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Working II [Job/Solo]

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1Working II [Job/Solo] Empty Working II [Job/Solo] on 29/01/16, 11:08 am

Job Name: Fishing time! Part 1
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Balbadd
Job Rewards: 50xp | 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: A fisherman requests help in catching fish. He's looking for 20 fish; they must be the same type by the end of the day.

Noir was standing in front of the job board again, wondering if she could find any other job to do. She really needed to gather some money to be able to travel back to Reim, and she knew it wouldn’t be that cheap to use ship to travel. The black haired girl didn’t really mind working hard to get money actually, she was used to it. She knew the common concept about the importance of having money, but it was not a greed driven for her. When she was in the dungeon, she didn’t even bother to take any valuable gold with her and instead was already feeling grateful to be able to conquer a dungeon with the help of her mentor. There was no need for her to take another thing because she thought it was a greedy act, she already content with what she got. However, her greed and thirst for knowledge would never cease probably, knowing that she would try to do even some kind of impossible things only to get knowledge.

Pair of golden eyes scanning at the board, looking at the job list one by one and finally chose one of the jobs available. Helping fisherman to catch some fishes sounded fun, too bad she didn’t let Haku to come with her and just left him in the inn so he could rest and play on his own first with Chrono. She thought by letting both of them alone together would be very helpful for them to establish a bond between each other, not to mention that both of them were felines only with different sizes. So with a happy hum, Noir headed to the place where she should meet with the fisherman.

Once she arrived, the fisherman would start to direct her on what she was supposed to do. He wanted her to catch some fishes, exactly 20 fishes but it needed to be the same fish type. It was not an easy task since some fishes might look similar and she might make some mistake because of that. However, she had done this similar kind of job before when she was a slave, catching fishes so they could eat and the slavers could sell it as well. The fisherman’s boat would soon move into the spot where he usually caught some fishes and it would stop moving so Noir could start to catch some fishes.

By using fishing net, she threw it on the sea and waited a little bit before she pulled it up only to found it was filled with lots of fishes. Those fishes looked very fresh, they were jumping around inside the net and she could see that there was a lot of variety of the fish. So without wasting more time, the fisherman ordered her to open the net and then told her to start dividing the fish. He wanted 20 sea bass, so Noir started to look for some sea bass in the pile of fishes while slowly tossing back the non-sea bass one to the sea. She was lucky enough to get exact 20 sea bass from throwing the nets two times into the sea and that meant her job was done. Fortunately, the fisherman was grateful and happy to reward her.

WC : 546/500


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2Working II [Job/Solo] Empty Re: Working II [Job/Solo] on 30/01/16, 02:50 pm


Job Name: Fishing time! Part 2
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Balbadd
Job Rewards: 50xp | 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: Fishing Time! Pt I
Job Overview: The same fisherman from before is now requesting you to catch a more difficult prey; shark! Not too concerned about the type, the fisherman is more interested in the size. He will accept it dead or, if you have a means of keeping it alive outside of the water, knocked out.


Enemy Name: Large Ambiguous Shark
   Rank: C
   Needed damage to take down: B
   Description: Swims at 10 m/s and deals C-tier damage using teeth or body momentum.
   Chomp: Shark chomps down at 15 m/s to inflict C-tier damage.
   Tail Flick: Shark flicks its tail at 15 m/s to deflect up to B-tier damage.

After helping the fisherman on the previous day, Noir got another request to help the same fisherman again today. She was very happy when he asked her to come again today because he got another job for her to do, the black haired girl quickly agreed to help since she felt that this was very fun. The moment she climbed on the boat, she thought her task was the same as before, to catch 20 fishes of the same type. However, the fisherman didn’t say anything and just smile happily until they reached a different spot then before. “You know, I was kind of not sure but I think you will like the challenge, young missy.” The fisherman named Avius laughed; he could see this glimmer of curiosity and competitive side in Noir’s eyes, noticing a hint of innocent side as well inside.

“A challenge?” The black haired girl asked, starting to wonder if she should have taken Haku and Chrono with her just in case to help her catch some fishes. But then the man revealed the task that the black haired girl needed to do, “Today we will catch the killer of the ocean! You know the one that has sharp teeth, pointy fin and can swim very fast.” At that time, Noir could think about a lot of killer in the ocean, like shark, orca, and many other fishes. But when he mentioned about pointy fin, it was clear that Avius was requesting her to catch a shark today. However, she did like the challenge; it would be a whole new experience for her to be able to catch one. “What kind of Shark?”

“Heh, the most important thing is the size! I am not really concerned about the type actually, young missy.” Then he began to share some reason on why he prefer the size rather than the type, telling her that he was more challenged to catch the biggest fish. Noir smiled at him, finding that Avius was a very interesting man. He was very passionate about his own job and always tried to make it challenging to increase her motivation; that was a very nice point about his from what Noir understood.  Then she began to learn from Avius about how to lure a shark, trying to understand every step that she needed to do. After that, the female magician did exactly like what the fisherman taught her. It was not an easy process as it did take a little bit long until something finally bit the bait; it proved that the raw chicken breast was tasty enough to get bitten.

She tried to pull as hard as she could and when Avius joined, they managed to pull it up and using the chance, Noir cast Thunder Bullets. Her spell managed to made the shark unconscious but Avius was very fast as he quickly pulled the sea creature on the ship, delighted to see that the shark was a very big one. In the other side, Noir asked if the shark was still alive and when she got the answer, she was happy to hear that her lightning spell was only made it unconscious.

“Don’t worry young missy, hahaha! You do have a kind heart, eh?” The fisherman laughed again while tying the shark into the boat so it wouldn’t be able to move when it regain its consciousness. However, worried that the shark wouldn’t be able to breath, Noir helped it by using her water magic to make a bubble which was filled with water. The water bubble was as big as the large shark and it would help a little bit until they arrived to the land. After that, the black haired girl shook her head to answer Avius’ opinion, she didn’t agree with it. “I just don’t like it if we need to kill this innocent creature…” The fisherman laughed again, seemed pleased to what Noir said to him. It was a kind of amusing experience for him as well to be able to go fishing with the female magician, there was still someone who was as innocent as her. “But sometime you will need to do that in order to survive, im just saying though. However, good little missy, I hope you will stay like this.”

When Noir tilted her head in confusion, the fisherman laughed again. “Ahahah! People change, you know. But I do like seeing a person like you in once a while, so I will be sad if you change when we can meet again.” Hearing this made the female magician shook her head, she looked up to the sky and staring at the flying seagulls. “I hope the same thing as well… but sometime I do wish to have something different in myself.” She was surprised when the fisherman patted her back, giving her a light slap on it before answering, “Having something else to be added inside you will only make you complete, not making you change into a whole new person. However, sometime when you add something wrong inside you, you could change as well. Well, my point is, do your best to stay the same. I am sure many people enjoys you company, it is pleasant.”

She wondered if Neo, Lance and Solomon felt the same as well when they were around her. Could she really make someone feel the pleasant feeling when they were with her? She might have to find out. Once they arrived at the dock, Noir stood up slowly, carefully balancing herself so she wouldn’t fall from the boat when she stepped on the dock. She would help him to drag the large sharp from his boat and then stop her spell, luckily for them, the shark had not conscious yet. It would be dangerous if it started to be conscious and went back to the sea since it would make their effort to catch that large fish became waster. After all was done, once she got her reward from Avius, she would bow down before biding him goodbye. “It has been a nice experience to go fishing with you, Mr. Avius. “

WC : 1024/1000
Magoi : 270/300


Name: Thunder Bullets
Tier: B-Tier
Cost: 30 Magoi
Element: Lightning
Class: Offensive
Range: 30 meters
Cool-Down: 5 posts
Description: The caster creates 4 lightning 'bullets' which will be 1 meter long and 1 meter in diameter that will travel up to 30 meters away at 20 m/s, each bullet inflicting D-tier damage for a total of B-tier damage.


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