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Caring for Kittens [Profession/Solo]

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1 Caring for Kittens [Profession/Solo] on 13/09/15, 11:43 pm


Assignment Overview: Kioshi has received word of a group of kittens that is in need of rescue. Go and try to capture the kittens before a predator makes them a meal.

Kioshi had always been a quiet person. Even as a child, he had kept mostly to himself, preferring to observe those around him rather than involve himself in their matters. He had learned a lot from watching people in this manner and had helped him to tell within minutes, usually, the general disposition of others. One of the first indicators he had found as to a person’s disposition was by watching how they interacted with animals. It was often believed that animals had an uncanny ability to determine if a person was kind or cruel. How a person treated an animal was incredibly revealing about their nature and he had, on more than one occasion, trusted an animal’s instincts with a person over his own.

As a child, he had often been found dragging stray animals home to care for, nursing them back to health before releasing them back into the wild. As he had gotten older, the habit had only been put on pause as he had fulfilled him mandatory military service. It was difficult to care for animals when you spent most of your day training, but he had still taken what little time he could to feed the strays in the area. After he had moved from the military and become a trusted bodyguard, he had resumed his efforts of caring for the large number of stray or wounded animals he somehow seemed to attract. With the money he earned from being a bodyguard to political figures and the odd jobs he picked up, he had managed to purchase himself a small, cozy home at the base of the mountains and there were always animals nearby.

The nearby village had come to be familiar with Kioshi from his frequent trips through the town for either work or to purchase supplies. As in most small towns, everyone knew everything about everyone else, so his habit of caring for animals was not exactly a secret. Often, the children from the village would come out to his small home to play with the animals he was tending to or to drop off some wounded creature they had found. Kioshi had barely let his small pack slide from his back when there was a rapid knocking at his door. He shuffled to the door and was not surprised to see a young girl there.

“Greetings, Misha. What can I do for the young princess today?”

“Kio! Kio, come quick! There is babies and I is scared that somethin’ will hurt them!”

The child’s face was frantic with worry for the small animals she had found and Kioshi quickly slipped his sandals back on and let the girl drag him away from his small home. Her small feet were moving as fast as they could, dragging the swordsman down the road and over to a small bridge that spanned a stream.

“Under there Kio! There are lots of them but I can’t find their mommy and they look so hungry and scared!”

Kio patted Misha’s head comfortingly before crouching down to see what had her all aflutter. It did not take long to spot the small nest of kittens she was worried about, tiny, wriggling, furry bodies mewing pitifully. Kioshi scanned around for signs of their mother, not wanting to touch the tiny kittens if the mama cat had simply been out hunting. About 10 meters away, barely visible in the tall grass, Kioshi could see a tuft of fur. He pushed to his feet and silently approached the mother cat. He need not have worried about startling the cat, it seemed to have been fatally injured in some type of fight and the small creature was already cool to the touch, assuring Kioshi there was nothing to be done for the mother. She had likely been trying to fight off a predator from her litter and had given her life in the efforts.

With a sad look, Kioshi made a note to come back later to bury the mother before heading back over to where Misha was worrying over the screaming kittens. With how cold the mother had been, the kittens must have been starving. While their eyes were open, they had not been that way for long. He crouched near Misha, ruffling her hair with a smile.

“Misha, I want you to run to my house and get the big basket by the door. There should be a blanket near the basket, bring them both to me, okay?”

“Okay, Kio!”

The girl sped off with her task, eager to be helpful in the rescue mission. While she pumped her tiny legs and dashed away, Kioshi began inspecting the tiny cats. There were no immediate signs that cause him distress, so he gently began picking up the small bundles of fur, tucking them carefully into his large sleeves. Misha was panting by the time she came back with the basket nearly as large as she was, a quilt dangling behind it and dragging in the grass. Kioshi chuckled at the amusing image the girl made before he began giving her directions on how to make the basket ready for the kittens. Soon, a nest had been made in the basket and Kioshi carefully extracted the crying, squirming kittens and placed them in the center of the quilted home Misha had made for them.

The girl hovered as he placed one kitten after the other into the nest. There were six kittens in total and they were a curious bunch, climbing over each other to try and explore the basket. Luckily, the sides of the wicker basket were high enough that Kioshi was not worried about them making it out of the transport. Misha did not want to unhand the basket so Kioshi scooped her up in his arms, allowing her to keep a tight grip on the basket. By the time they arrived at his home with the precious cargo, the sun was beginning to dip down and the chill from the mountains was making itself known.

“Well done, Misha. You should run home, though, before your mother gets worried. Do not worry for these little guys, Kio will take good care of them.”


“Don’t I always take good care of animals?”

She nodded sheepishly before peeking in on the kittens one more time. Kioshi waved her out the door, watching her retreat into the village until he saw her arrive at her own home. As he closed the door, he could hear the cries of the kittens as they warmed up near the fireplace. It was undoubtedly going to be a long night, but at least the poor things would not freeze to death.



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Assignment Overview: You have managed to capture the kittens, but now it is time to tame the kittens. Make sure they are capable of eating solid foods, are healthy, and can use the bathroom in the right spots.

It had been quite some time since Kioshi had taken care of kittens so young, and he had almost forgotten how much work they were. First came the task of warming the small bundles of fur and Kioshi added a few logs to the fireplace. The kittens were naturally curious and were stumbling around the large basket that served as a nest for them, trying to climb the steep sides. Luckily, they were still not good with using their claws and they simply slid back down onto the quilt. Kioshi nudged the basket closer to the fire before making his way to the back of the house, snagging a small bucket on his way outside. The kittens were still small enough to require milk but without a mother cat around, Kioshi would have to make due with goat’s milk.

It did not take long to gather enough milk for the small fur-babies and Kioshi carried the bucket into the house, snagging up a small cloth. He dipped a corner of the cloth into the milk before picking up one of the wriggling kittens. The kitten sniffed around, catching a whiff of the milk as Kioshi painted across its mouth with the milk-soaked cloth. It latched onto the cloth and began suckling hungrily. It did not want to release the cloth so Kioshi could dip it again, but eagerly suckled again when the cloth was returned to its mouth. Kioshi repeated the process until its belly was round and full before moving on to the next kitten. By the time all of the kittens had been fed, the sun had disappeared from the sky and moonlight glimmered through the window.

The kittens fell into an exhausted slumber and Kioshi used their time sleeping to clean up the mess made by the milk and find a suitable box for them to use for a bathroom. He finally found a small crate with sides low enough that they could clamber into it and filled it with sand. The kittens were sleeping soundly enough that they did not wake when he picked them up to check them over more thoroughly for any signs of illness or injury. None of them appeared to have any injuries or parasite latched on to them, though they could use a good cleaning. For the evening, though, he felt they would be alright. He needed to get some sleep, himself. Tomorrow he would work more on finding out if they could handle solid food of any kind, along with bathing them. Not wanting to risk them escaping the basket without his knowledge, Kioshi spread a quilt out on the floor next to the basket and reclined with the basket cradled near his body.

The kittens woke in the middle of the night and Kioshi groggily placed each of them in the bathroom box, glad the kittens were at least old enough to not relieve themselves where they slept. Once relieved, Kioshi gave them each a bit more milk before settling in for more sleep. They slept until morning, which Kioshi was glad for. He pushed up from the floor with a stiff back and let each of the kittens visit the small sand box before going about finding them something a bit for solid to eat. While he dug through a cupboard for some dried meat, he released the kittens from the basket, allowing them to roam around his feet as he shredded up tiny pieces of dried meat and then soaked them in some more of the milk from the goat.

The kittens were full of energy and were scrambling about and pouncing on each other while he waited for the dried meat to soften. The more adventurous ones were trying to capture Kioshi’s toes and he winced when one of them managed to scratch him with its tiny claw. The small, fluffy creatures were mewing and crashing into each other when Kioshi sat the plate of softened meat on the floor. The kittens immediately pounced on the new item when it touched the floor, tripping over themselves to explore the plate. There was a mess of royal proportions as the kittens fell, face first, into the milk soaking the meat and began trying to eat. The meat was still a bit tough, but Kioshi could at least tell that they were able to chew. It would probably be better to try them on something a bit softer and Kioshi made a note to pick up some oats from the village store later.

Once they had finished what they could of the meal, Kioshi led them back to the box of sand. As they climbed around in the sand, Kioshi took a damp cloth and began cleaning the dust and mud from their fur, the kittens still not entirely sure how to clean themselves. Once each bundle or wriggling fur was cleaned, he returned them to the basket so they would not get lost in the house while he went to get supplies from the village. Assured they would be safe, he slipped out the front door and made his way to the small general store in the village to gather what he needed. He picked up some grain and more sand, knowing he would need to change their bathroom box frequently. His next stop was to the butcher, picking up some fresh chicken, hoping it would be easier for the kittens to eat than the dried meat he normally kept on hand.

Supplies in hand, he made his way back home. He was greeted with several yowling kittens and he chuckled at the disdain he could hear in their tiny voices. They did not seem to appreciate being confined to the basket and he went to free them before preparing them another meal. This time, he smashed the chicken up while the oats boiled over the fire. When the oats were done, he smashed them together with the chicken and let it cool off before setting it on the floor. To his relief, the kittens had a much easier time with the dinner than they had with the breakfast. While they still needed to be supplemented with milk, at least he knew they would not starve if he was not able to stop home for a few hours as the solid food would keep them full longer.

Kioshi continued to nurture and train the kittens for another three weeks, the tiny cats learning quickly and growing just as fast. They were old enough now for Kioshi to begin looking for homes for them, though he had to admit he would miss them. They were all quite healthy and could now find the bathroom box on their own. They no longer needed milk and could find the food and water bowls on their own. Kioshi scratched behind one of the kittens’ ears and he chuckled at the purr and nuzzle he was rewarded with. Tomorrow, he would begin looking for homes for them.



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Assignment Overview: The kittens are tame, now it is time to find a proper home for them. Find families for the kittens in homes that will appreciate the tiny bundles of fur.

Kioshi was always particular about who he adopted his strays out to. After all, what was the point in rescuing an animal if you simply put it in a position to be hurt again? He was quite familiar with most of the people in the village and was often invited for events and gatherings. Of the six kittens, he had decided to keep the runt for himself, he had a small rodent problem and the kitten would be good for hunting out the mice. The small kitten he had picked out had long black and white hair and was a loving bundle of energy. Misha had taken the liberty of naming the cat Floofy and Kioshi had simply chuckled and accepted her name for the kitten.

Of all the families in the village, Kioshi decided to focus on the one’s with young children first. They were more likely to take extra good care of the new pets. Kioshi gathered up the remaining five kittens in the large basket before heading towards Misha’s house. He knew the girl had been begging her parents for a kitten since she had discovered them under the bridge and Kioshi wanted to see if she had finally wore them down enough to allow her to keep one. He gently tapped on the door, giving a small smile when Misha’s mother slid the door open, bowing carefully to avoid dumping the kittens out.

“Kioshi! How lovely of you to stop by. And what do you have there?”

“Lady Shione, I have a large basket full of kittens and I was wondering if you might open your home and heart to take one of them off my hands.”

Misha’s mother chuckled softly before looking into the basket Kioshi held out. She reached out to gently pet one before waving Kioshi into the house.

“I suppose it would not hurt for me to at least look through them. I know Misha would love one, but I am not sure she is old enough to care for it yet.”

“She has been doing a fantastic job helping me take care of them so far. It is, of course, up to you, but I believe she would make an excellent cat owner.”

As they talked, the kittens crawled out of the basket, the sides no longer too tall for them to claw their way out. One of the male kittens immediately made tracks toward Misha’s mother, climbing up into her lap and purring loudly, his long white fur vibrating with the force of the sound coming from his throat. His bright blue eyes had Shione enraptured in moments and Kioshi knew he had found a home for at least one of the kittens. A girl kitten went and attacked her brother, interrupting the bonding session between Shione and the male kitten. Not appreciating being ignored, the gray female clawed her way up into Shione’s lap as well. Misha’s mother chuckled and looked between the two kittens, arching a brow at Kioshi.

“Those two are like peas in a pod. While they play with the others, they tend to prefer playing with each other.”

“But we don’t really need two cats…”

The girl kitten pounced on the boy and the two were soon rolling and playing across the floor in a blend of gray and white fur, making Kioshi and Shione both laugh at the antics.

“Well, I suppose I would not want to separate them. Do you think they will be good rodent hunters?”

“Yes, they chase anything that moves. They do well either inside or outside, I have been getting them used to going outside to use the restroom, so you would not need to worry about them making messes in the house.”

“Very well, we will take these two. If you have a calmer kitten, I know Elder Vikki is getting to an age where she could use a companion.”

Kioshi thanked her for the advice, bundling the remaining three kittens up into the basket. With a last glance at the two kittens, Kioshi headed out the door, knowing the cats would be safe and loved in this home. His next stop was to the Village Elder’s home, Vikki shuffling to the door slowly. Kioshi gave the elderly woman a kind smile as she welcomed him into her home. Kioshi rested the basket on the floor first, bowing deeply as a sign of respect. His words were ones of concern and fondness when he spoke.

“Elder Vikki, how have you been?”

“I am old and wrinkled, Kioshi, and I miss my Herbert.”

“I understand, though I do not think you are old or wrinkled. There are still a great many years left in you, Vikki.”

“Do not try to flatter an old woman, Kioshi.”

Kioshi chuckled and shook his head. The older woman was quite spry, given her age. The kittens were getting restless and began climbing over themselves to escape the basket and explore the new surroundings.

“I see you have brought along tiny guests.”

“Yes, milday. Misha found them under the bridge a few weeks ago, but they are old enough now to find new homes. I have kept one to myself, and Misha’s mother took two of them. I was hoping that maybe you could share your wisdom and love with one of them.”

“See, I knew you were trying to butter me up!”

“Only a little bit, Elder Vikki.”

“Well, let me get a good look at them, then.”

She picked one of the girls up by its scruff, the kitten giving a meow of discontent as she was checked over. She was mostly white with a small black heart-shaped spot on its back. Vikki settled the kitten into her lap, scratching it neck lightly and smiling when the blue-eyed girl gave a purr and nuzzled into the touch.

“She is one of the calmer kittens. She chases rodents often enough, but tends to prefer napping over anything else.”

“She is quite beautiful. I suppose I could use a cat to help me eat my leftovers. With Herbert gone, I still make too much food.”

Kioshi gave a look of understanding. Herbert had only been gone a few months, but the couple had been together for over 50 years, so Kioshi was glad that Vikki would be taking the kitten. Perhaps a pet would cheer the older woman up. Kioshi and Vikki chatted for a bit longer, Kioshi gladly accepting the offer of tea as they visited. The two kittens not on Vikki’s lap had settled in for a nap in their basket as the pair of humans enjoyed the afternoon tea. Once the tea was finished, Kioshi excused himself, wanting to try and find homes for the final two cats by the end of the day. Vikki waved him off distractedly as she pet the kitten dozing in her lap.

Kioshi’s next stop was the general store, remembering that the owner had mentioned having a problem with mice getting into his grain supply. A bell over the door gave a gentle ring when he pushed it open, drawing the owner’s attention.

“Kioshi! What can I get for you today?”

“Ah, Filo! I heard a rumor that you might be looking for someone to help you with a mouse problem.”

“You heard right, Kioshi. Those damned mice are eating into my profit. Have you come to use your sword on them?”

“I have something better. A cat!”

Filo arched a brow but came over to look into the basket at the napping kittens. He reached down to scratch behind the ear of one, chuckling at the purr vibrating in the kitten’s throat. Cats were a better solution than swords for a mouse problem, it was true.

“I suppose I could use a couple of cats around. One for here and one for the house. Do they know when to go outside?”

“Yes, they both quite enjoy being outside and haven’t roamed too far, yet. They would be a good addition, I think, to take care of the rodents. Besides, it gives your shop a homey look!”

Filo just rolled his eyes and pulled both kittens from the basket to give them a closer inspection. One of them gave a large yawn in Filo’s face while the other squirmed, wanting to be let down. Filo sat them on the floor, watching them roam around and explore, the curious cats loving the large shop with plenty of hiding places. Kioshi gave a small smile, shaking his head.

“I think they will quite enjoy it here.”

Filo nodded before ducking behind the counter and pulling out some dried meat left from his lunch. He whistled sharply and the kittens came scampering to the sound, mewing loudly when they smelled the meat he held out for them. The pair of kittens fought over a single piece as Kioshi and Filo looked on, chuckling. Kioshi glanced out the window and took note of the sun starting to fall to the horizon. He took a moment to pick up some supplies and paid Filo before giving the kittens one last scratch before heading home to his own bundle of fur. It would be nice to have a cat in the house again, he tended to give all of them away when he could. As he walked in the door, Floofy scampered over to greet him. Hefting the small cat up into his arms, he made his way into the kitchen to prepare something for both of them to eat.



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