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Figuring Things Out [plot/private]

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1 Figuring Things Out [plot/private] on 16/06/15, 12:36 pm

Ari had spent much of her time in the Palace in her room, using Clairvoyance magic to draw on her memories of the Sacred Space. She was hoping something in her memories would clue her in to why she had created a small volcano in the mountains. While she had not found the answer to that particular question, she had discovered something else. While she had been trying to create a structure, raising a dungeon was an entirely different affair. A dungeon was not something she was creating, it was something she was pulling through from another place, the place Ugo had been from. Instead of trying to create it from scratch, she needed to figure out how to rip the dungeon from where it currently was and pull it into this world.

Ugo had also explained one of the reasons he had picked her for Magi was due to her already having a King Candidate. Did that mean she was supposed to raise dungeons for him? She still wasn’t fully clear on that aspect, even a single metal vessel was an incredible amount of power, she could not imagine needing more than that… though, there were other people with vessels… perhaps him having more than one would give him an edge over the other candidates. She sighed and decided to sleep on the questions, perhaps it would come to her in the land of dreams. She knew she would need to raise a dungeon, if only to prove to herself that this was not all a really bizarre dream.



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