets to himself however he never shows a vulnerable state. On a normal basis he acts strict and serious. However, he can be a great asset to any team. He is not the best in swordsmanship but good enough for the army. Before a fight he cuts himself a little on his hand and puts the blood on his forehead to show he is fighting seriously but this rarely happens. This is to show that he will use his full strength in the fight as to keep his honor. He is also very leader like. He always as a plan as he is a very intelligent strategist. However, he only uses this skill when he or his teammates are in danger.
Likes: Honor: Val believes that when fighting someone you should have honor. This shows that even if you hate the person you are fighting, you should never use cheap tricks. When he kills a person, he makes a little burial to show his honor towards that person.
Improving: Val loves to improve himself in both mentally and physically. When he was younger, he was very weak physically and mentally. He then realized if I wanted peace in this world I needed to improve to be the king to save this place. Even when he is already so powerful he will try to improve even more.
Dislikes: Rich People: Val believed that rich people do nothing for there kingdom. He thought they sat there looking pretty, ordering their servants to complete chores. He used to thought that the rich could save us but instead almost starved people to death. He would understand that money is a very good resource however he would never want to have so much that he would be considered rich.
Kou (in general): Val hated Kou for everything. He hated the clothing, the food, and the empire in general. It is not because the Kou is evil but he just hates there style. Val thinks that Kou is an empire which likes to live in that shadows and do not want to improve. He thinks they never improve technology wise nor magic wise.      
Aspirations: Peace for the World: Val wants peace for the whole world. Because of his village being burned down and his mom’s death, he wanted to not fight. However he realized that for world peace he needs power. Power so strong that it can defeat anyone in the world. So he reads so many books he founds of a power of the djinns. He thinks that they are the only for peace. “Training physically and mentally is the key for my solution” is his mental rule that he keeps forever.    
Face Claim: Portgas D. Ace (One Piece)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black (sometimes Red)
Height: 185.92 cm
Weight: 74.3 kg
Special Trait: Eye Mutation( eyes turn red when ANGRY!!!)
Phobias: Spiders: When Val was young he was in a very dusty house which had all sort of rodents. One time a spider bite him and he became very sick. Luckily he was able to get well again, but ever since then he always had scary nightmares.
Philophobia: Val fears of falling in love. He believes that if he falls in love it will make him weak. He also thinks that if a women loves him and follows him, she will be killed like his stepmother.
People: Most of the time, Val can be very anti social. He can trust a few people, however it is very rare for him. He also believes that if he gets to attached he could die but at the same time hurt others in the process.
Appearance: As a child,  Val was a small, scrawny boy with little strength or skill until age twelve. His hair was long and always stood up , and he always wore white clothing. His height was about 1.3208 and his weight was about 40.83 kg from age ten to fifteen.

Now, Val is a tall, muscle-like man with black eyes (that sometimes turn red) and short clean black hair.. He tends to be naked for the upper part most of the time, finding it better suited to his liking. His composure is strong, suggesting someone with power or confidence, and his eyes are eager enough for a person who would do no matter what to get what he wants.
History: When Val was first born, his birth parents realized that he needed a better life. They find out that the current Reim leader that time needed a son so they dropped the young baby at the steps of the king. Then there was a very poor villager who also had a child. He also wanted his child to have a great life so he replaced the children. He was able to escape right before the door opened. The poor man carried Val to a garbage dump. He then realized that this child does not deserve it. He should not deserve to die for a man’s selfishness so he takes the child back home and tries to raise the child.  He finds a card in the basket the baby is in. It says “Val Achilles”. So Instead of the man giving the child a name he uses this one instead to give some respect after he placed his own desires in front of others. So ever since then he raised the child as much as he can but as the father always called him “the ball that never moves.” When Val was a child he was very lazy and chubby. He never had friends and always stayed inside reading books. Many times, his step-father, Maleco, have whipped and shouted at Val. However, he never listened. He hated his father a lot. He always wanted to know about his family origins and of what happened to his step-mother but his father never told him. Until one day, Maleco wakes Val in the morning. He tells Val that he will be leaving for some time. Maleco leaves but never comes back. Because of this, Val’s hatred to his father increased. At the same time Val wanted to prove his father wrong. So he trains in every way possible, mentally and physically. He first tried to become a public speaker. Every night, at the village, he always had a topic he wanted to bring to the village. He then tries to join the army, however a rich boy named Calum insults him the guards beat up Val. In a desperate time, everything has been taken from him, his parents, his house, and his life as an innocent boy. However, he gained a courage and a reason to be in this world, the only reason he is alive, world peace. His courage gave him the power to improve. He practiced his swordsmanship, his manner of speaking, and his intelligence. He then tested for the army again after age 18. He was forced to fight Maleco, without a sword if he wanted to be in the army. Luckily he was able to beat him, however he discovers that he has this weird mutation of his eyes being red when he gets angry.  Now he quit the military and travels around the world, trying to find true power.
RP Sample: Val walks on a dirt path leading to a small village. He feels the nice, cool breeze against his body. He stretches his arms back and yawns. He is so tired from his journey to the village he grew up in, Velhas. He thought he needed a break from world peace so he thought about coming back home. Everyone will be surprised Val thought. He continues walking up the path until he senses something. He smells a burning and and can see smoke coming from the village. Oh Crap Val rushes up the path trying to get to the village in time. As he gets close and closer, he can hear the sounds of people screaming. He could see people running around in a crazy manner. He walks closer and closer to see burned bodies. He is in horror as he watches the fire destroying everything he loved and he can do nothing to stop it.


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  • Primary - Warrior
  • Secondary - Beast Master (Not obtained yet)
  • Tertiary -

Trait Name: Human Physiology
Trait Tier: -
Trait Requirement: Human Race
Trait Description: The character possesses a human body with all its faults and advantages. An adaptable, albeit fragile, race which has the highest affinity for magoi.
Trait Effect:

  • Player can deal D-tier damage with their strength alone and move at average speeds.
  • Earn an additional 3,000 huang for completing jobs.
  • Earn a single custom Magic Weapon for your Primary Class once you reach B-rank.

Trait Name: Enhanced Stamina
Trait Tier: C
Trait Requirement: -
Trait Description: Through training or good genes, the character possesses an unnaturally large pool of stamina to draw from.
Trait Effect: +50 Max Stamina

Trait Name: Exceptional Strength
Trait Tier: B
Trait Requirement: Must be Human or a Magician with a secondary combat class.  
Trait Description: Through extensive training, the character has exceeded the traditional limits of strength for their race.
Trait Effect: The character can now perform feats just as breaking down walls and large stone structures with their bare hands and deal B-tier damage with their physical strength alone. This level is equal to a C-tier fanalis.


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D-tier Abilities

C-tier Abilities

B-tier Abilities

A-tier Abilities

Omega-tier Abilities

Beast Abilities

Djinn Related Abilities

Social Abilities


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Rising Sun:
Val's New Vault Holy_sword_____blue_sun_by_plateal-d7f62pi
Name: Rising Sun
Tier: C
Type: Sword
Material: Blessed Iron
Appearance: This blade is simple, nothing very special.It has different blue designs and it also has the cross. It has been said that this blade can burn any dark spirit but it could be just a myth. It is very sharp and pointy, good for stabbing and has a very sharp edge. The height is 2.5m and the Width is 1m. The handle is 1m

Sword of Sands :

Val's New Vault Desert%20Wind
Name: Sword of the sands
Tier: B
Type: Magic Sword
Magic Type: Dehydration [Heat+Wind]
Appearance: The sword is 86 centimeters from top to bottom, the blade being 64 centimeters and the handle being 22 centimeters long. The blade is 10 centimeters wide and the guard is 19 centimeters wide, the handle being 5 centimeters in circumference. The magic circle is on the handle, the Scimitar shows slight weathering from the desert winds but gives off a powerful vibe.

  • By performing a slash, the user can produce a blade of hot wind that travels forward swiftly to a total of 5m distance. The wind blade is the same length as the weapon's blade and takes on the shape and orientation of the cutting arc. Anything struck by this blade of wind will experience an intense burning sensation where they were cut. The affected limb is then sapped of moisture leaving it dehydrated and shrivelled. This causes slowed movement and constant pain for 3 posts or until the limb is rehydrated. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.
  • The user may train 3 dehydration spells to this magic weapon.

Lightning Flash Orb A Tier:

Val's New Vault MKrXafF
Name: Lightning Flash Orb
Tier: A-Tier
Type: Magic Tool - Orb
Magic Type: Lightning
Appearance: a 10cm orb that crackles with electricity under the surface. A small magic circle is engraved on the surface of the orb.

  • Stimulating Shock - The user activates the magic tool to generate an electrical field which stimulates the nervous system of user. While in this state, signals from their brain are transmitted instantly rather than with the normal delay. This temporarily allows them to react to anything their senses can detect, even to opponents or attacks much faster than themselves. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.


Val's New Vault UwsJCsX
Name: Enlil
Type: Dungeon Mount
Magic Type: Lightning
Appearance:This creature is 3 meters tall and 3 meters long. He is capable of carrying up to 2 peoples and would make a non-dangerous lightning sparks every time he step.

  • 25% Travel Thread Word Count Reduction for up to two people.
  • Can carry two person up to speeds of 15 m/s.

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