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Job details:
Job Name: All Hands on Deck!
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Balbadd
Job Rewards: 50 XP | 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: Help is wanted on the docks of Balbadd. It seems that a sickness similar to the flu has spread to a few of the dock hands causing them to not be able to come into work today. Some extra hands are needed to help take some cargo off a recently docked ship and then load that empty ship up with some spices and other trade items so that it can be on its way quickly and help our country flourish with riches!
Today was going to be a fun day for Ani, after all she had plans to help out the people who work on the docks. After she had heard about some of the workers getting sick from something similar to the flu she decided to help out since they had been nice to her whenever she came to the docks and eat her lunch with Hoyo. So today Ani had gotten dressed in some work clothing. She was wearing tight strapped boots, cloth pants, and a leather top complete with straps to keep the top on tightly even if it constricted around her chest a small bit. When she got to the docks that morning one of the other volunteers gave her some leather gloves to match her outfit and make sure that her hands wouldn't get hurt in the process. After Ani had gotten familiarized with the ships she'd be loading up and what to put on each ship. She knew this was important because it would be very bad if a shipment went to the wrong destination. Knowing this would lead to some unhappy customers and merchants which would eventually bring harm to her in the worst case scenario. She was also so happy to hear that they were fine with receiving help from Hoyo who would help bring some of cargo on board.

Walking over to the first box which contained some spices she looked over to Hoyo, and nodded. Lifting up the box she soon put another one on top of it. She knew that this would be easier for her than some of the other helpers since she was more physically adept than them. After a few hours of hard working Ani had finished unloading all the cargo from her designated boats while other workers were still unloading theirs. So with a slight giggle she walked around and offered help to them so they would all finish quicker and get their well deserved payment. Within two hours all the boats had been unloaded and it was time to begin loading them up again.

Walking over to their employer Ani looked at what she needed to load up before walking over to the first box which seemed to have some fabrics inside of them. To be honest this was fun for her especially since it was a workout for her and Hoyo. This being both her training for the day, along with a way to help out and earn some money. So lifting up the first box she soon loaded it up onto the boat while Hoyo rolled a barrel of wine onto the ship with his nose which Ani found a little cute, but motioned for him to be more serious with the work. There was more cargo to load then there had been to unload, so Ani had worked with Hoyo and the others until sundown. Once everyone had finished their work they all sat down on the docks and drank some wine the boss got for them. So in total today had been a very rewarding day for them.



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