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Plot Request Template

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1Plot Request Template Empty Plot Request Template on 12/05/16, 07:00 pm

Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
If you would like to request moderator involvement in your plot, please fill out the template below. Submit the template in a new thread within this sub forum and a plot moderator will review your request.

If you do not wish to post your plot request publicly, privately message this to a moderator. The process will be the same. In both cases, there are a few rules you need to keep in mind before you submit your request:

  • The plot must have at least one thread related to it or setting it up.
  • If the NPCs involved are not staff created, you must have filled out the template for them.
  • If the plot needs more prior development or for any other reason, staff reserves the right to decline your request.

[b]Character Name(s)[/b]: ( List here all the characters involved in the plot. )
[b]NPC Name(s)[/b]: ( Optional. List here all the NPCs involved in the plot. )
[b]Summary[/b]: ( Summarize the plot you are requesting and what direction you wish it to go. Include the country or place it is located and how the characters within are involved. )
[b]Link to Thread(s)[/b]: ( Link all the threads that are related to or set up this plot. )

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