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Hiroshi's Vault Red_hair_shanks_by_initialdeshanks-d5ytvhn
Name: Hiroshi
Country Affiliation: Wanderer
Race: Fanalis
Tier: D
Age + Birthdate: 28 + Oct 31
Gender: M
Sexuality: Heterosexual

-Emotionally Distant
-Pushes himself too hard

He does his best not to pry into people lives with constant questions and in return he would like that same respect. He thinks that is one of the more annoying traits people have. To him, if they wanted and trusted him enough to tell him a personal story of their lives they would do so. Just like he would do so if he had that level of trust and respect. That rule of his in lay man's terms would be, respect others like how you would want others to respect you, in any way shape or form. That is a flaw of his, because he feels most people don't understand that and feels that they think he is some emotionally distant jerk.

Hiroshi is an imperfect person just like anyone else, he has his moments where his emotions get the better of him. And in some aspects, his personality contradicts itself, due to his mother and fathers teachings. It is a feeling of overwhelming sadness or anger. This is because he always thinks about his mistakes and trying his best to overcome them. He even some times think of other events irreverent to a person he is talking to. He sometimes either looks dazed out, angry or sad for not reason and if someone questioned why he was feeling like he looked his auto response to whatever question asked is, "Just tired".
+Sweets: For the large warrior, it is what keeps him content.
+Knowledge: Despite the reputation of the Fanalis’ he seeks knowledge of the world.
+Battle: Like the reputations of the Fanalis’ he feels most alive in battle.
+Women: They’re pretty to look at and touch.
+Weaponry: Nothing like enjoying different ways of killing people.
+Drinking: Helps him sleep at night and the burn is exceptional.
-Anything sour: The taste makes him discontent.
-The cold: Though he can handle the cold he would rather stay in areas with warmer weather.
-Bad smells: With his enhanced sense is smell, he tends to avoid places with terrible smells.
-Cowardice: Those who run from a fight or coward when they can be doing some are useless to him.
-Having to talk about his past mostly because he doesn’t remember.
-Snobby people: The rich, the entitled and the annoying, he rather not have to talk with them aside for possible payment.
-Figure out who he was: Since he has lost his memory he knows nothing about himself aside from his own name. He knows not why he is the way he is nor where he even hails from. All he knows is he can fight very well and has the mind as well as the charisma to lead others into battle. With every battle and every person he meets, he hopes to find a way to piece together his shattered memory.

-The Dark: Hiroshi has a rational fear of the dark as it hides everything that can kill him. Or that is what he would tell others. His fear of the dark actually comes from when he was just a child when he was captured and made into a slave. His captors kept him seeing the light for months and beat him so he couldn't fight back.What that taught him is that dark hides a great many things that he could not defeat with his own bare hands.

Face-Claim:Red Haired Shanks/One Piece
Hair Color:Red
Eye Color:Yellowish-brown
Height: 274 cm
Weight:102 kg
Always dress depending on occasion. If there was a formal occasion or he wanted to go to the tavern he would of course dress for the part. A nice shirt, some slacks, maybe even a hat if he were in the mood. Be it a casual thing, like going to the beach or going out to hangout with some friends, whatever he could find laying around.

Hiroshi stands at six feet and 5 inches weighing at two hundred and twenty-five pounds, despite not looking it he is, thanks to heavier and stronger muscles. He is athletically build due to his martial arts training, lean but muscular arms with six pack abs complimented with strong legs, his body exceptionally evened out. Although it is hardly noticeable his right leg his slightly bigger than his left, again it‘s so hardly noticeable that he doesn‘t notices it.

Has nice tan going on with a decent looking face to boot, chiseled chin, button nose, the works. His body language speaks in two ways. In one way he stand tall revealing his true height, and his back straight showing off his broad shoulders, looking like as it he has good and high confidence. In the other he slouches his body looking lazy or bored making himself look small and shorter than he really is.

But much like his father he usually has a stern look on his face when he’s alone or when he is thinking to himself even when he is probably thinking of something that makes him happy. He has jet black, medium long hair, that is either shaggy down while wearing a hat or wears it up in a faux-hawk. Also he has different color eyes, which he feels subconsciously, ashamed of. One is steel blue and the other is hazel, whenever some points it else he feels slightly embarrassed.

Rukh Alignment:White
Special Traits: N/A
Hiroshi was brought into the world as a fanalis but lived with a warm loving human family in a small village. With his unusual strength he helped his family raise the farm and he lived a happy life. Until the war reached his village, bandits attacked his village and with receiving no help from any of the nearby mercenaries, his entire family but him were slaughtered, or so he young mind assumed. He was captured and beaten from the age of ten. He was sold to the highest bidder; until he was liberated by a warrior at the age of sixteen. The warrior’s name was Zuo Shan, formerly of the Kou Empire.

Zuo Shan taught him the ways of war, tactics, fighting, everything he need to do to survive. For five years years he trained under Zuo Ci's tutorship. When he reached the age of twenty-one he was sent to help the emperor of Kou with the conquest of the other nearby Kingdom, he did what his master wished. He traveled all around fighting as a mercenary making his way to the Kou.

In this time he met a great warrior as himself. The mutual respect was so great, that they became oath brothers. Hiroshi put much time in trying to better his brother, only for his brother to pledge his service to Reims. There he found love in secret lover a lower classed noblewoman of Reims, Gao Xia. This brought up many conflicts with his honor and duty to his savior, Zuo Shan. He had to choose between his promise to his savior or his own family. The determining factor of his choice in life was his family; though he never pledged his loyalty to the Reim and continue to only serve as mercenary in battles making a small name for himself.

While facing his conflict while on an escort mission with a band of mercenaries, he received a blow to his head causing him to forget who he is and everything about him except his training and faces of those who meant something to him. Since then he has wander around fighting and trying to learn of who he is and why he had the skills he had.

Role-Play Sample:

He had a vice grip on his face, with every passing moment his hand tightened harder and harder in the fist. How could he allow his brother remain in this type of condition? He could only use his own clothes to try to stop the bleeding, he kept on blaming himself in his mind. 'Dammit,dammit, dammit! I should of had something prepared for this type of situation.' It was true, overconfident in his brother's abilities he let his own guard down, if Burai was going to survive, he would never do that again. But his mind and heart filled with overwhelming pain and regret matching the pain of losing his own wife. He could feel his heart rush and his body tighten, he wanted to cough but restrained himself from do so, while still his mind filled with memories.

He heard light, brisk step not of an assassin but of a woman. After all his yelling someone was able to come to his aide. He held back his tear but his nose was clogging up. The woman sternly asked him to move only to stride passed him as he felt her presence do. He kept the majority of his face hidden from her. He could hear her help him, with medical supplies, at least that is what he heard. At least she was able to help him, that was the only thing that mattered to him at this point. Then he heard her voice accompanied by another woman's voice. "What in the emperor's name happened here." The first voice said with anger in her tone as if she considered him the one to attack. Regardless of her tone to him, he didn't care, he wasn't the one who attack his own brother, why would he unless they were training. "I'd like to know that much too" The second voice called out.

He gathered his thoughts, these women wouldn't understand the unbearable feeling of pain and regret of being unable to protect a loved one. He didn't know if his brother would feel the same way but he knew who he was and he cared for his brother and would stay by his side till death. Without much movement other than rubbing his temples with is pinky and thumb he quietly spoke in a more serious and low tone. "If I knew....I would be here, I would hunt the beasts who did this to him...." He let out a soft sigh doing his best to relax himself as much as he could. "Thank you for helping him..." He continued assuming that the two women actually were helping him.

“What are you people doing here and why am I so cold?”

The familiar voice called out, he clenched his hand tighter around his face with not happiness but with guilt being unable to do much to help his brother. A tear was made up but was hidden by his own hand. He voiceless happiness was covered, by another sound a cooing woman, a sound of lustful pleasure that he was all too familiar with. His brother is half-dead and he was getting women, this was unbelievable. A slight smirk came on his face, that was his older brother for ya. He remained as he was staying at his brother's side. "I was here for a relaxing bath. I suspect same for the women, to be blunt I am amazed to see anyone else alive." He peeks through a small space in between his fingers keeping his eyes as much as possible to he hide the red. "And it seems everyone is barely clothed."

He wanted to know what happen so he sped things up and quickly asked. "Brother...How you end up this way and what happened to Anrui? She wasn't at your side." It seemed rude to as a man who was clearly thoroughly beaten, but he had to know what happened and who attacked him in or to be able to do anything about this. It was obvious that he wasn't in a very good mood, and that was putting it nicely. He closed his eyes once more. "The one allowing you to rest on her lap healed your wounds. Thank her." He stated soundly putting to the opening of his jug of wine to his brother's lips. “The other woman arrived same time, she survived." He let out a sigh not trying to overwhelm him with more questions.

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  • Primary - Strength
  • Secondary -
  • Tertiary -


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D-tier Abilities
Name: Shield Bash
Tier: D
Cost: 10/5 stamina
Weapon Type: Shield
Class: Offensive
Range: Close
Cool-Down: 2 post
Description: Hits for with great speed going about 10 m/s and strength doing D-tier damage.

Name: Cutting Strike
Tier: D
Cost: 10/5 stamina
Weapon Type: Spear
Class: Supplementary
Range: Close
Cool-Down: 2 posts
Description: Unleashes a fast flurry when foe is up close and personal. Cause d-tier bleeding damage.

Name: Power strike
Tier: D
Cost: 10/5 stamina
Weapon Type: Spear
Class: Offensive
Range: Close
Cool-Down: 2 post
Description: An attack meant to pierce through light armor and shields. A strong thrusting motion with his spear Causing D-tier damage.

Name: Crushing Blow
Tier: D
Cost: 10/5 stamina
Weapon Type: Unarmed
Class: Offensive
Range: Close
Cool-Down: 2 post
Description: As a Fanalis, Hiro is more reliant on his unarmed martial skills. He focuses in for a powerful attack aiming on weaker limbs or joints to devastate his foe dishing out D-tier damage going 10 m/s.

Name: Flying Strike
Tier: C
Cost: 20/10 stamina
Weapon Type: Spear
Class: Offensive
Range: 6-12 ft
Cool-Down: 3 posts
Description: Hiroshi pressed down then pushes of the ground with his spear thrust going 15 m/s causing C-tier damage.
C-tier Abilities

B-tier Abilities

A-tier Abilities

Omega-tier Abilities

Beast Abilities

Djinn Related Abilities

Social Abilities

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