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1 Cafe [Social/Open] on 06/12/15, 07:16 am

It is a lazy afternoon in the city of Magnostadt, cool wind blows through the streets and alleys of the city that signifies the coming of winter. What could be better to do at times like this than to sit back and relax besides a warm flickering fire, reading your favorite book and sipping on a hot cup of coco topped with white soft marshmallows.
    This is what our young magician planned to do when she decided to travel to the city and visit the popular cafe that was the talk of the students in the academy. Needless to say she was not the only one who figures that this was such a good idea. The cafe is already jam packed with other students by the time she arrived.
    A store filled with students is not something that can deter our red magician from her well deserved rest and relaxation. With both arms clutching her favorite book close to her chest she attempts to squeeze through the crowd to reach the counter. She push through with the thought of the warm fireplace as her motivation, but no matter how hard she tries the wall of people was insurmountable for her petite frame and child like strength. This was not the peaceful scenery Ai hoped for, at this moment it feel more like a bazaar than a cafe.  With a heavy sigh of disappointment she left the shop in search of another place to relax. Logically speaking this may be the most popular shop in town but there is bound to be other places just like it.


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2 Re: Cafe [Social/Open] on 07/12/15, 03:13 am

I was so excited to actually have a bit of time for myself. Mom and Dad are busy preparing for a talk in...Reim or something I wasn't really paying attention my brothers are still working on their healing magic at the academy and my sisters are in the middle of the plains with some of my other family. I could actually enjoy the piece and quiet that came with six out of seven people in the family gone. bored of being by myself in the house I found myself wandering the streets of Magnostadt finding a nice quite spot by some trees to people watch; just what I needed. This was usually a place where people who craved space headed so I'm interested to see who will come by.

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3 Re: Cafe [Social/Open] on 07/12/15, 07:10 am

Annoyance is starting to well up within our red magician, this was not how she planned to spend her only free time after a while. Of course there were more coffee shop scattered around the area but as luck would have it, all of them are full. Why in all the days she decided to go out, all the other students seem to think exactly the same. It is as if the goddess of coco mockingly turned her back away from her, laughing.
    A few more hours of searching has passed before she found a park,  probably the best place she can find right now if she wants some peace and quiet. Walking in this cold weather has finally taken its toll, her feet are sore her and hands are numb, how she wish she never left the comfort of the dorms, at least there she has her soft couch always waiting for her. She stops and buries her face on her hand knitted gray and black striped scarf to muffle her scream of frustration.
    As if what she went through this day was still not enough, a strong gust of wind blows over her, fate must have a grudge against our young girl. She held her skirt down, (another regret she had), and clutched her book close to her. She watched in horror as the wind grabs her favorite scarf from her neck and sends it flying towards the sky. If it was just another scarf she bought at the bazaar she would not care at all. But this one is important, it was made for her by her mother as a gift for passing the entrance test of the academy gaining a 3rd kodor level.


    A horrified scream escapes from Ai as she runs after the scarf soaring over the green fields. There is a spell to help her fly through the sky after the scarf but she was just a freshman on her first week of school, there's no way she already learned something as useful as that. Violent images plays inside her head as she watches her treasure fly further and further away from her grasp. She hated that her only power cannot be used for something so trivial. The flight of the scarf began to slow down and a smile forms on our magician's lips.
   Hope began to build up inside her heart with the slowing down of the wind. With all that's happening to her this day how dare her expect anything to go her way, her hope was very short lived. During the scarf's descent it got caught on on a branch of a tall tree in the middle of the park, definitely out of her reach. This day could not go any worse for her.


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4 Re: Cafe [Social/Open] on 08/12/15, 02:11 am

I was half passed out near one of the many trees in the park enjoying the sun and forgetting my cares. that suddenly changed when I saw a girl chasing after what looked to be a scarf. I didn't think much of it at first I figured that she would be able to help herself. When the scarf got caught in the tree I realized that I could help because I'm a type 5 white magician! Wind is my speciality! I walked up wand in hand and simply blasted wind at the tree until the fabric fell from its arboreal prison. I walked up and gave her her possession with a smile "My name's Job, nice to meet you."

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5 Re: Cafe [Social/Open] on 08/12/15, 10:28 am

Everyone has a certain limit, everyone has a point where they could not take the pressure any longer and they would suddenly explode in a burst of emotion. Our red magician is about to reach her breaking point, her feature darkened and hair covered her face like a curtain. Her right hand slowly finds its way to the silver wand strapped behind her back. Our red magician is ready to do the only thing she can. Maybe if the tree is burned... Clutching the wand tightly she muttered a single word under her breath.


    Rukh started to converge at the crystal prism of the red magician's wand but before she can finish casting her spell another strong wind blows past her. Her grip on her wand softened as he watches her scarf floats downward towards the hand of a boy with purple hair.
    Relief envelopes Ai as she saw her treasured scarf resting on the boy's hand. She was about to run up to the boy giving him a big hug of gratitude but she held herself back, that was not an action befitting a lady. A beaming smile formed from her once distraught face as she approached the boy and reached for the scarf. The boy introduced himself as Job as he handed the girls treasure back to her.

"Thank you so much! I wouldn't know what to do if I lost it."

    Our red magician's nobility training cannot hide the true happiness she is feeling at this moment. Wrapping her once lost scarf around her neck she held it tightly as she rub her cheek against its smooth woolen material.

"Job is it? My name is Aisha, but you can call me Ai. I'm really grateful for what you did. Is there anything I can do for you? Anything at all!"

    With a bright smile Aisha extends her hands towards Job.


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6 Re: Cafe [Social/Open] on 09/12/15, 03:41 pm

I was struck at the joy and relief that that fell upon the girl's face; I felt good. I actually helped we shook hands and I noticed the rukh around her was red "oh Aisha you're a magician too." I was still a little nervous about talking to her just my overcautiousness acting up. She reminded me of my sister in the best way possible. I would love to get to know her better which is why I was being so formal and stiff. "Therefore I suspect that you're going to Magnostadt Academy. My Parents are professors there. What Kodor are you by the way?" I felt like such as loser but hopefully it didn't show I half hoped that she would be in the 3rd kodor like myself so that I could see he a bit more.

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7 Re: Cafe [Social/Open] on 10/12/15, 06:37 am


    Aisha chuckled seeing the stiff and nervous demeanor of her little hero. It was not brought by mockery, instead she thinks he was just so adorable, Aisha always wanted a little brother when she was growing up, she wanted any sibling in fact. Being an only child of a rich family and living inside a big empty mansion can sometime make you feel isolated and lonely. Even when she was surrounded by servants and attendants it just doesn't feel the same. It's not saying that the servants treated her badly, she even treats everyone of them like family. She was just envious of the Goi children she saw, when her parents took her outside the walls of Magnostatd, playing with their friends and siblings.

"Yes I am, 3rd Kodor in fact. Are you here to visit your mama and papa?"

    With her usual beaming smile she asked the purple haired little boy. It was an innocent question as far as Aisha is concerned. She thinks the boy might be too young for the academy even though he showed his proficiency for wind magic earlier.
    Even though she wanted to spend more time to get to know her new friend the fatigue is catching up to her. Right now she just wants to sit down and relax, forget about all other luxuries like hot coco she just wants a chair. She decided that it would be best for her to just head back to the Academy for a rest.

"I think I'm going to head back to the Academy. Do you to come? I can take you to your parents."

    She gave Job a  sweet smile along with her offer.


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8 Re: Cafe [Social/Open] on 11/12/15, 02:33 am

I felt that she saw me as he kid brother which made me so happy. but I was quick to point out that despite my rather childlike appearance I was not that much younger than her "I'm actually 15 myself" I remarked hastily "and I'll be starting in Magnostadt academy soon too. hopefully we'll be in the same kodor!" I smiled broadly I didn't know why, its very unlike me. There was something to her that made feel me interested though so want to mess this up. "lets walk to the academy I don't think my parents are there but I know the rest of my siblings should be I haven't seen them in a bit." I smiled and gestured to the way of the academy "lets go!"

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