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Imuchakk to Magnostadt [Travel]

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1 Imuchakk to Magnostadt [Travel] on 24/09/15, 03:07 pm


The ship safely arrived to Magnodatd. Hohotaro's whole body was sore from rowing and other menial task as punishment for his behavior on the ship.

He sees a long line of people entering the city proper, he didn't know what was going on so he just fall in line. When it comes his turn he see a huge man with a mask holding a big mallet. The man almost hit Hohotaro with a mallet but Hohotaro dodged and tried to attack the man. Hohotaro was pulled back by an invisible force and was restrained. He found himself laying on the ground besides a young girl of about 16 with glasses and blonde disheveled wavy hair and wearing a black robe and a pointed hat.

"What were you doing? You almost hit that man! You almost died! or worse! What are you doing here? You're clearly not a magician so why are you in line for a magician entrance test? Are you dense?!" The strange girl seems to be in such a panic that she was even short of breath.

Hohotaro was still confused and delirious from exhaustion from the boat reach out his hand to her and smiles "Hi! I'm Hohotaro nice to meet you."

"Oh Hi." the girl accepts Hohotaro's hand. "I'm Kayla nice to-" Kayla stopped what she was saying and her head turned red in anger and embarassment, took her staff and hit Hohotaro on the head. "You're stupid!" She scampers towards the gate of the city turns toward Hohotaro again "And don't come back!" and continues inside.

"Huh? What just happened." Hohotaro was now really confused.

Hohotaro heads out to the plains.



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