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How To: Create a Job

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How To: Create a Job

Sometimes, the available jobs are just not quite right for your character or you would like to accomplish something different. If the available jobs aren’t quite right, you can create your own jobs. To create your own job, first you must visit the Job Center. This is where you will find the necessary templates for creating a job. Under Job and Assignment Templates, you will find the correct templates, the Job Template and the Enemy Template.

When creating a job, you must keep several things in mind.

  • What do you hope to accomplish for this job?
  • What would you like to see as a reward?
  • What type of combat is involved?
  • Will it be a single job or a chain?
  • Is this a repeatable job that anyone can take or is it just for a specific player?

For most jobs, combat is required. This is not applicable to D-tier jobs, which do not need to have any enemies and could be simple chores or tasks. However, any job of C-tier or higher must have combat and enemies. When creating enemies, the total damage being dealt to enemies must equal twice the tier of the job. So for a C-tier job, a total of B-tier damage must be required to defeat the enemies, for a B-tier job, a total of A-tier damage must be required. Enemies must also include basic damage capabilities and a base movement speed as well as at least one ability. The more difficult the job, the more abilities the opponents should have.

Checklist for enemies:

  • Is total damage at least twice the tier of the job?
  • Is a base damage and movement speed listed?
  • Do the enemies have at least a single ability?

Once you have completed the Job Template, post it in the Job Center for approval. Once staff has confirmed the job has met all requirements, they will approve the job and post it in the appropriate job board.

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