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The Lion that Roams |Travel Thread, Blabadd to Heliohapt (Closed)

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Raion had met with the fishermen he helped awhile back with the small pirate attack. But this time he was coming to them for assistance. Raion was ready to set sail, his time to leave Balbadd had finally come there was nothing left to do. Infact he wanted to leave earlier but he got caught up helping some friends in need.

He met with Gen, one of the fishermen who was always at the docks. Gen was setting sail to Heliohapt for some trading, and planned to take Raion with him. Though Heliohapt wasn't on Rai's list at the moment he agreed to go. Always wanting to visit and see the golden palace, or the desert of lost souls. He figure he can make it to Reim when it was needed.

Gen and Raion set sail Raion took little luggage with him just a mid size bag with some clothes and food. His Bo staff Jingu Bang tied to it. The boat they were on was originally the pirates boat but modified to be less frightening. Though Raion intended for it to be for Gen, Gen always insisted that the boat was Raion's since he was the main one who captured it. But Rai always refused, the most Gen could do was be there when Rai needed to set sail again. The travel was long, so the two engaged in conversation and laughs the whole way there. Till they arrived at Heliohapt!!!!

Words 243 Travel completed~!


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