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Pest Control

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1 Pest Control on 18/10/15, 09:41 pm

Job Description:
Job Name: The Academy's Rat Problem
Job Rank: D-Tier
Job Location: Magnostadt Academy
Job Rewards: 50xp +3000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: Rats have yet again infested the magician academy! Someone has to deal with these pests.
Enemy Name: Large Rat (x4)
Rank: D-Tier
Needed damage to take down: D-Tier
Description: The Large Rat is bigger and stronger than its cousin, the sewer rat. The Large Rat has bright red eyes and long teeth used to bite its enemy, inflicting D-tier damage. The Large Rat's running speed is 5 m/s.
Stinging Bite: The Large Rat charges at its enemy at 10 m/s and bites down hard dealing D-Tier damage and leaves a painful sting.

My Mom and Dad came bursting into my room sometime in the mid morning on Saturday, the one day I have off! I was in no mood to do anything let alone going to the academy to help them both get rid of rats. "What about you other 4 children Mom?" I protested as they dragged to the academy.

"Issac and Seth are working on their big research projects and your sisters are out on the farm with your uncle doing pest control there!"

''Oh'' I sighed as I hung my head and walked slowly to my project for the next few hours. killing rats, I thought hopefully I can do something to make it vaguely interesting. I guess I can try those new spells that I was going to practice at home. Time to use the white rukh! I saw the rats around the foyer of the library I decided to use my GUST attack to pick it up and throw it against the wall.  It was pretty effective for a very low level spell. One of them snuck up on me bit me it really hurt! These rat bites sting like nobody’s business. I’ll have Isaac look at it later I don’t want it to get infected. In fact something like this did happen to me last time when those damn rats were hanging around the house. They are a damn nuisance and I didn’t know much magic other than my borg so I couldn’t get rid of them without my family’s help. But now that I am older I can do this myself.  Gathering up the rukh to generate wind I decided to use my AIR SLICER to pass through the hallway and deal with the other 3 rats chasing me. They went flying into the walls breaking their spines in the process. Pleased with myself, I walked to where my mom and dad were finishing up apparently they wanted to keep them for Isaac to run tests on them.  

“You should have said something earlier cause I killed all of mine.”  

“Its fine, honey” mom said lovingly “Isaac has quite a few already its just they want them for tests of life magic but I think that he has enough now.”

By the time I got home it was getting on to mid afternoon, it kinda sucked that I missed my entire morning because of my older brother’s projects I just hope it looks good for when I actually go to Magnostadt academy next year.  But hey I’ve got the afternoon I might see if I can try to learn fire magic from my sister again. The last time I tried went so wrong that I had melted my sister’s wand she wasn’t all that happy with me I must say.  I just need to try mastering a second magic spell before getting into the academy if I can which is why I’ll have to stay awake for most of the night tonight so that I can try different magic types and decide which one I want to focus on.  I think its going to be a long, long night.  

Abilities Used:
Name: Gust
Tier: D
Cost: 10/5
Element: Wind
Class: Offensive
Range: 10m
Cool-Down: 2+1 sustain
Description: Job shoots out a gust of wind at 10m/s at the opponent causing D tier damage traveling 10m in a 5m wide cone directly in front of him.

Name: Air Slicer
Tier: D
Cost: 10/5
Element: Wind
Class: Offensive
Range: 10m
Cool-Down: 2+1 sustain
Description: Job shoots a crescent shaped 5m in height sharp blast of air at the opponent within 10m of him for D tier damage at 10m/s

130/150 magoi


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