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Shark Bait isn't Great

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Yuurei had found another job that had asked him to do something crazy. He had to kill some sharks, and that was scary to do. He didn’t think he was up to the task, but then he saw the Huang for the job. He couldn’t help but be compel to take this job. He figured he would be able to beat a few fast sharks with his bow and arrow. It was what made him a good hunter in his village, but still this was the first time he ever had to shoot down three sharks. This was going to be different for him, and new. He was on his way to the man who had put this job up, and when he got there he could see a small boat waiting for someone to use it.

The wanderer had walked towards the boat, and before he could get on something happen. A spear was thrown at him, but hit the ground next to him. He turned slowly and noticed an old man was behind him a few feet away from him. ”So you are the guy who is taking on the job? Well I hope you reaction time isn’t that bad because these sharks are really fast,” he laughed hoping this guy didn’t turn up dead. ”Well I think I can fight them off. I won’t have to get close to them. I will use my best tools against them,” he spoke up to the man as he got on the boat. The man just tilted his head as Yuurei started rowing the boat away from the dock.

The old man could only watch him slowly get further away. It was embarrassing because Yuurei really didn’t know how to row a boat. It was his first time on one, and well he was doing the best he could. The man had kept going until he noticed he couldn’t see the dock or the coast he had first starting rowing from. He did notice something however and that there were a few shadows circling around him. He sighed because these things seem to have been a persistent bunch. He took an arrow out at the same time as he got his bow in his left hand. ”This is going to rile the other sharks up, but what can I do about it,” he thought to himself.

”Having a Bad Day?” he asked the sharks as the arrow was released from the bow, and towards the shark. It hit one of the shadows as it stopped moving, and blood could be seen leaking from that area. ”Nice shot,” he thought to himself as the other shadows had started to move faster. He could see fins coming out from the water now, and it seemed like they knew who had attack them. Yuurei was on guard now as he took another one of his arrow, and moving around the swaying bow. ”Damn you sharks!” he shouted as one had jumped out of the water, and towards him.

He shot the arrow quickly hitting the shark right on the forehead, and he dropped to the floor of the boat. ”A second shot of Having a Bad Day complete,” he said to him as he got up from the boat, and noticed that the last shark wasn’t stupid. It was already out of the water, and it gave him barely enough time to react. He moved to the side, was scratched by the shark. He gritted his teeth from the slight sensation of pain, but he was barely hit. ”I have to take this thing out now before this gets worse,” he told himself as he was looking around waiting to see what was going to happen. He closed his eyes for a second and opened with a smile on his face. ”Sorry but you are going to Have a Bad Day,” he shot the arrow after what he said, and it hit the shark with such velocity. The shark was fast, but so was Yuurei’s shot.

The mage was quick to return to place where he had started. He had brought back his arrow he shot with a piece of the sharks to show proof of what he had done. He showed the man and he quickly gave Yuurei the money when he noticed the small wound on his body. ”Come over to my house, and I will treat that won’t free of charge, and without a problem,” he told Yuurei as he agreed and the both of them went to his house.

60/100 Stamina

Name: Having a Bad Day?
Tier: C
Cost: 20
Class Offensive
Range: 40 meters
Duration: 1 Post
Cool-Down: 3 Post
Description: The user has several arrows which are coated in poison. Taking each arrow and shooting 1-5 arrows at the enemy is not to damage them, but mainly to get the poison inside of their target(s) system. These arrows move at 20 meters per second. Still getting hit by all arrows that are being shot would deal C-tier damage. Each arrow deals 1/5 of a C-tier attack, and having 3 hit you would deal D-tier damage. After the poison enters the target(s) system they will suffer from pain, sore and minor headaches for the next 3 post. The only way to cure the poison before the 3 post are up is to be healed by a C-tier healing spell or higher. The arrows being used are about 30 inches long from the shaft. The fetching on the back of the arrow is that of a white color. Note: Getting hit by multiple poison arrow doesn’t stack the poison, nor does it make the poison stronger.

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