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Shiver Me Timbers (Solo Job)

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1 Shiver Me Timbers (Solo Job) on 15/03/14, 03:47 pm

Raion Okami was standing gallantly on the tip of the small wooden boat, his red scarf flowing with the gentle breeze. His left hand gripping the sail to hold balance, and his right hand on hold of his red and golden bo staff a weapon he had since he was young. Raion was on a specific job of importance today, he was to go with a team of men to stop the small group of black sail pirates on it's way to the town. They were about 4 miles out from the docks reaching the city.

The group of men with Raion were ordinary sailors not warriors, or fighters. But they were willing to set sail against these troublesome pirates to protect their seas. Raion spoke with some of them, to find out the situation and set up a plan. He had to borrow one of the small boats to even get out there, cause swimming was not an option. And the fishermen at balbadd docks were running low on actual boats, but if Raion's plan went accordingly then the fishermen would find themselves with some more boats under there belt.


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2 Re: Shiver Me Timbers (Solo Job) on 15/03/14, 04:07 pm

As the small boat drew near to the pirate ship, Raion had discussed a proper plan of action. He stepped down from his position and looked at the main fishermen who loaned him the boat then to the others. The small boat had five men on it including Raion himself. They all looked meager, scared but ready for action Raion looked at each of them made eye contact with every one of them. Then gave them a confident smile.

"Just remember the plan guys! There is only five pirates on that ship, each are armed with bows and arrows. But they are not trained men, just simple pirates and thieves. Just remember what I told you, and let me handle the rest!"
Raion said giving them a small speech. This was no big battle or war, but the fishermen did have reason to be fearful. Pirates were murders and thieves, but Raion had no intention of losing any lives today. Infact he intended to have a little fun with these small group of pirates.

Raion took his former position at the tip of them ship, getting a good eye at the pirates forms of attack. His hand ready to motion the fishermen on what to do, when the time was right. For a second Rai made eye contact with the lead pirate. His eyes were telling the pirate to stand down, but pirates now a days were stubborn so avoiding this would not be easy.

When Raion saw the five pirates ready their bows and arrows, Raion made a quick call of command. "To the Positions!" and with that, the once fishemen moved like battle hardened warriors. The four of them lifted up their hard wooden barrels, and placed them in front of themselves, for defense. The pirates were taken back. But Raion was not surprised, he knew that when man was faced with challenge they will adapt and overcome.


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3 Re: Shiver Me Timbers (Solo Job) on 15/03/14, 06:18 pm

The whistling sound of arrows were in the air, aiming at the small little boat owned by the fishermen. Raion moved quickly, sprinting to get behind one of the barrels, as the arrows met them. The strong wind pushed the small boat even more forward, the pirates still blindly shooting arrows at the barrels.

Raion used a hole to keep one eye on his enemies, and the distance between them. Once the small boat was close enough where bows and arrows no longer mattered, Raion initiated for the attack with as strong gesture from his hand.

The fishermen got their hooks ready, these hooks were tied with strong rope and tossed them to the enemy pirate ship launching and snatching to their sides.

"Pull!" A powerful yell escaped from Raion's throat.

The fishermen pulled themselves closer to the pirate ship, catching the pirates themselves by surprise. By the time the leader caught on, to the plan it was already to late. Raion moved forward at a fast dashing pace. Running along a line of rope, with perfect balance and speed.

One pirated attempted a arrow shot at him, but it met only with the cold air with Raion's timefull duck. The first pirate met Raion's bo staff, with his face a blow strong enough to knock out front teeth and leave him unconscious.

Leaving three more pirates and the leader, the three pirates came to meet Raion with blades in hand and Raion countered and parried each strike with masterful precision. He used his staff to snag into one of the pirates grip, loosening it and sending his sword flying. Then he was met with a fast strike to the gut, and a sweep strike to his face.

The second and third decided it was best to meet him at the same time. Both going in wildly and blind, with meaningless swings. Raion started a rapid spin, movement performing frontal spins to block all blows. Raion then took a step forward, turning his front spins into side ones, hitting both pirates with fast spinning strikes multiple times.


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4 Re: Shiver Me Timbers (Solo Job) on 15/03/14, 06:28 pm

With the last two pirates down for the count. Raion only had the leader left, who had a large mace in hand. Raion stopped his swinging, and looked at him. "Really your not gonna give up?" Raion teased him, "Your giant mace, will not keep up with the speed and the elusiveness off my staff."

The leader ignored him, and came in rushing at him. Raion did graceful spin, releasing a long arc of wind that resembled blade. "Hangetsu." the whisper left Raion's lips. The leader was more trained then he looked, when he was able to meet the attack head on with a powerful swing from his mace. But Raion's attack was merely a distraction, when the leader saw a blur of fast movement Raion's foot now nearly a few centimeters from his face. "Tonbo no Kaze." Raion said in another whisper. A powerful dash kick with enough force to break bones, but Raion eased the power down by allot, only to knock him out.

Raion with a large smile on his face, gave his brave fishermen the signal to come aboard. The fishermen came with rope in hand to tie the pirates up, Raion had two men sail the pirate ship back to the docks, and the other two sail their own boat.

When arrived on the docks, Raion ripped off the pirate sign, and met with the official Balbadd dock patrol to receive proper thanks and reward.


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