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As an anime viewer, I've always been interested in what it is that drives other people to watch an anime, or rather what keeps people interested in things to the point where they become a favorite. So, this thread is dedicated to people pointing out what makes a great anime. 

My personal thing? Dignity. I love an anime that has a certain level of dignity to it. It can be saucy, it can be erotic, it can be stupid, it can be silly beyond your wildest dreams. Hell, one of my favorite anime of all time is called Clannad, which literally has a running gag of someone being beaten up and the anime showing it like a fighting game (e.g. 1000 hit bonus)

However, this relies on them being able to respect the show. If it's silly, keep it silly. If it's erotic, make it erotic. But, if you want it erotic, actually make it erotic. DON'T JUST SHOW PANTY SHOTS!! 

That's the main reason I hate a lot of Ecchi. There's no dignity or subtlety to it. Yeah, sure, have sex. But have a reason to sex. Make it actually involve the characters somewhat. If we wanted porn, we would have looked for hentai. 

Those who read the Rosario + Vampire manga did it because the concept of what happens when you reverse the "monster among humans" concept and put "human among monsters". That's why it's so infamous as an anime, because it took an interesting concept and changed it to cheap panties.


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