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Father's Guidance [Closed/Gao Yuan Zu]

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Adam was rather bored still. He had avoided the court mage, Tsuki Yomi, (or at least one of them) and was calmly and quietly sitting in his room, waiting for someone or something to cross his path and make his day only a little more exciting. The primitive ceiling fan blew hot air in his face; he sighed as he lounged back into his bed, wondering when something exciting would happen. The prince decided to take a risk and walk about the palace's grand and sprawling interior- thus, he exited his enclosure and strolled jauntily through a corridor, down a set of stairs, past the library, and into the dining hall. He was struck by an unforeseen sense of hunger, one which he had not felt in a long time.

He signalled one of the servants over.

"You. Bring me three roasted ducks and a chicken." The servant hurried off to alert the cook.

This primal hunger was not ordinary for Adam; it occurred only when he felt as though something important, defining in his personality, was going to happen.

And something would.

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Gao Zu sat in the dining hall awaiting his food. He sat at the table with a series of war plans before his very own eyes. As he waited for his food he took his brush and placed it into the small ink jar before writing onto the scroll that laid in front of him. Someone entered the room which slightly took his attention away from the paper and he looked at the person who entered. It was his son. He looked at him who asked for a roasted duck. Gao shouted like he always did.

" Zhou"

Gao said calling him over. He had to talk to his son about a few things. It was not a good time for the two paths to cross. Gao was actually angry at the moment, and Adam had walked in at the wrong point. Now he would find out what thing or event had provoked his father's wrath.

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Adam heard his father's voice. Uh-oh. He was being careless- he did not expect to find the emperor, Gao-Yuan Zu. And he called Adam by his real name, Zhou- this was serious business. The young prince was in the soup now. Abandoning the ducks which he had ordered for the time being, he scurried over to his father. Even though he hated the king for sending his beloved Amara off to war, he had a sense of inner respect for him and thus he followed his commands. Not only that, but he knew, even though he was the prince, he would likely be executed if he didn't.

He bowed before the noble emperor, groveling at his feet as a subject of the almighty ruler of the Zou empire.

Yes, my father? What is it that you desire?

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Gao watched as his son walked over before kneeling to him and bowing down. Gao then continued to write as he would tell hiss on he was allowed to stand.

"You may stand."

After bowing to him, his father questioned what he desired. Gao put his brush down before staring at his son. He sighed before speaking his mind.

" You my son, have grown to soon be considered an adult. Have you heard of a Dungeon?"

Gao questioned. He was still curious about what power lied inside of it, and who had taken the power from it. It didn't matter because he wanted to inform his son on the failure of the Zou empire for not catching it.

"It is a place said to have untold power and yet we failed to capture it. I had made the mistake of sending other men rather than my own son. Before we conquer all, we must get this power."

As Zou spoke of this he watched as a man ran inside. It seemed urgent. It was a messenger. The messenger came and bowed down at Gao's feet, then bowed down to Zhou's feet.

"What do you seek peasant?" Gao said.

Gao questioned the man. The messenger stood up before speaking to the Emperor.

"Two scouts have seen more of these Dungeon locations appear. Two to be exact."

Gao smiled, knowing he had just gotten a chance of redemption.

"Very well you are dismissed." Gao said.

He looked at his son curious on what he would do. He looked at his son, and noticed he was still quite scrawny, and not yet a man. By the look of his Magoi level from what the teachers have examined he still  wasn't ready for extreme challenges. This would be the verdict that Gao would have to make.

"My beloved son. What will your move be?" Gao questioned.

Gao had no intention of sending his son into a Dungeon yet, but he did have an intention of seeing how loyal his son was to him and how obedient he was. Gao loved his son, but when it came to military he would make sure every man was under him like a pawn ready to be moved by the controller. He was a twisted ruler who attempted to manipulate almost everyone for power. Yet that reason played a big role in keeping the Zou empire as one of the elite empires.

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Well... My move is to go back to my quarters and rest. Adam was rather tired of his father setting insane expectations for him, and he knew that even with his insane combative prowess, he could never face a supernatural force such as a djinn. But such was life. He needed more training.

As he exited the dining hall and walked up the flight of stairs back to his large, sprawling area, he took in the realization that he was screwed now and his father would likely punish him severely. But once again, such was life.

Life sucks.



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