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"Fitting in is Harder than it Looks" [Job, D-Tier, Repeatable;Solo]

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Job Name: All Hands on Deck!
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Balbadd
Job Rewards: 50 XP | 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: Help is wanted on the docks of Balbadd. It seems that a sickness similar to the flu has spread to a few of the dock hands causing them to not be able to come into work today. Some extra hands are needed to help take some cargo off a recently docked ship and then load that empty ship up with some spices and other trade items so that it can be on its way quickly and help our country flourish with riches!

A body glistening with hard-worked sweat. Smooth, fair skin, pulled taut over muscles that made most of the pot-bellied sailors look like slobs. Beautiful eyes that looked like reflective, gorgeous gemstones. Red hair, the color and texture of fine, woven silks. Thick, bulging biceps and broad shoulders that were the epitome of masculinity. His expression was cold and uncaring. His body shirtless. Women were muttering and bright red as they watched the temporary crewman pull several boxes off of the ship, holding double what most men who were dealing with the job could. His muscles glistened with sweat, and his powerful body was lined with muscular ridges. Two boxes of cargo were flung onto one of his shoulders, and he carried them without so much as flinching, while one box was tucked under his arm.

Khemed felt bothered. Women were staring at his shirtless form as if he were putting on some kind of display for them, and that couldn't be further from the truth. He had no place to live at the moment, and therefore, he had to be incredibly careful with his clothing. If he did not, then he wouldn't be accepted in social establishments, and therefore, had shed his shirt without a care, tossing it onto the ship and leaving the black shirt and his white cloth on the boards. This was the fourteenth run that he had done for these people, carrying boxes off of the powerful merchant ship. As a nonmember of the crew, he was being offered near-minimal wage for this, though he didn't mind. They'd come from Reim. He had a fine respect for the country of Reim, especially since it had abolished slavery and had a powerful corps full of nothing but Fanalis and Halflings who were aligned to do nothing but the best for the people of the country. So, he'd agreed to the menial labor for these people. His eyes were half-closed and he let out a sigh, as the people surrounding him, mostly humans, did their own work. Though, he rushed by them, easily finishing his fourteenth run off of the boat when most had only finished their sixth of seventh. As he placed the boxes down, he turned on his heel, and ran past the only person who had finished carrying as many boxes as he had. A tall, broad-bodied, blue-haired Imuchakk with a powerful gut and chest that was perhaps, the only person here whom the Fanalis thought would be capable in a fight.

The Imuchakk, along with the rest of the crew, loathed that they had to hire a Fanalis like this, in order to help them. Though he'd seemed relatively calm and simple-minded, it felt like the man would have turned on them and broken them completely, if any of them stepped out of line. None of them were aware of the slight bit of respect that the Fanalis had for them and their hard work, and thus, the fact that he was being isolated would have hurt Khemed's feelings, were he that petty. No, he accepted the pained feelings of the people, but what he wasn't aware of was the immense jealousy that the men felt towards him. Three of the men in particular were flashing envious glares towards Khemed, as the young girls blushed and whispered amongst each other about the strong-bodied Fanalis, and how quickly he was working. How cool he looked, compared to the rest of the fat-bodied men. The merchant who ran the ship probably hired a Fanalis to scare the men straight, so that none of them tried to take unscheduled breaks. Even the Imuchakk man felt a little bit nervous about testing the patience of a Fanalis, and resolved to go drinking heavily the next night.

Khemed, meanwhile, had put enough faith in the others to finish the job of unloading, and grasped hold of four of the boxes that had to be loaded up on the boat, slinging the spice-boxes over his shoulders. His legs flexed powerfully, and the Fanalis launched himself forwards, using this as a chance in order to flex his muscles and work hard. Maybe he could become more powerful if he kept this up. Each step he took was powerful, and he made his way up the ramp and placed the spice-boxes separate from the rest of the goods, laying them down and running back down to grab more of the spices. By the time he'd made it back, some of the men who had started down the ramp when he'd first grabbed the spice boxes had only managed to get down the ramp. The red-haired, devoted man launched himself forwards with violent power, his steps heavy and strong as he loaded up all of the spices by himself, bringing everything that he could on the boat. His muscles ached from the constant starting and stopping, and the rest of the sailors stared at the Fanalis, watching him with rage and envy building in their hearts and souls, over the kind of attention the showy Fanalis was getting.

Three of the men resolved to get as hammered as they possibly could, loathing the very idea of this man's existence, and deciding to drink themselves into a stupor, not even caring if they caused a scene over it, instead glaring at the finished Fanalis, as he made his way to the captain of the ship in order to collect his reward.

[Stamina/Magoi: 80/80]
[Word Count: 907/500]

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