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Djinn/Household Templates

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Djinn/Household Ability

[center][b]Insert Ability Name Here[/b][/center]
[b]Tier:[/b] What tier is the ability?
[b]Djinn:[/b] What Djinn is this ability for?
[b]Theme:[/b] What is the djinn's magic?
[b]Type:[/b] Is it offensive, defensive, or supplementary?
[b]Range:[/b] Close, Short, Medium, or Long?
[b]Requirements/Drawbacks:[/b] What are the requirements, drawbacks, or limitations of the ability?
[b]Scaling:[/b] When you add more than the minimum magoi cost, what changes about the ability? More hits/projectiles? A larger area of effect? More damage?
[b]Sustain:[/b] How many sustainments have you done so far? Starts at 0 and goes up with each additional use of the ability.
[b]Cool Down:[/b] How many turns must pass after sustains end until you can use this ability again?
[b]Cost:[/b] The amount of magoi or stamina you are spending. This value can change based on how much you are investing and how many times you sustained it in a post, but must always be at least the minimum required for its tier.
Give a visual description of the ability and include any effects, how large its area of effect is, the duration or how long it lingers, and any other important information.[/list]

Weapon Equip

[center][img]*Link to Weapon Equip Image here*[/img][/center]
[b]Djinn:[/b] (What's the name of the Djinn?)
[b]Form:[/b] (What kind of weapon is it?)
[b]Theme:[/b] (What is the Djinn's theme? Fire, lightning, water, etc.)
[b]Chant:[/b] (The words you must say in order to activate the Weapon Equip. Usually just two words, the second one being the Djinn's name. Put them in quotation marks "")
[b]Cost:[/b] (Always 10 on cast; 5 per post)
[b]Cool-Down:[/b] (Always 5 posts)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (What does it look like? How long/big is it?)
[list][*][b]Staff Only[/b] - Staff only.[/list]

Djinn Equip

[center][img]*Link to Djinn Equip Image AND Weapon Equip Image here. Doesn't have to include your character, just has to be an armor or form.*[/img][/center]
[b]Djinn:[/b] (What's the name of the Djinn?)
[b]Form:[/b] (What kind of weapon are you using? *Same as Weapon Equip)
[b]Theme:[/b] (What is the Djinn's theme? Fire, lightning, water, etc.)
[b]Chant:[/b] (The words you must say in order to activate the Djinn Equip. Usually 2-3 sentences, finishing with your Weapon Equip chant. Put them in quotation marks "")
[b]Flight:[/b] Grants A-tier flight magic.
[b]Cost:[/b] (Always 20 on cast; 10 per post)
[b]Cool-Down:[/b] (Always 8 posts)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (Include the size of your weapon, and any details that might not be visible in the image.)
[list][*][b]Staff Only[/b] - Staff only.[/list]

Extreme Magic


[b]Name:[/b] (Name of the Extreme Magic. First word is typically a play on the Djinn's name.)
[b]Djinn:[/b] (Name of the Djinn)
[b]Cost:[/b] (Always 100 Magoi. No sustain)
[b]Type:[/b] (Theme of the Djinn)
[b]Class:[/b] (Offensive; Defensive; Supplementary?)
[b]Range:[/b] (How far does it reach?)
[b]Cool-Down:[/b] (Always "Once Per Topic")
[list](Describe everything about the magic, including the effects, damage, size, and any important details.)[/list]

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