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Family Reunion [private/plot]

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1 Family Reunion [private/plot] on 21/12/15, 01:51 pm

Ari looked up at the entrance to her family home, butterflies flittering in her stomach. She had not seen her family in too long and she was nervous about the reunion. Her father had been relieved to hear of her miraculous return to the land of the living, but as a magician, was beyond curious about the process. He and Evelyn and worked for years on trying to craft a resurrection spell, so his daughter being brought back to life gave him the opportunity to prod his daughter for details. Ari wasn’t sure how much she wanted to share with her father. After all, much had happened that she did not feel was good to share with the general public. However, her father was not exactly the general public, he was a master magician. Perhaps he could give her insights as to the entire process that she had not yet considered. Regardless, she knew that she needed to just step through the door and deal with the barrage of questions and hugging that was doubtless to occur.

With a deep breath of trepidation, she turned the knob and walked into her childhood home. Let the circus begin.


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