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Letters to Reim [Private]

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1 Letters to Reim [Private] on 15/07/15, 03:14 pm


The fanalis sat there with pen in hand and paper in front of her, since she was in Kou and she had been here for awhile she thought it was time she sent some letters out. She had planned to write three letters, she would write one for Octavius to let him know how things are, she would write another to her daughter to let her know that everything was okay and finally she would write one for her apprentice, she had a few things to tell him and would request him to come visit her in Kou so that she could continue his training, she had been very busy so she wasn't able to train him much but she would have some free time while she was in Kou since she was on leave from the fanalis corps for awhile until she has recuperated.

First was her letter to Octavius, she was writing a report in a way on how she was doing, she had felt better since the initial accident but she was still a while away from being fully better.

     Dear Octavius
I've been well since I have been on leave, at first I didn't know how to improve on myself to overcome what had happened to me but then I came to an answer on my own. I had to gain the strength to fight my past, I could barely face it head on afterwards and I had felt as if I lost my strength but over the course of a few weeks and the help of my master I learned that I had to keep trying. I might be afraid of some things and some things might be hard to deal with but in order to be strong I have to face my problems head on. I believe that what I need to do is too train my mental fortitude and push through the things that I find hard to think about like how my father could be alive. Sometimes I have nightmares about it but I've learned to cope with them so I can sleep, it seems like it will be a challenge, I'm going to try and find some sort of closure. I will keep trying to deal with it on not let anything break me like that again. To add I would also like to inform you that I have come to Kou, I have heard rumours of a dungeon here and I'm going to attempt to conquer it, I fear the dangers but at the same time I know this is something I need to do. I hope things are going well for you and the rest of the corps.
 Sincerely, Merrze

Up now was the letter the fanalis had to write to her child, she would have this one delivered to the inn addressed for Ku, hopefully everything was good, she felt bad about leaving her child but at least she had someone to watch her. As she worked harder to achieve her goal they would most likely spend more time apart, hopefully when she was done they could live happily.

     Dear Ku
Hi Ku, mommy misses you very much and I'm sad that I had to leave you in Reim for awhile but when I come back I'm going to be much much stronger and possibly more money for the house, I hope things have been well on your end and that you've been eating well. I trust that Aggie has taken good care of you and that you are having fun with your friends. I know that we haven't got to do much as of lately but always remember that I love you and I do what I do so I can give you a good life.
 With love, Mommy

Now it was time to write the final letter to Endolf, she wondered how he was doing and how things were in the fanalis corps. She didn't know where he lived in Reim so she would send his to the corps so they could give it to him, she hoped he was doing well as his duties as a captain.

     Dear Endolf
How are you End, I know you've probably been busy with stuff in the corps, I have wrote this letter to inform you I have come to Kou to gain more power. I know it wasn't right of me to leave without telling you but I had to hurry, I didn't have much time to leave so I had to leave without saying goodbye to a few people. If possible though I would like you to come here, I want to continue your training, I have a lot prepared and I have decided to start teaching you my self created martial arts style when you arrive here or whenever we train together. I will warn you I will be putting major strain on your body though so be prepared. I understand you might be busy but I hope to see you soon.
 Sincerely, Merrze

After she had finished writing the letters, she would send them later in the day, at the moment she was hungry so the fanalis decided to make some food before the letters would be sent off.



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