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Black Snake [Solo/Job]

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1Black Snake [Solo/Job] Empty Black Snake [Solo/Job] on 20/10/15, 02:03 pm


Job Name: Charming the Black Death
Job Rank: B
Job Location: Desert of Forgotten Souls
Job Rewards: 200 XP, 15,000 Huang
Chain Bonus: 100 XP, 10,000 Huang
Job Overview:
There is said to be a creature that has lived in the desert for nearly a hundred years. A giant serpent as black as night and a poisonous as nightshade. Those that wish to seek this creature need only to travel deep into the desert to a large canyon like area, which is the den of the serpent. During the night it burrows underground, making it nearly impossible to pinpoint. During the day it rests in the canyon grounds bathing in the sunlight. After one slays the creature remove one of its fangs in order to prove that you did kill the creature.


Enemy Name:The Serpent
Needed damage to take down: A-Tier
The serpent is nearly 40 meters long and 5 meters wide. It has black scales and blood red eyes. The creature is extremely agile for being so large and has the power to crush even boulders to pieces by wrapping around them. Once underground it is extremely hard to determine where it will reemerge.
The serpent deals B-tier damage with its teeth, but is able to deal A-Tier damage through constriction. The serpent has a poison in its saliva that will causes coughing up of blood, sore muscles, and stinging pains for 4 posts, reducing ability speed by half and doubling reaction times. The creature moves at a speed of 15 m/s on ground and 20 m/s underground.
Venomous Bite: The Serpent strikes at an opponent at 20 m/s, biting into their body and dealing B-Tier piercing damage while imparting B-Tier poison.
Swallowed Whole: The beast swallows a person into its body and slowly digests them, dealing C-Tier acid damage per post that the player remains inside the body.

Charming the Black Death

The tavern got quite lively today as there was this old adventurer visiting the place and made his surrounding became merrier with his fun behavior. Every time he speak, people would always laugh because of the joke he made. Even Tenma enjoyed the lively vibe too as he sipped the le in his mug, chuckling a little bit upon hearing the entertaining story from the old man. He talked about many things, starting from his journey around the world, his encounter with many enemies and people, his story about some rumor from each country and many more. He would share it and added some joke inside, making the story to be more entertaining. Well, Tenma did had to agree that the man was a very good story teller and he could tell from the weary eyes and fit body that the old man still had that he was really an adventurer. He might be someone that record all the things he encountered or experienced in his journey only to share it, just like a story teller.

“Now now!” The old man silenced the crowd with his loud voice and several tap from his feet. He would begin again with this serious expression before sharing other things, “Do all if you young ones know about the magnificent deadly serpent?” He would change his tone to make his story a little bit eerie, “They said this serpent creature that is black as night lived in the desert, hiding itself deep inside the canyon like area. But they said, during the day, the black serpent will bath itself under the sunlight and that was when you get the chance to fight it bravely.” Suddenly the crowd cheered, laughed happily until one of the crowd said, “I heard about that a lot! I even tried to seek for the serpent at midnight, but I couldn’t find it.” Another man said, “Me too! They said it will try to devour you into the void. Well, but it will be exciting if I find it though. I bet the skin will have a very high value!” The last comment made the crowd laugh again, but the old man was not laughing, as well as the swordsman.

The old adventurer looked annoyed by the last comment, Tenma could see it inside those weary dark brown eyes, seeing that he was not agree with such act or even joke. But he was a very kind old man, even going as far as holding back himself to not showing his annoyance and quickly distract the crowd with another interesting adventure story of his. With a dark chuckle, he closed his eyes for a few seconds, disgusted by the fact that the drunkard dared to make a joke about money in front of such a prideful wanderer. But maybe he should try to find it too? He was not sure if he should, but the excitement of hearing that such creature exist made Tenma curious. The black haired man wanted to know, wanted to see how black the serpent was and how strong that creature was. Yes, maybe he should…

Late night when the tavern was almost closed and there was only few stayed, the crowd had gone, leaving the old man to silently enjoy his drink. The adventurer looked pleased with the drink as it giving the refreshment to his dry throat and it just made the drink becoming more delicious. How long has it been since he started his journey to record the entire interesting thing he found? He didn’t remember, but he was sure it was a very long time ago. Warm smile spread across his lips when he saw the swordsman who sat not too far from him, recognizing his attire and appearance, “A samurai from east, eh?” The old man lifted his mug to Tenma before sipping the liquor. “Greetings!” Tenma greeted back, lifting his own mug to the old man before sipping it too. He smiled warmly at the elder, “And yes, I suppose you can say that. My name is Tenma nice to meet you, Sir.”

“Interesting! My name is Rashyid, I am a traveler and a storyteller. Now young man, you look like the serpent that I mentioned before. Your black attire, jet black hair and that golden eye makes you look deadly!” He laughed happily before he continued, “I want to know if that serpent really exist or not though, young man! Don’t you think its exciting?”

With a chuckle, Tenma would stare at Rashyid, smiling at him before replying, “Yes, it is…indeed.”

WC: 762/1500


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The black swordsman prepared himself, putting on his armor and tying his eye patch to secure his right eye, hiding the secret that he had. It would be the second time he would visit the desert area; first one was when he needed to slay the scorpion and today, he was going to see if the black serpent really exist or not. He didn’t know what the serpent capable of, so the best thing to do was to fully prepare himself with enough food, water and also appropriate coating. Tenma would put a scarf around his neck so when he needed to cover himself from sand, he could use it. He would also bring a leather bag filled with several leather water flasks along with some food rations, he wouldn’t want to die in the middle of desert, it would be too lame for him. Once he was ready, he would take the map, observing and tried to remember it so it he wont be lost in the middle of vast desert.

It felt like his inner child came out, controlling himself a little bit by being very excited over all the finding rare creature things. But he couldn’t help it, even though that his curiosity was not as great as his little sister’s, it was enough to force himself to look for anything interesting. After spending several time to learn the map, the black haired man was pretty sure that he wouldn’t be lose but still need to bring along the map with them. He chuckled, wondering what kind of creature that lurks in the middle of Heliohapt country.



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3Black Snake [Solo/Job] Empty Re: Black Snake [Solo/Job] on 23/10/15, 08:59 pm

The swordsman was just going to head out when he realized that he would be heading to the desert, where he could die because of scorching heat and dehydration. He looked at his appearance, noticing that his attire might ne be appropriate for the journey in the desert, so he went back into the house and took off his armor and coat. He would then only wear his white shirt and armor on the outside before he went to the desert, bringing along all the things that he need to survive in the desert.

As soon as he arrived at the desert, he walked, keeping his step forward. It was the worst time to recall about the name of the desert itself at the moment as Tenma could only hope he would be able to survive and went back alive. Well, it was called the Desert of The Forgotten Soul, which means that some people came here and being lost, resulting people to forgot them. It was not a problem at all for the one eyed man as he didn’t really have anyone who would miss him at the moment, but he needed to made it alive in order to meet with his little sister, where the condition, her whereabouts and even whether she was alive or not, he got no clue at all. Some people who heard it would say it was not a clever goal to look for someone that you even had no clue in finding, but for Tenma, it was the only thing that kept him sane and the only reason for him to keep living. He could just hope that she was still alive and would accept his wish to reunite as a family once again.

Time has clearly passed by a lot as the sun has now reached the peak on the sky, making the heat became unbearable. Lucky for him, he brought a thin fabric that would be enough to cool his head down and to protect him from inhaling the sand. He keep walking and walking, looking around to see if there was a snake around there. But he found nothing and continued his step until he arrived at the canyon area. He looked at every spot at the area and when he was just turned his back, he saw a black thing. At first he was not sure what it was, but when he saw the thing was moving just like a snake tails, he was sure that the rumor was true. So he hid for a little bit and observe the snake movement, wanting to pick the right timing to look closer.

WC : 1472/1500


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4Black Snake [Solo/Job] Empty Re: Black Snake [Solo/Job] on 24/10/15, 03:42 pm

The serpent was not moving at all, as if it was enjoying the sunbathing very much. So the black haired man tried to look closer, bringing himself out from his hiding and carefully stepped towards the creature. His breathing was a little bit heavy, but he tried to calm down, trying to not breathing as heavy as he was now. He would gulp down the water before pouring the rest of it on his head, cooling his head down and preparing himself, putting his hand on his Katana’s handle in case if the creature became ferocious.

The serpent was idle when Tenma approached it, only a little movement could be spotted by the swordsman. But just when the man was close enough to observe the serpent, he was enticed by the beauty that it held. The creature was definitely majestic, it had this black skin that was as dark as the night and the orbs were crimson, it was shining just like a pair of rubies and it was huge. He was taken aback by the amazingness of the creature, he wanted it… But he wouldn’t try to take the creature for himself because he knew that such rare creature like that would need to be keep alive in the wild, letting it to have its own freedom. He planned to take a scale, at least he could give it to the old man, knowing that he might be happy to receive it and kept it so he knew that it was not just a rumor. It was funny though, thinking that he still had that kind of thought to make someone happy. He held his chuckle, knowing that it was not the right time to let out any kind of sounds. Just a scale… he just needed to take one…

As soon as he approached the serpent with his Wakizashi, the creature was alarmed and turned its giant head towards the swordsman with its crimson orbs. The hisses that let serpent let out was more than enough to make a man fell down on his knees and cowered in fear, but luckily for Tenma, he didn’t feel any fear at all. It was just making him had more admiration towards the black serpent and his smirk became wider as he gazed back at the blood colored orbs without fear while slowly putting back his Wakizashi on his trousers pocket. The tremble on his body was just because of his excitement, he felt like the snake would not let him to just get away easily. His tightened his grip on his Katana’s handle, still staring at the snake with his topaz orb. His breath was steady and when the creature hisses again towards him, he held his breath, tightening his grip more until his knuckle became white. A grunt escaped the swordsman’s lips as the serpent attempted to strike him with its teeth . He unsheathed his Katana and sent four diagonal slashes to clash with it before he dashed to send four surprise cuts to the serpent.  

It was bad, the one eyed man could feel how bad the serpent want to kill him for running its relaxing time. It hisses again, now more savage and full of killing intention. The serpent then use its Venomous Bite, but with a good reflex that the swordsman had, he pulled up the shield that he bought in the city of Heliohapt before, using its Onyx Block to prevent the attack and poison to touch him. He moved behind the shield and threw his knife towards the serpent . As quick as he attacked, the serpent collapsed on the ground and when Tenma carefully examined it, he found out that it was dead. Frown appeared on his face, he didn’t like it. He wanted to kill but this snake was not something that he wanted to kill as he was very enticed by its black beauty and wanted to just keep it alive in the wild or keep it for himself… alive. But he couldn’t help it, he had no choice… The swordsman opened the creature’s mouth wide, using his Katana to cut one of the fangs carefully, not wanting the poison resided in its mouth to burst out. With a heavy sigh, he took the fang and kept it to himself before proceeding to tear the scale so he could bring it back.

Once he was arrived at the bar, he would wait there to wait for the old man to come while cooling himself down with chilled wine. With a warm smile, he greeted the old adventurer when he came to the tavern, motioning him to sit beside him for a while and bought him a glass of drink. He would stay quiet for a little bit and listened to what the old man had to say before he reached to something that he wrapped with a piece of fabric and handed it to the old man, telling him to open it. With a surprise, he looked at the fang and the black scale couldn’t help but let his tears flow out. The old adventurer couldn’t believe that size of the things that the swordsman had brought for him. Now it was confirmed that the black serpent really exist, but when he asked Tenma about it whereabouts… the one eyed man said the truth, making the old man had this sad look immediately while seeing what was left of the serpent. But then the weary wanderer was kind enough to understand why the one eyed man needed to kill it, it was the matter of life and dead. The black haired man wouldn’t able to escape from such giant snake  in pieces and if he didn’t kill it, the snake would kill him. So with a grateful nod for showing the old man the remaining of the serpent, he patted the swordsman shoulder with a proud pat.

WC: 1500+/1500

Magoi : 105/250

Ability Used:

Name: Kage no geijutsu :Suzumebachi
Weapon Type: Throwing Knife
Range:20 meters
Cool-Down:5 posts
Description: Tenma throw a knife towards his target at 25m/s up to 20 meters away that will inflict B-tier damage if hits

Name: Joho Giri
Tier: B
Cost: 30 | 15
Weapon Type: Katana
Class: Offensive
Range: Close
Cool-Down: 5 posts
Description: The user will send 4 diagonal slashes at 20m/s, each slash dealing D-Tier damage.

Name: Sneaky Cut
Tier: B
Cost: 30 | 15
Weapon Type: Katana
Class: Offensive
Range: Close
Cool-Down: 5 posts
Description: The user will deliver 4 surprise cuts to the target in 20m/s, each slash dealing D-Tier damage.

Item Used:

Name: Lava Shield
Tier: B
Type: Shield [Magic Weapon/Shield]
Magic Type: Lava [Heat + Strength]
Appearance: This shield is made of Onyx and is approximately 1 meter tall and .5 meters wide. The magic circle can be found near the handle of the shield.

Onyx Block – By paying 15 magoi, the user may duck behind the shield at 25 m/s to block up to A-tier damage.
The user may register up to 1 B-tier or lower Lava abilities to this shield.

*This does not take up any of your item/weapon slots


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