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Resolve [Travel/Reim]

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1 Resolve [Travel/Reim] on 25/10/15, 07:03 pm

Azix Niraj

Once Ariella had left Kou to handle matters that were important to her, it gave Azix some time alone for him to think. The way he had left Kou still weighed heavily on the orange magician. While his heart had been in turmoil, that was no excuse for Azix to slaughter those innocent villagers. Even sending Garret to revive them did nothing to ease his troubled mind. So, by the time Yoshiro had called Azix into his office one night and explained that Lagi had been snooping around for a group called the Dark Hand, the magician had made up his mind. Yoshiro agreed it was time for Azix to return to his duties as Kou Ambassador to Reim and ordered him to leave at once. Quickly gathering his assortment of magical tools and weapons, along with the rest of his belongings, the orange magician loaded them onto his flying carpet. Without a second thought, Azix urged his carpet forward, driving it high into the night sky.

Once he was outside of the Palace grounds, the orange magician pointed his carpet in the direction of Reim. It would be a long journey, but one still familiar to the magician, since he and Ayero had made the trip not too long ago. In order to pass the time, he pulled out a small case from within his robes and took out the violin that was hidden inside. Azix brought the bow to the strings of the violin and began playing a hopeful melody. To his surprise, he noticed a few less screeches than normal. A warm feeling spread through his chest, recognizing that his practice had begun to pay off. The enjoyment of learning a new skill was a pleasant distraction from his nagging worry of what Garret would say when they met again.



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