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Petitioning a Guild [Council Meeting/Jahan]

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Cassandra, Roark, and Wei Tenji moved into the council chambers, a small man following behind them. It was the head of the Guild Office, Cicifus. The man, Jahangir Nikator, had requested an audience to reapply for guild status after it had been stripped due to Lagi overstepping his bounds. Cicifus was unsure of what this Mr. Nikator thought he could bring to the table, but it was his duty to hear out the application. Word had spread during the Reim-Kou conflict of a man claiming to be acting on behest of the leader of the disbanded Typhon guild. The man had not shed a pleasant light on the disbanded guild, acting suspiciously and attempting to infiltrate the rebuilding Fanalis Corps during their missions to force Kou from Reim borders. However, the man had apparently redeemed himself, in a fashion, assisting in the final battle. It still left a bad taste in the mouth of the Guild Master, why the man had acted in such a suspicious way and behaved as though the leader of Typhon were a secret.

But the conflict was over and the man named Apollo, if that were his real name, had disappeared without a word, leaving confusion abound concerning Typhon and its motives. What exactly this man, Jahangir, intended to do with his guild had not yet been revealed. Rumors were flying that he was trying to do everything he could, all at once. He had apparently repurchased the guild hall Typhon had been stationed in with his own funds, and the rumors claimed he was taking in those less fortunate and was offering jobs to them. That alone made Cicifus uncertain, due to the Workforce Initiative. He had recently began pushing more and more of the guild leaders to involve themselves with Opportunity Hall, the base of operations for the Workforce Initiative, encouraging those in more high specialization fields to open their doors to training the men and women hoping to gain a steady source of income and a profession. If Typhon were to try and push into that field, it could cause conflict, as the Workforce Initiative had been gaining support among the citizens as a positive move for Reim, thus freeing up the Council to dedicate more funding to it. The Treasury did not have the funds to support two workforce programs and they already had one that was flourishing.

Cicifus sighed as he took a seat between Cassandra and Roark. He would hear out this man, perhaps he had some idea worth pursuing. The Councilors waited for Jahangir Nikator to be shown into the room and begin pitching his ideas.

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Jahangir Nikator Arrived in the council chambers, he had awoken bright and early and gotten himself together donning a formal black set of robes, a single purple sash and his crown marked his individuality and self proclaimed regality. The man honestly wasn't entirely hyped for this experience, from what he would know the council enjoyed nothing, if more than to constantly sully his vision. If he was lucky, he would leave the meeting today an official guild master.

After being led into the chamber he stood politely, gathering his thoughts and clearing his mind as he would usually do. Jahan would wait to be addressed by the council, and after so he would begin to expain who he was and what typhon was.

"Hello Council. I am Jahanghir Nikator, You may remember me from our meeting long ago. Today, as I am sure you know I am here to speak on Typhon, and obtain a guild licence." Jahan began his pitch, already hating the formalities strung with it. The way of speaking and the respect that he must show to the men who he didn't believe above him was agitating to say the least. None the less, today he would share his vision with the Reim government and from here he would decide on what to do.

"Typhon's history has been hazy so at any time I'm open to answer any questions you may have regarding it. This explanation may be a bit long, so please pardon me ahead of time.

Typhon is an organization whose goal is too stimulate growth, peace and order in the world. We are seeking to branch out internationally, and we do not require any aid from the government, nor are we oppose to paying taxes to governments. I myself will cover any finances that the guild may need to incur.

To begin I want to go over what Typhon does NOT want to do, we do not want to overstep boundaries put in place by government, we do not wish to stir conflict within the community, we do not want to become a bother to Reim government, or in any way cause any trouble or waste any time.

Now you may wonder what Typhon does want to do, and of coarse how we are going to go about it. Typhon wants to promote change and innovation and empower the communities, nations and societies of this world we share. We want to maintain peaceful relations with all societies if we can, and would like to be a neutral bridge that governments and civilians can rely on.

This is through a variety of avenues, rather it be combat orientated, like hunting, catching bandits or taking down dangerous creatures. Or social avenues, like the many public services that our guild hall supplies. Or even international efforts like guarding supply routes or being global mediators, going on voyages or rescue efforts. The skill and training that my guild members have allows for a wide range of uses that you may or may not make use of. We have no problem cooperating with Reim authorities and officials, and if instructed we have no problem leaving Reim, selling the hall and removing our presence.

We also are a bit of peace keepers as the areas around Typhon are relatively crime free, as our members listen to any civilian complaints and through the use of civil-arrests escort criminals to Reim authorities.
" Jahan paused at this time in order to allow the council to ask any questions, make any remarks and to check their reactions.

"Now one issue that was brought up to me is that the guild presence brings us in competition with existing Reim businesses. In efforts to fix that we no longer have a public pub, and instead are building to provide services that are rarities through Reim. These include a Museum, a Study Hall, a Theater, and Feild Games. We also are building a Park, thus we can provide for Reim less combat orientated pass times at the modest expense." Jahan finished, there wasnt much more to say, now was to hear their complaints, as because they were old and dull and rather cynical they would have to have some problem for him to contest.


Petitioning a Guild [Council Meeting/Jahan] 8ueXlz2
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Cicifus listened to the boy’s words with a critical ear. It seemed he truly had nothing to offer to Reim, aside from attempting to start his global organization here. He seemed to hold no particular loyalty to Reim, but he had good intentions. Cicifus tapped his fingers on the table and thought about the young man’s proposal. The idea of a global neutral power was both a positive and a negative thing. It was difficult to trust a neutral party with the safety and security of any one nation. It often led to one being loyal only to themselves and whatever they happened to think was right. There was no way to tell this early if the intentions were truly good, the only thing to judge from was based on their current actions. Cicifus cocked his head to the side, a curious look crossing his face.

“We have heard good reports about your little band of ruffians, but we have also heard some negative things, Mr. Nikator. You claim to want to bridge the gaps between countries, to spread change and innovation. Yet one of your members, someone said to report to you, infiltrated an operation and refused to answer any questions about his motives there. He even went so far as to try and disguise his identity. When given the opportunity to reveal himself, he refused and claimed only to be trying to spread Typhon’s reputation. I must say, he went about it very badly. This is a concerning matter. If you did order him to infiltrate the rebuilding Fanalis Corps with no known motive, I have to question if you are working for another country to try and ensure our downfall. If you did not issue the order, it shows you are incapable of controlling your own members.”

Cicifus held up a hand to ensure he would not be interrupted.

“All of that aside, you are young and inexperienced. You had Emperor Lagi’s support at one time, which does not say much, considering he has shown what an inexperienced man with power can do… both good and bad. However, we are a country undergoing something of a rebirth, offering opportunities where they have not existed before.

You will be granted a temporary Guild license. This license will be granted for three months. During this time, you will pay the appropriate guild dues and learn what it means to lead a guild. If at any point in that three months, your actions are found to not be in the best interest of Reim, your license will be revoked and you will be asked to disband, permanently. In the meantime, I suggest you begin building connections with other guilds, as well as the Workforce Initiative, if you truly wish the things you say you do.”

He lowered his hand, allowing Jahan to speak. The boy was welcome to ask questions, seek clarification, or to offer an explanation for the ‘Apollo’ character that had tried to disguise himself during the Reim-Kou conflict. Jahan was also welcome to decline the offer, but this would cast yet more suspicion on the motives of this ‘guild’ he was attempting to create.

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