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Courier quest [Job, Solo]

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1Courier quest [Job, Solo] Empty Courier quest [Job, Solo] on 30/09/15, 05:15 pm


Job details:
Job Name: Escort
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Balbadd
Job Rewards:100 XP | 7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: You meet a young courier clutching a letter and looking nervous as he steps out of a merchant's building. This teenage child is carrying an important shipment invoice to a client, who is near the docks. The courier is known for carrying important ledger information for the various merchants of Balbadd, and does not like to travel alone. The courier requests your help as a bodyguard, and sure enough some thieves attempt to rob the courier while you are guarding.

Protect the courier until the letter is delivered.


Enemy Name: Thieves x5
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
Description: Thieves move at 15 m/s and deal D-tier damage with their daggers.
It was a beautiful day out as Ani was out for a walk with Hoyo a smile on her face, and a little jump in her step. After coming to Balbadd Ani loved how nice, and warm it was there it reminding her a little bit of Heliohapt, but it seemed more enjoyable here for her as it was tropic. She had heard good things about Balbadd, and that's why she came out for a walk today so she could explore the wondrous city she had come to for an adventure. In order to enjoy this wonderful day Ani was wearing a low cute white dress that hugged her body nicely, but it was easy to move around in. Her bright blue hair was pulled back into a high ponytail that swayed lightly in the breeze as she walked her sandals she'd gotten back in Reim since they were strapped tightly, and worked well in combat which she learned back when she was in that cave in Noir. To most people it would look like she was trying to appeal to people, but in reality Ani wore this outfit because it allowed her to move better than her other dresses. She however would admit she loved the look of the outfit finding it a bit stylish.

Ani looked down to her side as she walked seeing Hoyo walk by licking his muzzle lightly as he stared at all the stands a look on his face that told he wanted to eat them, but knew if he did Ani would end up getting mad with him. She pulled out a piece of dried meat from her purse throwing it to Hoyo as if to thank him for not attacking a stand, and stealing the food from it as Ani did not want to deal with something like that after she had just arrived in this country so soon. After walking for a little bit she was soon bumped into by a boy who had charged out from a merchant's building. She caught the boy who had ran into her, and laughed slightly as she looked down at him. "Are you alright?" Ani asked while looking down at the teen who just nodded lightly before pulling away from her with a slight blush on his face. She looked the teen up and down he was pretty skinny, but had muscular legs good for running. She saw what he was holding, and assumed that he was a courier of a sorts. "Y-yes miss, but I need to deliver this." He said almost running away until his eyes locked onto Hoyo who was licking his lips lightly. The boy stared for a moment before a smile spread across his face. "Actually I need a body guard since some thieves might try to steal this, so could you and your beast help me?" The teen asked while Ani looked into his eyes a soft smile on her face. "Of course I have nothing better to do anyways." She said with a light nod as she motioned for the teen to lead the way so she could follow him and protect him.

Soon the boy began leading Ani away from the merchants building and down the streets. The boy was walking at a moderate pace, but it did not matter since Ani was able to keep up with him pretty well thanks to the freedom of the outfit she was wearing. She looked around as they walked hoping that no thief would be stupid enough to attack them in the middle of the street while they were surrounded by people. She had a suspicion that if there were any thieves they would most likely be watching, and waiting for a chance to strike. Then when Ani had looked away the perfect chance for them had come. She saw the courier turn a corner making his way through an alley most likely it being a shortcut. She picked up her pace and when she turned the corner she saw the boy. Ani trotted up to him with Hoyo quickly behind her, but before she could warn the young lad the thieves had appeared within five meters of them. She looked out at all five of them getting ready to fight them.

Ani looked out over the thieves forming a plan in her head, but before that could happen one of the thieves charged at Ani faster than she thought they would move. The thief cut her with his dagger putting a small cut on her cheek. After she had been struck she punched the thief in the stomach it immediately knocking him out. This made Ani realize that the thieves couldn't take much damage. "Hoyo roll over!" She commanded, and he quickly rolled over hitting two thieves knocking them out. Seeing that this would be easy know that only two of them were left she looked to Hoyo. "Hoyo shake!" She commanded the beast who slammed his tail into the ground to knock out the last two guys. Knowing that they had knocked them all out she grabbed the courier escaping the alley.

Once Ani, Hoyo, and the courier all left the alley she motioned for him to continue. He nodded lightly feeling safe now that the thieves had been taken out. It turned out that they weren't too far away from their destination. They were at the docks now and before Ani could say anything the boy ran up to a man handing him the letter. Smiling brightly the courier ran up to Ani shaking her hand happily. "Thank you very much miss." He said before giving her hand a kiss which made Ani laugh slightly with happiness. "You're a good kid I hope everything goes well for you." She said giving him a light nod before turning to walk away from the docks. Ani thought today was a productive day as she got to have some fun and help out a teen with his job. Finding this to have been a good day Ani thought that she would go enjoy a nice dinner with Hoyo.

Combat details: Defeated five thieves with D-tier damage
Stamina: 80/100

Abilities used:
Name: Roll over!, Hoyo
Tier: D
Cost: 10|5 stamina
Beast Type: Brute
Class: Offensive
Range: Close
Cool-Down: 2 posts + 1 for sustain
Description: Hoyo rolls 5 meters in any direction at 10 m/s, dealing D-tier crushing damage to anything in his path.

Name: Shake, Hoyo
Tier: D tier
Cost: 10|5 stamina
Beast Type: Brute
Class: Offensive
Range: Close
Cool-Down: 2 turns + 1 for sustain
Description: Hoyo slams his tail against the ground at 10 m/s  to create a shockwave to deal D tier damage to anyone within a 5 meter radius.


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