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Zadi's Travels: Balbadd to Reim [Travel;Closed]

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Time to travel to a place that Zadi has never been to before! This is going to be awesome! Sort of. He had to travel by boat obviously, so it would take a while, but there wouldn’t need to be a caravan! Zadi didn’t necessarily like caravan travel, so this was a bit of a god-send. Now then, Zadi got onto the boat and just waited for things to get started. After some time…ok, a LOOONG time…the ship shipped off into the vast ocean filled with too much mystery…something that Zadi didn’t necessarily like. He hated it. Not knowing anything about something isn’t something that Zadi likes.

It took some time, but eventually, the ship made it to the docks of the Reim Empire! A place that Zadi Medmar had only ever dreamed of coming to. It was filled with technological wonders beyond imagination of which the eyes of Zadi have NEVER seen.

“Man, this place is HUGE! Wonder what Heliohapt looks like? They might have some interesting things, too! Can’t wait. But first, I wouldn’t mind looking into the empire before I go to any other nation. Not like I don’t have the time for some fun with all this wealth, hahaha!”

200+/200 words - Travel Complete~

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