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Cleaning the Study Job/Solo

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1Cleaning the Study Job/Solo Empty Cleaning the Study Job/Solo on 19/12/15, 11:44 pm

Job Description:
Job Name: Cleaning the study
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Magnostadt
Job Rewards: 3,000 Huang 50 XP
Job Prerequisites: Job Durkhfal
Job Overview: The Teachers from Magnostadt academy are coming over for a big dinner and it your job to help out. Help clean up and would get a generous allowance for your trouble.

I woke up early today feeling very excited, the professors are coming soon I've been waiting for this moment for so long. They're going to evaluate my and my progress so that I'll be able to join the academy. Since I'm still quite young, I shouldn't be going to Magnostadt academy just yet but if I really impress them I'll get selected, I'm sure. So I made the how as impressive as possible. Like many wizard homes, the pursuit of knowledge is key as such our study is almost constantly a mess. No matter what I do, there always something out of place in that damned room! Whether it be dad's constant use of his light spells or my sisters' trading fire and lightning magic secrets, they never are cognisant of the concept of picking up after themselves. but with all the people coming, I figured that I would have to pick up the slack. I've only got to keep it nice and clean for about a day then I don't have to ever set foot in that room ever again.

I got started the day before the festivities; I made sure that no one was going to be entering the study I set up an elaborate wind trap that would ensure that my father was not going to get in. He is the major culprit when it comes to making a mess. It’s nothing harmful, just small gusts to knock him back a few feet every time he gets close. Just like the library at the academy all the books had to be placed back into their proper shelves which were organized by rukh type. There were some other miscellaneous books on things I’ve never heard of I stole them away and kept them with me. They looked quite interesting. Then using my wind magic and broom wand I swept the floor and dusted everything. It looked amazing! I was pretty pleased with myself.  I just had to make sure that absolutely no one would go in there until after the evaluation/ dinner. I saw him finding a way past my traps so that’s when I thought that I would become the librarian for the house, I’ve got nothing else I need to do today. “hello dad, what book do you want today?” I said politely almost mockingly my dad was not particularly happy with me not letting him into his favorite spot, “Job, please let me into the study there are some books I need”  “Sorry but I can’t do that, you always make a mess with the books and I just organized them and since your colleagues are coming tomorrow I want this room to look as awesome as possible so we can make a good impression. As such, so I will lend them out to you as you need them no exceptions“ he looked at me, annoyed but understanding and said ”Fine, could I get the light spells volume 5 and power spells volume 10” I got him the books and that was that I managed to keep the room clean all day. But just to make sure I ask my mom to set up a sound magic alarm to deter anyone from going in the study until tomorrow night. Lo and behold my dad actually tried again less than 3 hours later. I sure everything will be fine for tomorrow when I have to impress the professors cause a clean house is a productive house.


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