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The professor's request : Chasing The Maniacs [Solo/Job]

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Job Name: Chasing the maniacs
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Magnostadt
Job Rewards: 100 XP / 7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: Female students of Magnostadt have lost their uniforms and underwear over the course of several days. Find the thief, or thieves, and teach them a lesson. The school will give you reward for catching the culprit(s).

Enemy Name: Thieves (x4)
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: C
Description: Thieves can sprint at 7m/s and use dagger
Invisible hand – The thief will blow a quick punch at 10m/s to the target and will deal C-Tier damage
Slash – Thief will use his knife to deal a slash at 10m/s to the target and will deal C-Tier damage

As the night wind breezes through the pine trees and nocturnal creature started to howl at the bright moon, a loud scream echoed through the air. The sound waking up all living creatures there from their deep slumber and in instant, loud arching steps could be heard. The black haired girl opened her shining golden orbs, slightly rubbed her eyes and wondered what had happened while trying to getting up. Her wand was already gripped tightly in her hand as she never go anywhere without it; she even brought it while sleeping just to guard herself. As soon as there’s a conversation that could be heard, the yellow magician tried to hear it from the back of her room’s door.

There was a voice of a girl, sobbing very loud and letting out a trembling voice, “How could this happen? My thing is gone and I only have one Pajama left!” Then another girl’s voice that sounded like she tried to comfort her friend appeared as well, “We’ll try to search for the guy who took it, don’t worry. I’ll lend you some things and even money so you can quickly buy a new one.”

Noir’s body twitched in surprise as she suddenly heard a very loud punching sound right on her own door, “If I found him again sneaking to my room, I’ll kill him with my strongest spell!!” Not happy with that, the magician quickly opened the door and observe the girls, wondering if she had succumbed into her own anger that she forgot to control herself. Fortunately the girl was realized that she might be made Noir awake because of her random punching before and quickly apologized to her. Noir nodded and symbolizing that she accepted the apology with an emotionless face, then playing along for a while when the girl started to share what had happened before. Turned out, there was a thief who sneaked into her room and stole her things, but the weird thing was the thief didn’t take money or anything but just uniforms and underwear. The yellow magician slowly closed the door and headed back to her bed, lying herself down and wondering what she would do if the thief sneaked into her room.

The next morning was a chaos, as many female students didn’t even come into the class because all of them had their uniforms and underwear stolen. Noir felt strange because she didn’t even hear anything at all and assuming the thief was an expert to leave no trace at all even though the entire member in the academy tried to search for a clue to find this certain thief. But hell, she didn’t worry at all since she had nothing fancy to be stolen, but she would gave no mercy if the thief stole her book, she would kill the thief for real. The black haired girl went back to the room after just finished her usual activity from having a class and also taking care of Rufus, she wondered why she let taking care Rufus becoming her everyday habit and task. Like a ghost, the said man appeared by forcefully opening her room door and panting heavily, he looked very worried. With an annoyed look, Noir approached Rufus and quickly closed the door as she didn’t want to be involved to any trouble by letting someone see a man entered her room on that evening. She escaped a sigh from her lips and sat on the bed, waiting for the man to speak up.

“You… 100% are the thief’s target tonight.” The redhead took Noir’s chair and sat on it like he usually did every time he entered the girl’s room. The black haired girl gave a silent questioning look to the man, “You are the only female left who has not been visited by the thief. So… yeah… I’ve been running quickly to here after getting a permission to protect you.” Rufus said while giving this bright smile that annoyed Noir even more and just got a pillow smack as his answer. With his usual sly grin, he took out a set of cards and suggesting Noir to play with him until the thief come since according to the witnesses, the thief will usually come in midnight. Feeling bored as well since she had not got new books to read, she agreed to play. “Straight flush!” Rufus happily showed his card and happy to win a lot, it make Noir’s glare becoming sharper every time the man did that and she finally exploded by not willing to play anymore since they need to be serious to chase the thief. The black haired girl had this wonderful idea inside her mind and she was willing to share with the redhead, so she grabbed Rufus’ sleeve and pull him to whispered, “I have an idea…”

Later at night, the girl was sleeping soundly as several shadowy figures appeared behind the window, sneakily opening it and entered the girl’s room. One of the thieves mumbled as he saw the room’s condition while the others were guarding the room, “Tch… this is the more uninteresting girl’s room I’ve ever been… I bet she has no fancy underwear…” Another one wandered silently across the room and saw Noir’s sleeping face, grin appeared on his face, “At least she’s cute… alright… now to check for her cupboard…” Just when he wanted to turn his back and slightly opened the cupboard, he saw a red haired figure inside who was ready to attack him, but Noir was much faster as she used the moment of the thief’s surprise to attack. Fulmine Nero II

Four black lightning strikes produced by the rukh instantly attacked two thieves who had wandered across the room, making the other two quickly took an action to attack with Invisible Hand and Slash. The black haired girl cast Thunder Bullets to deal with both damage and surprised them as this spell was much faster than their attack. The yellow magician quickly used another spell Fulmine Lancia and followed by Fulmine Coccio to finish the thieves.

The redhead come out from inside the cupboard and grunted disappointedly, “Aww, man. You took the spotlights…” He paused for a bit and then letting out his usual sly smirk again, “But hell, I never thought you would have that kind of underwear. It’s black and-- whoops” Noir sent him a sharp gaze and said, “if you don’t want me to attack you… shut up.” The redhead made a shutting himself gesture like pulling the strap on his mouth, but started to tease Noir again after that, making the girl attacked him with pillows. But despite all of that, finally they caught the thieves and handed them to the city guard so they can be punished.

WC :1131/1000
Magoi : 100/200

Ability Used:

Name: Thunder Bullets
Tier: B-Tier
Cost: 30 Magoi
Element: Lightning
Class: Offensive
Range: 30 meters
Cool-Down: 5 posts
Description: The caster creates 4 lightning 'bullets' which will be 1 meter long and 1 meter in diameter that will travel up to 30 meters away at 20 m/s, each bullet inflicting D-tier damage for a total of B-tier damage.

Name: Fulmine Nero II
Tier: B
Cost: 30
Element: Lightning
Class: Offensive
Range: 30 meters
Cool-Down: 5 posts
Description: Fulmine Nero casts 4 black lightning strikes, which are 15 meters long and .4 meters in diameter and travel at 20 m/s, dealing B-Tier damage if all 4 strikes hit while each strike inflicting D-Tier damage to the opponent within 30 meters.

Name:Fulmine Lancia
Tier: C
Cost: 20|10
Element: Lightning
Class: Offensive
Range: 20 meters
Cool-Down: 3 posts or Sustain+1
Description: The user produces 2 lightning spears which is 10 meter long and 0.3 meter in diameter that will travel up to 20 meters away at 15m/s, causing C-tier shocking damage on impact while each spear inflicts D-tier damage.

Name: Fulmine Coccio
Tier: C
Cost: 20|10
Element: Lightning
Class: Offensive
Range: 20 meters
Cool-Down: 3 posts or Sustain+1
Description: The user produces 2 small shards of electricity which is 5 meters long and .2 meters in diameter that will travel up to 20 meters away at 15m/s and inflicts C-tier shocking damage on impact while each spear inflicts D-tier damage.


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