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First day of School

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1 First day of School on 15/05/16, 01:39 am

It was finally here! The day I was going to the prestigious Magnostadt academy. Finally I would be able to join my parents and my siblings going to school, learning about magic and meeting new people I was all so exciting. Before I could go to class though I had to be put into a Kodor. "Give us a demonstration of you magic power," the instructor said in an authoritative voice. I walked up to the podium I cast a spell, Asfal and let the wind fly. "Pretty good!" he said, "you must be the other Durkfahl kid aren't you?" "Yep the last one in the family." I smile as I wait for my verdict. "you are in the third Kodor, Job." I frowned a little bit but the instructor reassured me, "thats pretty good Job, its better than both Seth and Isaac; they were in the 5th Kodor when they started!" I felt a sigh of relief. It was good to know that I could only go up from where I was now and that starting out I was better than my brothers. I walked towards the hall where all the other third Kodors where and I sat down in one of the desks near the middle of the row.

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2 Re: First day of School on 15/05/16, 05:05 pm

one by one we all came up to tell us what type of magicians we were and what magic we would be best suited for. Our first professor, Sandrine Gabrielle brought out the eight magic colour selection tool. One by one we lined up to to get our rukh tested. I already knew what I was I was a type five white magician with a preference for wind magic. Still though, I wanted to make a good first impression I walked up to the tool, and touched it while infusing it with rukh. A gust of wind blasted my face, stronger than I had expected! Disheveled, walked back to my seat after the other students finished being sorted, we finally were able to get into out respective magic groups and begin learning about our best magics. I was still a little nervous talking to some of the older magicians but I think that I was able to hold my own; after all, I come from good magic stock.

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