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Deep Vibrations [Training/Private]

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1 Deep Vibrations [Training/Private] on 13/07/15, 05:02 pm

Azix Niraj

During the last leg of their journey to Kou, Azix began to get anxious to arrive. To pass the time, he searched his sack for his father's violin. He found it at the bottom of the sack, on top of three books. 'Oh crap! I forgot to return these to Adamaus!' The books contained the musings of an eccentric magician, Gavin, who was also a skilled musician, according to Adamus. Azix wasn't sure what to believe, as Gavin's lessons were odd, containing cryptic clues and sent the pupil out into the world to learn music through time-consuming tasks.

Ignoring the books for now, Azix removed the tiny Sonus Ex Cantus from an equally small case. The violin and bow expanded to a 'normal' size, at least normal to the magician, when he fed them a small bit of magoi. Sitting up with his back straight, Azix brought the bow to the strings of the violin and began playing. While he was by no means a musician, his practice had finally started to show. His fingers were starting to memorize the positions to produce the correct notes and he had gotten the hang of applying just the 'right' amount of pressure to the strings. Not every note stirred a vast array of emotions within those who heard him playing, but he had learned to play more than just high-pitched squeals. Whether or not it was pleasant to the ears would have to be seen. Hopefully, Azix wouldn't drive Ayero to break the violin over his head.

With that healthy fear that the Fanalis could destroy his father's instrument, Azix paid close attention to his finger positions and how he slid the bow against the strings. Sliding the bow back and forth, he started to play a soft, sad melody, expressing the current state of his mind through the instrument. The longing he felt for Ariella, the loss of purpose, and his nervousness for returning back to Rakushou, all poured out through his music. The creative outlet was soothing for the magician, even if it frustrated him that his playing did not compare to the musicians he had listened to at the Opera. This was his song, his band-aid for the emotional wounds.

After playing for some time, hopefully before it drove Ayero nuts, Azix took a break, setting the violin and its bow back into the case. The violin and bow shrunk down to their travel state, allowing the magician to slip them into a hidden pocket within his cloak. He laid back, using the sack as a pillow and opened one of Gavin’s books, pouring through its contents. As he turned the pages, a folded up sheet of paper fell into his lap. Curious, Azix set the book down and unfolded the sheet to reveal some hastily scribbled notes. Glancing over the notes, it appeared they were written by a student who had studied the effects of various sounds on the physiology of animals and people. The student seemed to believe that some sounds could produce feelings of agitation within a listener, which Azix could vouch for. He had been shouted at to stop his awful playing before. The student also explained that other sounds could put listeners in a state of calm. Not news to Azix, he had been to an Opera and seen the emotions a properly trained musician could inspire.

Then he came across the “brown note”. If he was confused at first by the name, it was all too apparent after reading a bit more. Gavin’s pupil theorized that a certain note could trigger a reaction in a listener’s brain which caused them to defecate. Azix set the book down in his lap and furrowed his brow. ”That is horrible! I would rather someone kill me than make me soil myself.” A shudder passed through him at the thought. His fear of body fluids only made the idea worse.

Azix shook his head, folding the note back up to put it in the book when he was struck by a thought. ’Yes, it is a terrible thing to do, but it would be effective in combat.’ He fought with himself for a few moments before he unfolded the paper and read more. The reaction would be caused from playing a note in the low ranges, something to do with By the sound of it, Azix wouldn’t be able to produce the perfect sound with his violin, He would need a different instrument, or would have if he wasn’t a sound magician.

With a devious look in his eye, Azix placed the folded note back in the book and set it aside. He produced his wand in hand and contemplated how to go about creating such a spell. He started with what he was familiar with, creating an illusion construct of sorts for the base. By manipulating light and strength magic, he formed a long object that looked similar to a pipe. It was his representation of a wind instrument that he had seen played at the Opera. By blowing into one end, one could produce notes by placing their fingers over holes in the shaft. He had learned that much in Gavin’s books after the Opera, interested in learning about each of the instruments they had played.

Now that the base was created, Azix got to the heart of creating the spell, the experimentation phase. By willing his magoi through the construct, he went down the scale, playing different notes in the lower ranges. Even with his relatively little experience, compared to a master musician, Azix was familiar with music enough to know that music was an exact science. When attempting to produce a certain sound, if you were off by just a hair in your finger position, you would play an entirely different sound. With this in mind, he took his time going down the scale, searching for the right note.

After an hour, Azix’s head thrummed in time with the deep vibrations that were produced by his magic. Each note resonated throughout him, merging with the next so that it had grown hard to distinguish between them. Azix could only hope that he wasn’t driving Ayero mad with the endless tones being played. However, that didn’t deter him, he was a man on a mission, searching for the ultimate spell.

The further along he went down the scale, Azix found that the sounds were falling out of his range of hearing. Working further, he had to pay attention to the Rukh, listening to their commands to make sure he was following the scale correctly. It went on like this for a while, until he noticed a feeling of nausea and unease wrapping around him. The sensation was strange and with the next note played, it felt stronger. Azix paused for a moment, taking a breath to calm the bubbling bile that threatened to travel up his throat. ’Am I close?’

Knowing that Ayero was also on the carpet, Azix made sure that the sounds were directed towards him and not her. It was his experiment, after all, and he didn’t want to affect her with the results, even if he was still upset with her. He continued playing once he was sure she wouldn’t be hit by the spell, travelling down the scale. The nausea increased with each note until finally he found the correct note, the Brown Note. The sensation of unease peaked and he felt his stomach cramp up. With only a moment’s warning, Azix felt his stomach twist in a tight knot and he curled up into a ball. The feeling was relieved a moment later when he felt something warm fill his pants. Knowing what it was made Azix sick to his stomach. He leaned over the side of the carpet and vomited, tears streaming down his face from the knowledge that he had soiled himself.

”Umm...I need a moment. Continue on and I’ll catch up…” Azix told her as he tried his best not to make it apparent what had just happened. He grabbed his carpet and descended to the surface of the water while the Fanalis went on ahead, so he could bathe. He felt horribly dirty and needed to scrub his nether regions. Hoping no one was around, he stripped and dipped in the water to clean himself. While he did so, Azix wasn’t sure if he should feel proud that he figure it out. His spell was successful, but the effect was rather mild. Since he knew the correct note, now all he had to was put extra power behind it to make the effect fatal. He mentally calculated what he would need to do so and hoped his victims wouldn’t curse him in the afterlife.

Once he was cleaned up, Azix climbed up his carpet and threw on a fresh pair of clothes, abandoning the others in the sea. Why would he want them, after what he had just done in them? Perhaps if he was on land, he could of salvaged them, but his squick for body fluids wouldn’t allow him to try. Clean and clothed, Azix spurred his carpet to catch up with Ayero. Hopefully, she wouldn’t make a comment.  



Name: Symphony: Brown Note
Tier: Ω-Tier
Cost: 50|25 Magoi
Element: Light+Strength+Sound
Class: Offensive
Range: 50 Meters
Cool-Down: Once Per Thread(Sustained)
Description: The caster combines light and strength to form a construct in the shape of a musical instrument up to five meters in scale at 30m/s. With sound magic, the musical instrument emits a low note in a cone(Base Diameter=25-45 meters; Height=25-45 meters) that travels at 30m/s within fifty meters of the caster. The note triggers a reaction that causes anyone within the area of effect of the spell to defecate violently, dealing Ω-Tier damage to the internal organs in their abdomen.

[*]The gem will allow all training post to be reduced by 25% once a person reaches Omega tier this will become a 50% reduction.


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