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The Invisible Curse [Cap + Kab][<3]

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1 The Invisible Curse [Cap + Kab][<3] on 22/01/16, 02:39 pm


Job Name: Haunted Farm
Job Rank: C-Tier
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 100xp / 7000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview:
The Aleswell Inn is near a road and a small plot of crops grows in front of  the Inn. There are some rumors from the travelers, they said the people who visited the Inn was vanished without a trace and that it is now inhabited by ghosts. The people who vanished have been accidentally turned invisible by Ancotar, a Mage, who has taken up residence in nearby Ruin called Caractacus. When you arrive at the inn, the invisible people will ask for your help to defeat the mage to turn them back to normal. They promise a reward if you want to help them.
The small pllot of crops:


Enemy Name: Ancotar
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: C
Ancotar is an wizard who likes his privacy. He had turned all living people and creatures within a wide radius of his ruin, including himself, completely invisible.
Abilities: The mage can run 7 m/s
Thunderbolt Ancotar shoots a lightning ball  with a speed of 10m/s. The ball deals C tier Damage when hit.
Lightning Ancotar shoots lightning out of his staff with a speed of 15m/s hitting everything in a 5 meter radius except himself, dealing C tier damage

Enemy Name:
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
Discription: The dog is Anoctar's pet. The dog looks a little like a wolf and uses its teeth  to attack everyone who tries to hurt his owner. The dog is turned invisible by Ancotar too.
Abilities: The dog moves 10m/s his claws deal D tier damage.
Bite The dog bites its target with its teeth. The attack deals C tier damage.

Caphalor and Kabuto got back from their trip to the mountains for the special training. On their path the two would talk  laugh have fun and some romantic moments. Some kisses were given to one anotther. The time together with just the two of them brought them closer to eachother.

Now Caphalor is sitting on his horse and driving next to Kabuto whith wone hand holding the reins and the other holding Kabuto 's hand. It was two more days before we would reach Eye Dea. Its raining and we are both soaking wett. On my armor and helmet the rain drips are not able to touch my skin keeping me dry. Kabuto on the other hand had no armor lie me. Her clothes were soaking wett and her hair was all worn down.  It doesnt matter them muchat the moment but is soon would. They were too distracted by eachother for now. "That turned out better maby then expected. It was fun to fight together and beat up those guys. I am glad that it is just the two of us. I enjoyed it with you. So soon we wil be back. Tomorrow we will be back. Do you have any plans made lately for your town. We can drive all night if you like to arrive sooner?  Besides of that I am sure to be a become part of Eye Dea and with the eye you gave me I coul give you one of my eyes if you like?  "

While the two  were taking the weather gets worse. It is so bad that travelling soon would be impossibe. We arelucky to find a small house. It is a small Inn next to the road. Infront of the smal Inn is a field with crops. Caphalor pulls on the reins of his horse and drives towards the smalll Inn still holding Kabuto 's hand. "Ön the other hand. The weather wont get better anytime soon. Lets take shelter here. With my armor the rain and cold wont effect me but you do not. I dont want you to get ill my dear. " One day earlier or one day later doesnt matter I gues. " There is  next to the Inn a small stable to keep our horses for tonight. I then open the door and keep it open for Kabuto so she can enter. Closing it when se was in too. The light is on inside the Inn. It seems normal but what is strange that no one is around. Caphalor looks at Kabuto with a face  expression saying "What now?"

WC: 429/1000


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Returning to Eyedea, hand holding

It had been quite some time since Kabuto had been back and Eyedea and was quite happy that the return was now in reach as Kabuto and Caphalor were now on their way back at a faster speed than before considering the weight being applied to the horses had been lowered. With both Kabuto and Caphalor physical improving into more physically fit warriors, Kabuto leaving her armour at the training area due to it proving to be a Stupid idea to wear it, and the resources that had stockpiled to make the journey was now at half capacity.

Though despite Caphalor being quite positive and kind towards Kabuto on their travels she wasn't replying in her normal manner and simply was using Ok, yes, correct, might as well along with similar short answers since she was a little disappointed in the events that passed having altered motives over just simple training one being taking her relationship to a more intertwined level but alas this did not transpire causing her to be a little upset with Caphalor for being stupid and blind. When fate would supply the perfect opportunity for the two of them as the weather would present the perfect opportunity as the rain increased, thunder was brewing and not to mention the wind gathering itself; this would force the two of them to enter a nearby Inn

"Whats with that questioning look?".."What now?" Her mind grows impatient with Caphalor as frustration takes the forefront of her lips "This stop was your idea, why don't you FIND SOMEONE" *Placing her hands on her hips as she closes her eyes and looks in another direction "HELLO ANYONE HERE, WE WANT A DOUBLE BEDDED ROOM!." Suddenly all entrances and exit would slam shut separating Kabuto Caphalor from reality and their horses and whispers would flow "Find the wizard and save us, or become like us,,, your fight will be with dee or with dee.WITH DEE WITH DEE"!.

At this moment Kabuto would use her eye to locate the truth of this matter Truth-Seeker allowing her to see the true forum of those speaking and locking them in and alas she would see something she didn't expect; a large group of people just people with a look of terra and despair on their faces as if they had swallowed their pride out of desperation. Placing her hand on the head of the first man "My name is Kabuto, be at peace while we help you...we are with dee as Dee with I.". This act was not only to show that they could be seen by her, but she was willing to help even in a position of power over them.



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