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"Work it with your Hips" [Job, D-Tier, Repeatable;Solo]

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Job Name: Teach Me How to Fight
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Balbadd
Job Rewards: 50 XP | 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: Some of the local kids have been severely picking on a boy. They are starting to get rough, and he's worried that he's going to get hurt. Seeing this, you decide to teach the child a few moves so that he can either A: defend himself, or B: get back at his bullies. What kind of values are you going to teach him? In gratitude, the boy pays you for your help.

"C'mon. You can't possibly be this weak, kid." A voice that was harsh, gruff, and grating to the ears spoke in a tone of exasperation. There was a slight glare in the talking man's eyes that gave them an intensity that was unnatural in human expression. The quirk of his brow only accentuated his frustration, as he glared down at the only other person in this abandoned alleyway. The shade hid the two training people from the harsh rays of the sun, though there was enough light for the two of them to make out each others' features perfectly.

One man and one boy. The man was tall, broad-chested despite his slimness, and had enough power in his broad body in order to shatter bones, despite his own limited training. His mane of red hair displayed his origin, however, better than his body ever could. The powerful body of a Fanalis, ready and willing to shatter damn near anyone who got in his way. His gaze was focused and intense, and his muscles twitched each time the boy flinched at his speech. God, why, of all of the jobs he could find, did he take the one that involved teaching a little kid how to throw a punch?

The child threw another punch into the Fanalis' open hand, not even causing the humanoid's hand to budge. The boy was flinging his arm out, trying to haymaker his way to get the Fanalis to move. Unfortunately, this was only having the effect of the Fanalis getting more and more irritated with each punch that was thrown at him. A bloodline's anger boiled in the man with each weak punch that was thrown, and after ten more weak haymakers, the man suddenly bellowed at the terrified child. "THAT'S ENOUGH, THAT'S ENOUGH!!" His voice boomed in the alleyway, and he immediately threw his arms up in the air, stomping away and then throwing his fist into a wall. Unlike the boy's punch, there was a solid impact, even if the Fanalis only used the arm. Humans, man.... Humans were so goddamn weak!

"Ok. Listen, Kid." Khemed hadn't even gotten the child's name, and was willing to teach him how to throw a punch. The tall, broad-shouldered Fanalis took a few steps towards the boy, closing the distance between them and then taking his own personal fighting stance. His body was ready. He was ready. His focus glared forwards. The predatory instinct was gathering in his fist. He had to punch something living. If he didn't do that, then there was no point in it, right?... "Guh..." He looked over his shoulder, watching the boy carefully and then reaching over to him, dropping his own fighting stance. "Let's start with the most basic of the basics, kid." The Fanalis' foot pressed into the side of the kid's leg, and pushed it backwards, so that the kid's feet formed a ninety-degree angle with each other, and were a little more than a shoulder-width apart. When the boy started to drop his knees, the Fanalis man's foot prodded his hip. "God, do you even have a fighting instinct? Fuck." The anger in his voice was tangible, and he grabbed at the boy's arms and raised them up. The left arm, the one in front, was in front of the boy's face, while the other draped across his chest in the front, making sure that the boy was protected.

The exasperated Fanalis let out a final sigh of irritation, before turning on his heel, and then walking towards a wall, looking over his shoulder at the boy. "Stay like that. No bent knees. None of that shit. Be comfortable, or else I'm..." He raised his hand high up in the air, and threw his punch at the wall. The crazed look inherent in Fanalis was visible in the man's eyes, while he glared the boy down and spoke in a cool, detached voice, trying to prevent his emotions from guiding him. "Going to punch you, instead of letting you punch me." Khemed turned on his heel, and made his way in front of the boy, staring him down. "Now, you're a scrawny lil' shit..." The boy looked down, staring at the ground, and the fanalis' leg raised up suddenly, almost kicking the boy's face, but stopping just a moment away. "No. Look up, kid. Keep your eyes on the opponent in front of you." The sternness in his voice didn't decrease in the slightest, and he reached down and grabbed the child's chin, tilting it upwards so that the boy was looking him in the eyes. "So you're going to use more than just your arm." Instead of showing the kid visibly, as he had the last two times, he reached out and grabbed the kid's right wrist, and left hip. "Now, you're going to turn like this." The Fanalis gave the kid's hip a harsh push, shoving it so that the kid rotated, and then yanked on the kid's arm, forcing the bullied child to produce a snapping, powerful punch. "See? Like that."

The Fanalis stepped back. "Return to stance!" His voice bellowed thunderously in the alleyway, and the terrified boy quickly returned to stance. "That. Try that." The kid broke the move down, and made the hip-turn first, before flinging his arm out. "STRAIGHT!" The Fanalis picked up a nearby stick, and smacked the boy's arm with it, using his grasp in order to force the kid's arm to straighten. "No flinging that around, you useless shitling. C'MON. SHOW ME WHAT YOU'VE GOT!" The terrifying bellow of a fully-grown Fanalis bent over, face less than a mere meter from them might have made just about any child shit themselves, but the boy had had enough of this bully-teacher hurting him, scaring him, and the boy instead closed the distance with a step and tried the same thing, with his opposite arm.

It happened in slow motion. The broad rotation of the hip, and the straight push of the left arm, guided by the boy's will, fear, and anger, like a bullet. The rotation of the wrist finally closed the distance completely between the fist and Khemed's face, smashing into the Fanalis. The slight pivot of his foot put the final blow on the boy's punch, trying to punch through the Fanalis' face.

Of course, Khemed wasn't going to drop from an untrained punch from a child. It hurt a little bit, but he'd faced harsher opponents before. But instead of immediate retaliation, Khemed's lips curled in delight. "See? Ain't so hard now, is it?" He spoke calmly and collectedly, trying to restrain and tame his emotions, as well as the animalistic urge to hunt and smash the boy into the wall. "This is how you protect yer'self. You do this to the bad guys, and they'll realize that you're not something to fuck with." Khemed stood up, straightening his back and cracking his neck from side-to-side. The bones cracked audibly, the air released from them, while the Fanalis stared down the boy with a calm, unreadable expression. His arms folded across his chest, and he called out. "AGAIN!" The boy flinched, but did the same thing, stepping forwards towards the Fanalis and closing the distance between himself and this monstrous beast-man. Khemed's voice called out. "Stand still! No need to step! Just use your hip and pivot your leg like before. Aim for your chest!" The boy nodded, a bit surprised at the fact that the Fanalis was actually teaching him what he was to do, and listened to him, learning how to throw a solid straight, in a matter of moments. Martial arts might have required a little bit of rage on the Fanalis' part, but at least the child would be able to beat the shit out of anybody who tried to hurt him. As the boy threw the straight, he was taught more tips, tricks, and purposes for the stance. "Bounce on your feet more! Don't stop. If you keep doing that, you'll be able to react just a little bit faster. Move your foot when you throw a punch with your front-hand! Keep turning your hip! Never forget the hip! If you do, I'm gonna punch you myself, got it?!"

About four hours later, the boy was drenched in sweat, and on the ground, laying on his chest. Khemed was staring down at him. Khemed had done all the same the boy had done, but felt not even the slightest bit of strain to his body. The martial fanalis grasped hold of the boy, and lifted him, carrying the young boy on his shoulder as he brought the white-belt boy to his home, in order to collect his reward. Hopefully, the boy would remember more than just the techniques, today. The bravery he'd displayed when punching Khemed... Had damn near made the honorable Fanalis' heart skip a beat.

[Word Count: 1487/500]
[Magoi/Stamina: 80/80]

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