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Supporting The Harbour [Job Solo]

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Eve Will

Eve Will
Job Name: All Hands on Deck!
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Balbadd
Job Rewards: 50 XP | 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: Help is wanted on the docks of Balbadd. It seems that a sickness similar to the flu has spread to a few of the dock hands causing them to not be able to come into work today. Some extra hands are needed to help take some cargo off a recently docked ship and then load that empty ship up with some spices and other trade items so that it can be on its way quickly and help our country flourish with riches!

Rebbeca Wilson, and Eve dock withing the brilliantly build harbour of Balbad with their small vessel and crew mates, Xena has decided to join the crew as a full-time member due to gaining respect for Eve Will during their long battle of will before leaving Imuackk. Though before the crew could settle in and take a look around town, or for Rebbeca and Eve to scout for rumours among the common folks, relating to anyone that could of been part of the crew that went down several months ago; a young man with white hair approached them and hails them. "Hoi their, mi thi worthy sail folks would dee be able to le die hand, in support of this fine Harbour. We little shor handed this morning, id give you a fine wage to boot.

The crew of Rebbeca and Eve take a few moments to consider the proposal, and figure it would be wise to accept the request. [Eve Will]" Sure, though can you speak normally please, [Reb] "I agree talk normally, you sound like a froggy gone pol. [Guy] "DEE NOW NOT understand the not spe normal..tee speak fine, may i know dee name of crew for notifications withing me journal.
Both eve and Rebbecca look at each other and think for a moment before putting their hands on the foreheads and looking down, shaking their heads. EVERYONE IN THE CREW SCREAMS OUT LOUDS "WE FORGOT TO CREATE A CREW NAME". [Eve Will] "We are Blue Phenix" [Guy] "This a fine name, a real fine name indeed". The crew blue phenix woudl be born without a moment's consideration if that was their actural name or now, and the guy would instruct them around the harbour to different locations relating to where they would best be needed. The crew would be needed in three different locations and thus they would separate evenly with Rebbeca, Xena and Eve taking a guy with them and heading off. The idea was the guys work while the gals look for information regarding potential rumours.

The group would spend nearly the entire day, doing harbour duties from carrying supplies, helping touriest mand a boat. Untieing and tieing ropes to let things out, or dock. Supplying information to those who asked as best they could. They would even be required to have a go at fishing which would simply respark a major competitive vibe between the crew as they reinacted the events on board the vessel during their long journey across the trade sea. They wouldn't have any luck with gaining information regarding Balbad but they would have a good time; earning a days honest pay split evenlly among them.

Additionally the harbour manager would offer the Blue phenix a special reward for helping him in such an delightful manner that he would have his personal friend create them a coat of arms, and flag to fit their newly named crew merging the colours of the oceans, and the sun flying towards the sky. It would be such an amazing sight, and thus they would be full reward for their long hards days work.



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