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The Hidden Arena [Repeatable]

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1 The Hidden Arena [Repeatable] on 09/05/15, 04:07 pm

Eve Will

Job Name: The Hidden Arena
Job Rank: B
Job Location: The Tundra
Job Rewards: 15,000 Huang, 200 XP
Job Prerequisites:Imuchakk only
Job Overview:A long cave leading to inside the belly of an open mounting, a group of bandits have set up their own illegal arena. The arena forces unarmed humans of all natures from throughout Imuchakk to battle powerful beasts such as Snow Bears, Yettis and wolves. Your Task is to assaults the establishment with the goal of Killing or Capturing the Ring Leader.
Kill or Capture the Ring leader. [Do not need to defeat anyone else]. Also get out alive.

Prime Target
Enemy Name:Sledge Hammer Bracket
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: A
Description: 251 cm tall, covered in iron from head to toe caring two swords.
Abilities:Carries two long swords reaching an entire meter in length which he uses in many different ways. Inflicting B damage to everything hit.

Rapid movement: Can rapidly move at 30m/s by swinging both blades In target direction pulling him self along, while potentially inflicting A rank damage to anyone hit.

Additional foes
Enemy Name: Body Guard Bandits x10
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: C
Description: strawny like people, carrying single swords and move at 5 m/s
Abilities: Swords deal B rank damage on impact.

Enemy Name: Snow Bear x 2
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down:A
Description: A 5meter tall snow bear
Abilities: Rash - charges at 25m/s to inflict a Teir.
Smash swings paw at 30m/s to inflict a teir

Enemy Name: Yeti
Needed damage to take down: Omega
Description:a 300cm tall beast capable of crazy damage, moves very slow at 1m/s
Abilities: Smash. Inflicts Omega damage to anyone hit with a physical impact [attacks are all close range, and swing at 20m/s


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2 Re: The Hidden Arena [Repeatable] on 11/05/15, 08:50 pm


Any listed enemy in a job normally has a requirement of being defeated to complete the job.

Any player may choose to add additional enemies into any job, even if they aren't listed (so long as it makes sense. Like, a random army wouldn't show up on your doorstep when you're babysitting somebody's child with no political or strategical importance).

The sole exception is when a job has an 'Either or' thing going on. An example of this would be 'Either defeat the ring leader so his organization crumbles, or defeat his organization so the Leader has nothing left.'

Sledge Hammer Bracket doesn't have a passive walking speed. An A-Tier opponent should have 2-3 abilities, 1 of which is A-Tier (you have 1 A-Tier ability for him).

Body Guard Bandits have no abilities, as the attacks only explain that their weapons deal B-Tier damage.

Snow Bear: Are these inflicting A-Tier damage with their abilities? Or are they inflicting a single tier of damage (if so, what tier?)? The bear does not have a listed movement speed.

Please make changes as appropriate.


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