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How To: Make a Character

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How To: Create a Character


[center][img]*Link To Character Image Here*[/img][/center]
[b]Country Affiliation:[/b]
[b]Age + Birthdate:[/b]
[b]Hair Color:[/b]
[b]Eye Color:[/b]
[b]Rukh Alignment:[/b]
[b]Special Traits:[/b]
[b]Role-Play Sample:[/b]

Using the template above, please fill in the following information:

Name: Create a name for your character. Character names should follow the general Country traits found here unless there is an IC reason for this to be otherwise.

Country Affiliation: What country is your character currently affiliated with? A map of the current countries may be found here. If you click on the map, it will lead you to the corresponding Country page for the area you clicked on. If he or she isn't related to one then put down "Wanderer". This does not need to be the country your character was born in or are currently located, but rather which country they claim loyalty for.

Race: The race may determine what your face claim should look like. Each race has its own perks and downsides. More on races can be found here.

Tier: Everyone starts out at D-Tier [Novice]. See the Rank systems for more information on tiers here.

Specialization: Every character starts with a primary specialization. The different types of specializations may be found here. If your Specialization is Intelligence, state your starting Magic Type as well. Magic and their various Types may be found here.

Age + Birthdate: How old is your character? What day and month were they born on? (Year they were born on is not needed)

Gender: Male or Female?

Sexuality: What gender(s) or race(s) is your character attracted to romantically? You can be Heterosexual, Homosexual, Bisexual, or any other sort of sexual orientation which comes to mind. If you are completely uninterested in romance, or just don't know what you want it to be, feel free to fill that out here as well.

Personality: Explain everything about the way your character reacts to his or her surroundings. How do they act on a normal basis? How do they treat other people? This should be at least 200 words in length.

Likes: What does your character like? Include at least 2 likes, with at least 1 sentence for each that explains the like and why they like it.

Dislikes: What does your character dislike? Include at least 2 dislikes, with at least 1 sentence for each that explains the dislike and why they dislike it.

Aspirations: Aspirations are what drives your character. An aspiration should be a long-term goal that your character wants to reach, one that is not within their immediate reach. You need at least one well explained one, or three smaller ones. It would be good to explain what your character aspires to become or to reach, as well as how they intend to take the first steps towards reaching their aspirations. Needs to be at least 75 words minimum

Phobias/fears: Phobias and fears are things that your character are terrified of and afraid of. You need at least one well explained one, or between one and three smaller ones. The explanation should contain things like how they came to be afraid of it and what they would do when confronted with it. Fears are not always rational, and do not have to have a reason why you are afraid of something, however this section must be at least 75 words in length.

Face-Claim: Each character has a face-claim. No two characters may share a face-claim without being twins. You may not use face-claims from Magi, nor from real life. They must be kept to OC drawings, Anime, Manga and Video Games. A list of face-claims that are currently taken may be found here.

Hair Color: What color is your hair? In the event of your race being a Fanalis, this should be red. In the event of your race being an Imuchakk, this should be blue.

Eye Color: What color are your eyes?

Height: How tall are you? This is to be in centimeters, however you may post it in ft./in. in parenthesis () as well.

Weight: How much does your character weigh? This measurement should be in kilograms. You are free to post this in pounds as well in parenthesis ().

Appearance: Write at least 100 words on what your character looks like. The types of things that this covers are things such as what they wear, what their normal body language looks like, as well as how they show their emotions through their body language.

Rukh Alignment: What kind of Rukh is attracted to your character? White Rukh is attracted towards those who live according to the flow of fate. They don't resent what's happened to them and have hope to build a better future for themselves and others around them. Black Rukh surrounds people who resent their past and have cursed their own fate and develop dark intentions for others. If you do not mind spoilers, the Magi Wiki has a good explanation on the two types of Rukh here. It is important to note that Black Rukh does not automatically equal evil and White Rukh does not equal good.

Special Traits: Is there anything strange about your character? Do they have a tail for some reason even though they're human? Is there some strange condition he or she has, like multiple personalities or voices speaking in his or her head? This is typically reserved for physical traits or things not related to personality.

History: Write a background for your character. Where did he or she come from? What happened in their life to bring them to where they are now? This should be a minimum of 350 words in length. Keep in mind that this should at least attempt to fit in with forum/Magi canon regarding what is available in the world. (For example, no motorcycles)

Role-Play Sample: This is where you get to show us your role playing skills. We're looking for something AT LEAST 100 words long. You can go over that amount as much as you wish! Keep in mind that nothing you put in your rp sample is considered "Canon" meaning it never happened in-character.

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