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Accepted to Magnostadt Academy...In a Few Months (Job Plot)

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I woke up relatively late yesterday in hopes of avoiding my normal duties around the house. Since I’m usually here at home quite often, I end up doing most of the housework and help prepare dinner with my elder sisters. Everyone has something to do with the academy here. My Mother and Father are professors at the academy and my older brothers are working towards new ways to create better healing magic by combining water and life magic and both my sisters are students so I don’t really get to see all of them that often but I try to get to go to the academy and see them when I can. I am hoping to go to Magnostadt academy soon myself. I’m a wind mage myself but I’m just starting out. I haven’t really mastered any spells just spouting wind. I want to get better instruction but my family aren’t wind mages and don’t really use it in their day-to-day lives. My sister has tried to help me learn but she is a thunder mage and it’s not her strong suit. But I don’t complain. I don’t really have a very urgent need to become a magician yet. Anyways after do all the chores ever, literally. I hear my dad come home, he seems excited “Job,” he says “you’re going to go to Magnostadt academy in only a few short months” I was utterly ecstatic. I couldn’t believe it, already I would be able to join my family in learning about magic and becoming a great uniter of the goi and magicians I knew that I would have to start taking my training seriously….but not for another month or so.

Some of dad's teacher friends are coming over to eat with us I'm naturally very nervous because these people could be potentially me very soon. I have to make sure that I do all my chores and be able to impress them with my magic skill to make a good impression with them. Here's hoping!!

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