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(Travel) Adventure to the Magician's Country

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It was finally time! One midwinter’s morning Cyrus and Mithras finally left Reim in order to head to Magnoshadt. Cyrus was obviously exited but Mithras was nervous, understandably so, he had very rarely left the country despite his parents many travels, Mithras was always the one who would hold the fort especially since he had learned sound magic. He was able to amplify sounds around him to hear intruders but also create deafening alarms to scare off intruders. He was not accustomed to leaving the house unattended. His mother had gone off to Kou exploring the Jade Dragon Mountains, his sister in Imuchakk his father when back to Balbadd to do some more work in selling his metal vessels. No one was home and was a strange thing for Mithras.

“Its alright that you’re nervous, its been a while since you’ve left the country.” Cyrus reassured “you’ll fit in just fine. ”

They loaded up the carriage and they were one their way. It would be a longer journey than it was going to Heliohapt but not by much. A few hours later they boarded the boat bound for Magnostad. Here was a distinct look of apprehension in Mithras that Cyrus picked up on almost immediately. The younger brother comforted his elder sibling with a warm embrace. They were finally off. The city of Reim with its human powered machines would very different compared to the magician’s town of Magnostadt. He had six whole weeks to think about it as they left from the port of Reim.

They had nearly reached Magnostadt when Cyrus began to get oddly antsy and scared. He knew that a goi in the land of magicians wasn’t exactly popular but he knew that there was nothing to be afraid of. No one was going to do anything to him and he knew other magicians from many parts of the world but there was something about this place that kept him uneasy. He figured it would pass and he wasn’t going to stay long anyway. He wanted to explore the world a bit more there were rumors about that a new dungeon was discovered somewhere in the world. He wanted to find it.

Finally they arrived. Everything was so magical things were moving on their own accord. Unlike the human and steam powered cities of Reim, Magnostadt was wondrous. Mithras was absolutely ecstatic. There was so much to discover and lean about here he couldn’t wait to get enrolled in Magnostadt academy. They decided to stay together in a district that was fit for goi, district 4, for the night. They where here but that feeling of unease didn’t leave Cyrus for his brother’s sake he hoped that it would soon.


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