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You wanna be a Theif?

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1 You wanna be a Theif? on 22/03/14, 01:54 pm


The fact that there was still such scum in the world made Sara stick to her stomach. She simply needed to get this done with. She walked toward the Capital with one intention in mind, and that was completing missions. Really ever since she couldn't complete that Dungeon it was a eye opener that she needed to get stronger in order to conquer one. Even if that did mean having to take missions like this throughout the world. The goal to become one of the strongest was one she and to pursuit. She decided that right now was the time to start making a difference in the world, and it would start with this mission. She had taken a mission to head into the Capital and simply stop some man who have been mugging people who walk by. The outfit Sara was wearing was unlike her. She seems to look like a belly dancer in a way. She made her body  look extremely vulnerable, and hid her red hair because no one would dare mug a Fanalis. She continued walking calmly observing the area. It looked nice.

She doubt any of that could compare to her beloved Reim empire, but still nevertheless she and to admire the architecture. The buildings were definitely well created. Sara walked taking her time waiting for the muggers. She simply heard it was in the capital but never got an exact location. By the looks of it it would be a long walk. She hadn't had any sign of a mugger, and now she continue up the capita. She hadn't been with anyone in fear of putting anyone's life in danger, but as she continued to walk up she found a  tourist group. There were a lot of them, each one simply fascinated as the guide would tell them more about the region. They were all travelers like Sara, so Sara simply followed. She walked with the people hoping that none of them could attract the muggers because she'd hate to play super hero in a country that wasn't hers. If some did get mug, her main goal was the mission. She didn't really seem to care about he people. As they approached another spot she could hear something creak. Like a trash can being hit. She didn't quite think the people noticed it, most likely thinking it was an accident but Sara being in battle was alert. She snapped her head seeing someone hide behind the trashcan. She acted as if she was staring and as if she had not seen the man hide behind the trashcan, but she did. She pretended as if she was scanning the area as she continued to walk forward. with the group. She smiled knowing that behind her were the bandits.

Sara didn't have a sword by her. She was simply walking awaiting for the bandits to pull there move. Finally they came. She was prepared for this. As her tourist group turned into an alley and the guide said it was a shortcut, she heard footsteps and almost immediately turned around seeing the men coming toward the people. The tourist group began to run but Sara stayed.  She turned her head now throwing off the thing that covered her hair. Her long scarlet hair was clearly visible as one man was already within range to her. Without Hesitation Sara lifted her right arm simply closelining the man. His body dropped almost instantly onto the floor. There were five more left. She had no mercy for the men who laid in front of her. The next 5 approach, and the fact that she was a fanalis made combat all the more easier. As the other five approached her they were all quick, but what she had above them was her abilities and natural talent. As they approached her she let out a large scream popping their ear drums. It echoed throughout the ally and could be heard all around. The vibrations were intense. Windows shattered in the ally and the men became disoriented to screaming at th pain as they tried to shelter their ear drums but the damage was already done. After the scream all 5 men fell to their knees holding onto their ear. They were most likely dizzy, meaning this left Sara the perfect opportunity to end them. She walked up to one lifting her right leg and kicking him in the head. Several bones cracked as the man was kicked into the wall. One mans as down. There was another who she grabbed with her bare hands ands lifted  by the shirt. She made sure to stare at him in the eyes as she brought back her fist. He elbow popping out behind her entire body. She then put a lot of force punching the man in the jaw to hear several cracks as he landed on the ground. The other three were attempting to run, but they were still disoriented and probably couldn't hear the screaming of their other comrades who had just been beaten up by Sara. Sara walked over to the next one who couldn't seem to walk properly still holding onto his ears. She grabbed him and lifted him holding him above her before throwing him into a wall. His body would slam against the wall hearing cracks all around his body. He lost consciousness. The last two were by each other. Both of them were on the floor holding their ears. How pitiful. She walked over to them lifting them both up and grabbing both of their heads. she would move their heads together slamming them into each other hearing a few cracks and blood splattered on the ground and a bit on her. She was disgusted, but it was their punishment. After bashing their head together she dropped the two corpse walking away. As she walked out of the alley she could see the tourist watch her, and they all ran away. She wondered why they ran. She turned around only to see the scene she left behind. 5 incapacitated men. She laughed as she walked over to go collect her reward.


Name: Battle Cry
Tier: C
Cost: 20 Magoi
Class: Defense
Range: 20 M
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 3 Post
Description: This technique moves at 20 m/s. The user of the technique will release a large bellow that will halt anything in its range(20 M) and affect all things. This technique has the capability of bursting ear drums dealing C-rank damage to them and losing sound in the ear for two post if the opponent is within range of the user while this technique is being used. The sound tends to disorient the opponent causing dizziness for 1 post similar to that of a flash bang without a flash. After the one regains their hearing simply hearing will hurt their ears since C-rank damage was dealt to the ear drum.  This technique can be countered if one blocks their ear before the scream. If blocking the ear during the scream it will prove ineffective since the damage would of already been done

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