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Cleaning The Streets [Lucifer]

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1 Cleaning The Streets [Lucifer] on 21/03/14, 08:12 pm

Job Name: Brigand Parade
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Zou
Job Rewards: 7,000 Huang & 100 XP
Job Overview: There is a large underground bandit group that keeps mugging people in the back-alleys of the capital. We need someone to make sure that they don't get to continue this reign of terror. Kill them if necessary

Enemy Name: Mugger x 6
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: 1D
Abilities: Extremely quick but very weak. They move at 10 m/s, and use knives as their primary weapon to keep people from trying any 'funny business'

After the last job Zeraldin had took he found himself walking around the Zou Empire looking for more jobs and hopefully a competent person to work with. Today unlike most days he would be wearing bandages around his arms, legs and half of his chest as he stood in the streets of Zou and looked at the flier currently in his hand which had his latest job. Why did he want to take this job in the first place if all he was going to do was beat up some ignorant fucks that had the clever idea of robbing people in the alleys. What made it worse was that he was going to be working with someone, although he did not know who or what he was going to be working with which also pissed him off. For now he waited against a wall looking around the simple city. As the red haired Fanalis scanned the area slowly, he could see many people looking at him for a moment although as he stared back at them they could only shudder and keep walking while he maintained that same scowling facade like he always did. It was one thing not to like people, but at the current moment while he was annoyed and irritated it wasn't such a good idea to just blindly stare at him. Slowly the yellow eyes would close as he tried to relax and calm himself down a bit, knowing that if he were to get angry in a place like this he would no doubt begin to wreck anything in his path.



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2 Re: Cleaning The Streets [Lucifer] on 21/03/14, 08:55 pm

It had been three days since her eyes were able to see again. The blindfold that was on her face had blocked her view and she was unable to tell where she was. For two of the three days that she was there she had run into some very strict and rude characters who were unwilling to help her. The only help she had gotten had come from a very old woman who told her the only way to make it in this world was through hard work. Evangeline didn't really understand what the woman had meant at that time but she soon found herself being acquainted with the job board. From what she had been told, a job always needed to be done and it usually varied in it's duties. Evangeline caught on quickly about what she should do and took it upon herself to quickly get a job. Since it was her first time doing any work she was told that she would be paired up with another person. Evangeline had no qualms about this and happily accepted. When she looked over the job's description she nodded to herself, mentally preparing herself for what she needed to do. It took her about ten minutes or so before she found herself at the meeting place for the job. There a man leaned against a wall stood with red hair. Walking up to the man Evangeline spoke in an angel soft voice as she began to introduce herself.
" Hello? Are you the person that I will be doing this job with? "


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3 Re: Cleaning The Streets [Lucifer] on 21/03/14, 09:06 pm

Time was quickly escaping him as he began to tap his foot impatiently, the result being the ground slowly shaking around him and for the people that had felt it they thought he was creating a small earthquake around them. It took awhile, but as soon as he felt himself going over the edge he heard a voice introducing themselves. Opening his eyes he would look down to the girl who had spoken to him, which at first he scoffed before looking at her again and tilting his head," You...are the one i am doing this job with? You sure you are good enough for this?," a large hand began to outstretch and pick the girl up as if she weighed nothing and sniffed her for a moment before sitting her down and returning to his silent demenor. Nodding slowly this would show that he was indeed the one that she would be doing the job with although he would not be speaking to her as if had issues getting to know people.

Once the pleasantries were out of the way he would point to the alleyway that the suspicious activity was going on in, and gave her a bag filled wit Huang in which he would simply say," You...Bait. I take care of everything else," with that he would crouch down and jump into the air only to land onto a nearby rooftop and wait. His eyes scanned the alley way as he waited for her to go into the alleyway and begin to be well...bait. In his own mind he would simply be using this girl to his own devices just to get this job done and nothing more, although if he needed to he would use her all the same.



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4 Re: Cleaning The Streets [Lucifer] on 21/03/14, 11:17 pm

Upon reaching the red haired male she felt the ground beneath her feet tremble which almost made her lose her footing. It was a good thing she had spoken up because if she hadn't she might have found herself on the ground. Her unique flower shaped pupil which floated in blueish-green irises stared innocently into golden orbs as she looked up at him. " You...are the one i am doing this job with? You sure you are good enough for this?," Before she could defend herself to the question she was asked, his large hand had grabbed her white dress upwards and she found herself in the air. Blinking she didn't say anything when she was sniffed and was thankful to be placed back onto the floor. Smiling at his nod she was now sure that this was her job partner. She had wondered what the plan would be, that was until she was handed a bag of Huang. Looking towards the direction the red haired man had pointed at she titled her head in a confused manner. "You...Bait. I take care of everything else," Evangeline nodded her head slowly and began to walk down the alleyway, her staff used as a walking stick and the heavy pouch in her hand. She really didn't mind the job she was given because she was helping and doing the right thing.

It only took seconds for a voice to be heard and Evangeline stopped walking once she felt she was close enough into the alley to be seen. " What's a little girl like you doing with so much money....And such a well jeweled staff? Here let me take such a heavy burden off of your hands." The voice was shown to belong to a rather skinny man with a athletic body who was accompanied with five others. They began to close in on her rather quickly and in a panic she raised her staff in the air, a flash of purple light enveloping the area and fading in a second only to be replaced by a swarm of butterflies made of rose petals rising up from the ground. The men at least the four of them had come pretty close to her being caught up in the butterflies which had flown up around her in a 10 Meters in Diameter. This had come to as a shock to the men as they stumbled about in the swarm of butterflies that blocked their vision from her, acting as a distraction and giving the red haired man the ok to do his part.

431 { 692 }/ 1000

Name: Gaia's Gift: Rose Petal Butterflies
Tier: D
Cost: 10 Magoi
Element: Life
Class: Supplementary
Range: 10 Meters in Diameter ( AOE )
Duration: One Post
Cool-Down: Two Post
Upon Raising her staff into the air a flash of purple light will emit from it. Once the flash is gone a swarm of butterflies in the form of rose petals rise up from the ground quickly. This spell is used as a distraction, blocking the sight and lowering visibility. This can be used to get away or follow up for an attack. The butterflies form a screen about five meters in diameter.

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5 Re: Cleaning The Streets [Lucifer] on 21/03/14, 11:37 pm

From the roof, He began to watch the girl slowly walk into the alley with the money and a weird looking staff which did not bother him to much. He only wanted her to do her part and that was it, when and if she had did this he would grin and simply wait for the brigands to come out so he could finish this and get his money for the job. His yellow eyes pierced into the darkness of the alley and his ears became more attuned as he crouched down and simply watching and waiting as a predator would do in the wild. Footsteps could be silently heard as a voice began to speak to the little girl and soon moved to grab the money and the staff in which he would stand up and grin," Looks like its time to show these idiots why they should not fuck with me," when the butterflies went up into the air and stunned the men he would growl lowly and pounce.

From the roof he would come in hard and fast as the wind aided in his assault and soon one of the bandits would find his knee directly in his face and when a Fanalis knee went to your face you damn well felt it. Within a second the man let out a loud, painful scream causing the other three to become alarmed although that would not help them. One would try to pull out a knife to attack Zera who was still in the air but was met with the bare left foot connecting to his neck and sending him flying into the wall as for the one on his right it would receive a elbow to the face. Landing on the ground with grace he would grin," Oh look at you so....Kneedy,"grinning he would take his fighting stance, waiting for the other two to come out. With a smile he would call out to the hidden two," Either leave and turn yourselves in or get kneed like your friends here," smiling he would wait for them to come out while giving the girl a small glance, letting her know she did a good job.

Name: Shattering Blow
Tier: D
Cost: 10 Stamina
Weapon Type:
Class: Strength
Range: 10 Meters
Duration: 2 Posts
Cool-Down: 2 Posts
Description: Zeraldin uses his innate strength to deliver a crushing blow to the users body, causing them to fall over and gasp for breath. [Does D-tier Damage]

372 [928/1000]


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6 Re: Cleaning The Streets [Lucifer] on 22/03/14, 01:02 am

She didn't see him until the third man fell and her eyes widened as she saw the violence unfold in front of her like the worst horror story being told. As the butterflies thinned out and vanished she could only see the men in pain on the ground trying to recover from their wounds. As she looked around at them her face turned into one of sadness, even after she was had caught a glance of the red haired man's eyes. As remaning two men came out from their hiding place, Evangeline looked over to them. She was actually more worried about them than she was about herself. The beating the other four men took was enough to scare any man into submission, but if they chose to fight then she felt that she could persuade them against the idea.
"Please, it is not wise to fight anymore, you will only be hurting yourself...It would be a lot less painful if you just turn yourselves in, I'm sure he will be a lot more merciful. "

Looking over at the red haired man she smiled and began to move towards the hurt individuals, checking to see how badly injured they were.
"I'm sorry but we could not let you go on doing what you were... Please forg- "
Before she could finish a sharp sound followed by a sting that numb her face and made her cheek swell up sent her flying back. One of the injured had gave her a backhanded slap to the face, and she could feel her eyes watering up. She didn't understand, she was only trying to help she just wanted them to see that she wasn't trying to hurt them but help them. This was her downfall, trusting every single being even if they did wrong right in front of her. She couldn't help it though, it really wasn't her fault and as she lay there on the ground mostly in shock she found herself crying not only on the inside, but the outside too.

340 {1032 }/ 1000
{ WC Complete }

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7 Re: Cleaning The Streets [Lucifer] on 22/03/14, 01:14 am

As the two came out of their hiding spots he would only stare into them as a lion would their prey or a wild animal eying their next meal which made them freeze in terror before trying to attack him even after the girls explanation of why they should have given up. Despite this he would dodge the first one's attack and deliver a crushing blow to his neck as swift as a tigers claw would strike its prey. A spout of blood would come out of his mouth before falling to the ground and the next was simply dispatched with a simple kick to the head knocking him out. Looking to the girl he would watch as she went over to the already injured men and tried to help them, which in his own eyes showed to much weakness and he was even going to allow her to get hurt if they had did something to her.

Although as he watch one of them smack her at first he would have a smile on his face until he had seen her cry which had made him walk over to the man slowly before picking him up and staring him in the eyes," You are dead," with a growl in his voice he could see the fear in the man as out of desperation he grabbed his knife and aimed for his face, barely missing and cutting the side of his face. A growl left his mouth as he threw the man into the air and punched him in the throat with his full strength, crushing his throat and killing him. He took pride in watching the man twitch before dying and turned to the girl, picking her up once again by her dress and eying her," Keep the money...but never let your kindness rule you," with that he sat her down gently and walked off before stopping and looking back to her," Zeraldin...My name is Zeraldin," and with that he disappeared into the crowd.

337 [1265/1000] Mission complete

[Lucifer also gets 10,000 Huang]


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