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Sylvia's Vault JOT1OUc
General Information:
Name: Sylvia Thanatos
Country Affiliation: Kou
Race: Human
Tier: D-
Class: Magician & Wind Magic
Age + Birthdate: Age 17 & Date July 2
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Kind, caring, that's what Sylvia is like towards most people, unless your annoying and doing nothing but wasting my time, but mostly she likes helping everyone when she can, be it training with there swordplay, or grades in education, even something personal, she'll try helping them whenever. But there are times Sylvia will act more serious because kind doesn't mean soft, stopping bullying, telling someone they're wrong, as when in everyday life, one needs that strength, being calm, yet cold, many thugs/pirates experience this side to Sylvia. Sylvia is really soft around children, making sure they are not hurt, that's why nobody should send them into battle, no mattering their ability, unable to fight any child within combat at all. She possesses a lot of culture, refinement, not just with her beauty, but studying many noble hobbies, also possessing manners. You could say this lifestyle has changed our young shy girl into a princess that can look after herself quite well now, making it her mission to find him, her lost brother. She stays with the family that took her in even if they only wish to use her, they are nobles and possess power, but really none of it truly matters anymore.
Like & Dislikes:
Likes: - I do have many hobbies, go is one of them, which is a board game that tests your mind. Cooking as well, which allows you to stay strong, but also healthy, by eating the right food groups, and tests your judgment in picking what is right to eat. I also like having my own free time, which allows me to relax fully. Wearing Good Clothes is something I like as well, you need to be someone that can show off a respectable appearance, to earn other people's respect. Lastly, I like hot springs, it takes you away, and enjoy a good end towards the day.

Dislikes: - I truly dislike pirates, they sell children, destroy villages, and sell anything from people towards their homes, even ones that give money out towards the poor just create chaos in some way. That money comes from someone, and even if that individual is rich, it's worse as they will hunt you down, and track where the money was given, so it's them whom will pay the price. A good action, but in time becomes wrong. There isn't anything I dislike really, but unfairness. But still, even with this I dislike kings as well, rulers that gain there rank from blood alone, I respect someone that earned his power, but in our world many and I mean lots got it from being spoiled, but it doesn't mean I dislike all people born into power just common people that got lucky.
Aspirations & Phobias/fears:
Aspirations: - I wish to find, free, or bring him back, I'm unsure if my brother has even tried to look for me yet, but that doesn't matter, I just need to know how he is doing. But still, from my own past, I wish to show this world the wrong that happens all the time and bring a new era, one that can be enjoyed and safe for anyone to live in. They are my only goals, but as I travel new ones may show up, we just have to wait and see for now.

Phobias/fears: - I fear, seeing my brother was dead all this time, or still a slave. Other and unlikely thing is he has turned towards darkness and wishes for nothing but revenge on this world for the events that happened to him, it would be my job to bring him back if so. Another could be forced to marry someone she doesn't care for, in the end a noble family took her in, meaning they could have some right over Sylvia, even if she doesn't see it, laws could put our young princess in a bad situation. I don't fear anything stupid..........Spider walks closer as Sylvia is behind a tree. "Don't get the wrong Idea I like it better here! I didn't run because of a spider." Turning red, but the spider got close as Sylvia would walk away acting like nothing was wrong.
Hair Color: Pink
Eye Color: Pink
Height: 5,3
Weight: 95lbs
Appearance: Beautiful, enchanting, they are two words that describe Sylvia, possessing a princess's beauty, yet showcasing commanding aura matching great rulers of our world, with Sylvia's appearance gathering the crowd's attention, but she gains respect from her presence, showing leadership. Sylvia has a white complexion, but still of healthy colour, showcasing that royal birth, she's proud to have, staying tidy, and organized at all times, believing it's what everyone should do, keeping pride within everything in life, showing it with her own goddess-like appearance, leading by example, also displaying Sylvia's, slender yet curvaceous figure. Now for this young lady most noticeable physical traits, that has to be her long twin tails, which flow like ribbons, even standing still they reach down towards Sylvia ankles, another unique trait is both of Sylvia's eyes with them being pink in colour as well, drawing closer near our princess image people recognize, wearing ideal clothes befitting royalty.

Main Outfit - Many could say this dress is far too much for your everyday wear, but not a princess, that likes looking respectable at all times being both cute and classy in appearances wearing it more than any other outfit. Right away it starts out with one single short pink dress, which doesn't cover much of Sylvia's body, but that is the main reason, she dawns a long extravagant white jacket, acting like Sylvia skirt, as her dresses frills are shown over. The jacket's design is uniquely tied using one single pink bow, and several gold buttons, not only showing Sylvia's cuteness but importance, possessing a similar style near her long sleeves. Now finishing this beautiful outfit design is white shoes, but has a unique style, being tied like ribbons, going upwards around both Sylvia's legs.
Rukh Alignment: White Rukh
Special Traits: N/A
History: Sylvia lived within a happy home with both her mother and father, but unlike them, she was gifted with magical abilities even at a young age, along with Adrastos, Sylvia's only sibling. Both her parents worked hard doing everything they could in giving their children better lives, but this didn't last, because one night our town was attacked by pirates who destroyed everything in their way, without mercy, killing everyone like it was a game, but few did survive this madness, only the children as they could make money for the pirates, selling them as slaves, the only one not taken on this night was Sylvia. Adrastos made sure Sylvia was out of sight, but even so, our young lady cried heavily this day, being told to wait, after coming back up it was all gone, her brother, and both parents.

After much time passed, Sylvia wished to reclaim it all again, but still in the darkness blaming herself for everything. Because of Sylvia's beauty, and magical ability it didn't take long for a noble family to take Sylvia in, but not for love, or anything like that. It was power, a noble will wish to marry someone like Sylvia one day, at first she tries to listen towards everything they said, but her heart got stronger telling them she's not going to listen towards everything they say. Sylvia trained in magic ability to become a strong mage because it will be something needed in the future, with finding her brother.

Because of this, Sylvia used her new noble rank to see things in other places, and asked people that were connected towards her new family, but could she really call them that? Well, not once has she in words. But still they could gather information, and if not she would search by herself going around this giant world if need be, hoping it wasn't too late. He could be dead, He could be a slave locked away, many of this followed in Sylvia's mind, but still, she never gave up not once, staying confident and most of all hopeful about seeing him again.

Role-Play Sample: Many who have a dark start like Sylvia would seek nothing but revenge upon the world, but not her, in the end, she wasn't going to become weak, not like them, becoming the type of person that took everything away from others. She was going to become a strong person who is able to make her own life choices, after all, killing them pirates wouldn't bring anyone back, she still had someone out there and that was him, Sylvia's brother, that will be enough if she can find him. But before she could do this, Sylvia had to stay with the people that took her in, a noble family that controls a little amount of wealth but could fall at any moment giving they lack in many areas. One day she got out of her bed, as all of them sat together eating. "Sylvia, today your meeting with a noble's son, their wealth is growing every day." She got up, not finishing the food ready to walk out. "You don't get a choice, so get ready." She looked at him having a few words that needed to be said.

"Fine, but I will not marry someone just to give you more money, it's true you took me in, but that was to use me, So I don't really owe you anything." Sylvia said as he looked annoyed but it wasn't anything he could really do. She didn't even think of this man to be her foster father as he would talk out loud towards. "She will see I own her, at least in the end she gets a nice home, and someone to buy her anything she wishes, so I don't see the problem here." Sylvia knew he was rotten, but nothing she could do about it right now.

Face-Claim: Na Lan Yan Ran From Battle Through
The Heavens

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Primary - Intelligence (Wind)
Secondary -
Tertiary -


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D-tier Abilities

Name: Raising Wind's
Tier: D
Cost: 10 Magoi, 5 Sustained
Element: Wind
Class: Offensive
Range: 10m
Cool-Down: Two Post + 1 post per sustained
Description: The user will conjures a 5 meter in diameter wind to raises the small rocks around her into the air and fires the small rocks and stones at her enemy up to 10 meters away at 10 m/s, dealing D-Tier damage.

Name: Taming Wind Dance
Tier: D
Cost: 10 Magoi, 5 Sustained
Element: Wind
Class: Supplementary
Range: 10m
Cool-Down: Two Post + 1 post per sustained
Description: When an enemy who uses close range combat is within a 10m radius, she will use this spell to control the 5 meters in diameter wind at 10m/s around him to slow down their movement by 5 m/s, which allows Sylvia the chance to get away. This only works on people who are the same Tier as Sylvia.

Name: Destroying Wind
Tier: D
Cost: 10 Magoi, 5 Sustained
Element: Wind
Class: Offensive
Range: 10m
Cool-Down: Two Post + 1 post per sustained
Description: This spell is unlike the Sylvia's other ones, she will change the oxygen levels by 10m/s, not enough to stop someone within 10 meters from her from breathing but it is used in another way. This spell is used by changing the oxygen and wind if any flames are in her range while using this spell, it will start to heat up faster making the 5 meters in diameter fire stronger and inflict D-tier damage if it hits.

Name: Guiding Wind's
Tier: D
Cost: 10 Magoi, 5 Sustained
Element: Wind
Class: Supplementary
Range: 10m
Cool-Down: Two Post + 1 post per sustained
Description: When she cast this spell she will control the 5 meters in diameter wind around an ally within 10 meters from her, instantly speeding up their movements up to 10 m/s. As she increases the wind flow pushing it towards her target, this will also be used to allow for her to move the wind flow pushing them to the side to dodge an enemy's attack, she cannot move while using the spell.

C-tier Abilities

Name: Dance Of The Wind
Tier: C
Cost: 20 Magoi, 10 Sustained
Element: Wind
Class: Offensive
Range: 20 meters
Cool-Down: Three Post + 1 post per sustained
Description: This spell requires Sylvia to spin around in one spot like a ballerina while doing it will start to create wind around her getting sharp, the longer she is spinning the more it will make. As she spins, she can fire two blades of wind that is 10 meters long and 1 meter wide at a speed of 15 m/s toward an enemy up to 20 meters away, dealing D-Tier damage if one hits and C-Tier damage if both hit.

B-tier Abilities

A-tier Abilities

Omega-tier Abilities

Beast Abilities

Djinn Related Abilities

Social Abilities

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Sylvia's Vault Lunar_Sythe
Name: Transcending Winds
Material: Steel.
Appearance: Her Staff is 167 cm in height with the blade being 60cm, it is snow white mixed with a silver color and around the  handle it is black and at the bottom it has a design that looks like lightning and at the end it is like a flame. The blade of the scythe also has a flame design, but this is the reason it is unable to cut people from the way the design is.



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