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Intelligence Examples and Explanations

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[b]Name:[/b] Ice Mirror
[b]Tier:[/b] C
[b]Cost:[/b] 20|10
[b]Element:[/b] Water (Ice sub-type)
[b]Class:[/b] Supplementary
[b]Range:[/b] 20 meters
[b]Cool-Down:[/b] 3 posts or Sustain+1
[b]Description:[/b] The caster gathers water from the environment at a rate of 15m/s, creating a mirror of ice. The mirror's effect may be on both sides. The size of the mirror is on a scale of anything less than 5x5x5m in size. The mirror can be propelled through the air at 15m/s or hover in place.

  • This ability has no offensive utility when used alone and instead simply creates a mirror out of ice. The mirror must abide by scale parameters.

[b]Name:[/b] Ice Blade
[b]Tier:[/b] B
[b]Cost:[/b] 30|15
[b]Element:[/b] Water (Ice Subtype)
[b]Class:[/b] Offensive
[b]Range:[/b] 30 meters
[b]Cool-Down:[/b] 5 posts
The caster of this spell calls upon the surrounding water in the air and creates a spear of ice that is 3 meters in length, .5 meters in diameter and tapers off into a razor-sharp edge at the end. This spear of ice is created within 1.2 meters of the caster, and shoots forward at 20 m/s, piercing its target for B-Tier damage.

  • This ability is a good example of using magic to create a weapon which imparts ability-based damage. The spear abides by scale rules and inflicts B-tier damage upon striking a target.

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