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Accidental Cult. 20/20.

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Accidental Cult

Kabuto leaves the warehouse with her new loyal follower with red hair, whos name would turn out to be Raised Red a fanalis who's history would be completely unknown to Kabuto. Leaving the warehouse they would find themselves in the forest with everyone who had existed their prison cells no where to be seen [Kab]"They sure can run Fast" [Raised Red] "Please i can run, faster" [Kab] "I don't really care". 

The two would start walking through the Forest, with the goal of returning to Caphalor though Kabuto had forgotten the correct direction to the bloody round from her engagement with the slaves, and Raised was simply following Kabuto. About two hours would pass as the woman had traveled crossed the entire forest chatting away to each other though once they exited the the tree line things would take a turn for the worse.  [Kab]"I think we went the wrong way" [Raised]" Really...Really you just worked this out now?" [Kab] "Well i'm not really good with directions;... things just work out *Shrugs*.  [Raised]"So back through the forest?" Raised starts to turn around, and walk towards the tree line once more, while one of Kabutos personalities shouts within her mind, so loud it comes out of her Real mouth "Skew that..". Kabuto would agree with herself and simply starts Joging towards the small village presenting itself in front of the two. 

The Village was situated very Central within the Kou Empire though is considered the most uneventful town to ever exist and all but ignored by civilization. This was because not a single person from the village, has had an Ideal or any innovation since its founding several years ago.  The town has lost its sense of self nor has anyone been able to influence the town or its people; this has forced military commanders to pass by during recruitment, simply because the men can't be trained. Life just simply moves forward like a the inside of a tornado perfectly calm and empty. 

Kabuto only real goal, with this village was to have another go at perfecting her ways of removing eyes perfectly, along with getting a decent amount of training, and sleep as she waits for her next reunion with caphalor.  

-------------------- Time Skip 3 Days---------------------

A few days would pass, as Kabuto tells Raised Red everything about herself and her Journey up to this point, including her Eye Condition and mentality and her current goals to build a master piece called an Angel of the sight- I see you. Surprisingly to Kabuto Raised Red wasn't even flustered by her bloody nature, or Mental Council within her mind and instead started brain storming with Kabuto and how she could increase her effectiveness of Eye removal. 

During this same time frame, Kabuto would learn allot about Raised Red and how she used to be, a very strong mounted fighter using extendable lances as her signature weapon, followed up with strong offensive lower body martial arts focused on Spinning, Kicking, Using the ground for support and speed though she is a Fanalis so expected. Finally Raised red would tell Kabuto how she lost her family and why she so easily gave her loyalty over to Kabuto.  The Fundamental reason being that she could tell with her heart that Kabuto was a true person guided by her own foundation without a drop of manipulation to speak of.  

The most important element of these 3 days though was the brain storming of how Kabuto could remove eyes. The start mainly consisted of using brute strength [How Typical of a Fanalis]. Using a straw humanoid dummy Raised Eve would try to show Kabuto multi-pal ways to accomplish the goal of removing the eyes. 

Activity 1: Smank the back of the Head

Raised Red sets up the dummy, and instructs Kabuto to punch, or slap the back of the dummies head to attempt to force the two apples which have been implanted into the head of the dummy to act like eyes.  Though when Kabuto punches it as instructed all she simply does is force the dummy to take a path to the ground and like a pissed Kangaroo rapidly comes back and smacked Kabuto in her Jaw. This would really wake Kabuto up though would cause Raised Red to put her hand on her face and shake *Facepalm*. Raised Red decides to do a demonstration of the task but this ends up with the Dummies head taken clean off and Kabuto putting her hand on her head *Facepalm*, [Both smile].   Activity 1 : Fail.

Activity 2: Blowing up someone Nose

After the first attempt of an idea they would move to the second, of grabbing ones targets nose with their Blow and blow and use raw Wind to poke them out. So Raised Red adds two holes and a carrot to her reconstruction of the straw dummy. Raised Red does the action herself first putting everything she has, blowing up the carrot into the straw dummy and would successfully pop out the apples being treated as Eyes.  This would cause her to feel really smug thinking to herself "This actually worked" Though when Kabuto attempted the same thing, she wouldn't be able to succeed and would simply end up, trying to catch her breeth glancing back at Raised Red with a Dull Look "I can't do this, you stupid red head".  Activity 2 :Fail. 

Activity 3: Jump on stomach really hard, balloon 101

The final attempt by Raised Red to come up with an idea, to accomplish Kabutos goals, is to use her weight to send so much velocity through someones body, using their stomach as a pivot to spring out the eyes. Raised upgrades the Straw Dummy with a watermelon[belly], and a stick [connecting the Stomach to the head]. Kabuto gets a run up start of about 100 meters, as she charges and even uses D1 gravity magic to increase her speed drastically. Jumping onto the Watermelon and does successfully dislodge the apples, but also cracks the watermelon slipping onto the ground soaking herself, the two apples go flying and hit Raised Red on the head. Activity 3 Fail.

So all plans failed, and the two of them would find themselves stumped for ideas. and so they return to the tavern they are staying at to get some sleep. Though Kabutos Urges would start to swell, she needed an eye and she needed it now. Once Raised Red had retreated to bed at the end of the 3rd day, Kabuto would start her hunt.

Day 4 - The Hunt of Birth 

The light of night had taken over the village town with a clear sky, with the moon in perfect sight. The village would have a total population of 41 people ready for being hunted by Kabuto. It wouldn't be long till Kabuto had used her stealth to somewhat rapidly slyver her way around the village to find a young male with black hair, putting out the trash.  She couldn't hold it anymore. Kabuto dashes for her target and thrusts the tip of her blade through the guys skull, using an entry point just above his eyes. Once the blade was firmly into the now dead body now in front of her; she starts pushing her handle upwards attempting to pivot out his eyes. Success his eyes would pop out nicely, in perfect undamaged condition.

Though due to the single scream from the now dead Spec Waver the towns handy man, their was now about 8 people standing behind Kabuto watching the horrid seen of one their own brutally killed. Kabuto Half turns to face them, holding one of eyes, with blood covering her hand, dripping drip by drip, drop by drop creating a slight noise hitting the ground. Her clothing would already be stained in blood from several days before hand. 

A silence would forum between Kabuto and the Villagers. Kabuto waiting for a reaction, action or at least a whisper though due to the nature of the village they would have no innovation or ideas in what to do nor even what they should be thinking of feeling. Kabuto would simply point at the group, using the hand holding Spec Waver  eye and say "Eye Dea [Idea] Anyone!"      
All eight of the villagers eyes would open wide as Kabutos words would strike a cord within them, one that had not been struck for such a long time. Their spirits woke, they could feel, they could think they would gain their sense of self and thus would be so blown away they would make an animistic howl in sync together. The remaining villagers would all gather round together as they watch on at Kabuto holding the eye towards them and thus she would repeat her words even louder "EYE DEA ANYONE!". The entire villager was so blown away with her words, they would bow to Kabuto and together say "Thank you". 

And so Kabuto had become the Founder of The EYE DEA cultists.

Dis C Order
During the following week the entire village would go through a drastic transformation from a pretty much lifeless village with each person just doing their chores to survive. To a thriving village with everyone giving it their all to improve the village, and their own personal development, not to mention working out best how to support Kabuto and her ambitions knowing full well what they were, and her mental council within her mind, her need to take eyes and that she is lacking in a perfect way to take them. 

So one member of the village who would turn out to be a wizard in his own right, discovering this after being blown away by Kabuto. Would come up the idea to use Life itself to create tumors behind ones eye to poke them out.  The most effective way of training this concept idea would be on the corps of the Village, Kabuto would train for several weeks as the village grew more and more using her magic to grow the very insides of crops. Potatos, Carrots, apples, straw, and anything else the village could grow. This would not only make the village grow even more enlove of their angel Relical Kabutop but would also create extra produce to enable trade to start an economy going. 

During these weeks of constantly growing the village, while training herself with her life magic she would feel her mind grow stronger though still she had no idea if this method would work, she needed a test subject. Just as luck would provide it, 12 members of her training academy had sort out Relical Kabutop in order to join her and just by chance brang a Slaver, the same slaver that Kabutop had left with Caphalor and so Kabutop would instantlly use her new move shouting out "DIS C ORDER!". Sending a ball of magoi at her target. On contact, the magoi encourages a tumor inside to grow, dealing A-Tier damage to its surroundings and causes the eyes of the target to pop out perfectly in tact, though as a side effect the slaver dies. 

Word Count 1854/1500 
Dis C Order Trained 
Personal Plot [Cult Started] 26+26 Vision.

Abilities Used:
Name: Dis C Order
Tier: A
Cost: 40/20
Element: Life
Class: Offensive
Range: 40m
Cool-Down: 7 Posts
Description: Kabuto sends a 1 cm ball of magoi at a target within 40 meters at 25 m/s. On contact, the magoi encourages a tumor 10 cm in diameter to grow, dealing A-Tier damage to its surroundings and causes the eyes of the target to pop out if it struck the target's head.

Name: D1
Tier: D
Cost: 10/5
Element: Strength gravity
Class: Supplementary
Range: 5 meters
Cool-Down: 2posts; sustain +1
Description: Uses gravity to push self in a direction of caster choosing at 10m/s travels 5 meters. 

Magoi = 200/250


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