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Sunflower's Studio

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1 Sunflower's Studio on 20/07/16, 02:00 pm

♢ If this is your first time requesting a template from me, it is free!

♢ Prices may vary depending on the time/effort and complexity of the request. Prices may be debated if you think they are unfair.

♢ Templates may not turn out exactly what you were envisioning. If you have a problem with the results, you can PM me on Discord or other about changes you would like to make. I won't charge the changes I make. However, if this is abused, I will charge any changes requested.

♢ If you're trying to make your own template and something goes awry, I'll gladly help you find and fix the problem. Obviously, I won't charge anything for my help.

♢ I reserve the right to turn down a request if I do not think my level of skills are not high enough to achieve what you're looking for. note: this is for special cases. im not prone to turn down challenges so easily.

♢ Copy & paste and fill out the following:
♢ [b]Type:[/b] Posting, Plot Ad, Threader, App, Locker
♢ [b]Description:[/b] Color schemes, themes, etc. Reference if you have one.
♢ [b]Extra:[/b] Hovers, custom scrollbars, etc.

♢ Your first time purchasing an avatar or signature, you will recieve a title free! Make sure you fill out a form to claim your free title.

♢ Titles are the tiny images you can put along with your signature. Recolors are exactly what they sound like: recolored images. So if you want green eyes but your faceclaim has brown eyes, you can recolor them green.

♢ The price labels are links to examples.

Avatars: 4200 Huang
Signatures: 3000 Huang
Titles: 750 Huang
Recolors: Free

♢ Copy & paste and fill out the following:
♢ [b]Type:[/b] Avatar, Signature, Title, or Recolor
♢ [b]Character:[/b] Character FC , Anime/Manga/Artist/etc.
♢ [b]Description:[/b] Color schemes, themes, etc.
♢ [b]Extra:[/b] Words, fonts, special effects, etc.

♢ this section does not want to be filled out :D


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2 Re: Sunflower's Studio on 30/09/16, 11:50 pm


Type: graphics(re-color)

Description: Need a simple re-color of my FC. I need his hair re-colored red because he's a fanalis

Background: none

Hair needs to be re-colored red for both those images pls~


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3 Re: Sunflower's Studio on 01/10/16, 12:40 am


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