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My Hands be on Deck [Job]

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Yuurei couldn’t help but smile at the Huang he was getting. He didn’t know working outside of his village would bring him such income. Still it was something he enjoyed more than anything, and he couldn’t help but take on more jobs. He was going to back to the docking of the ships at the moment because they needed help with a ship. He was glad that there were people who were sick because now he could do their job for them, and get more Huang. This man was in love with the money that was in his pocket, and he couldn’t help but want more. He was looking for the ship, and he saw a few amounts of people on it. They were moving stuff off the ship, and onto the docks.

He could only smile because he had found his require target. The man had walked up the steps, and smiled at everyone. ”Are you here to help us? If you are then everything is on the deck, so start taking everything off the deck, and onto the dock,” one of the men said as they continued to work. Yuurei just nodded when he heard what his task was. He quickly went to the first of many cargos, and grabbed a hold of it. His eyes open to have seen how heavy this actually was. He didn’t complain nor did he say anything. He just used the strength that was available to him, and started walking off to the steps again.

He was able to move through the first of what he needed to bring down. He could only stretch after that first carry, but went back to help out. He continued to help out as they were smiling at his reactions to picking up the cargos. They thought he would quick from the way he acted. After a while Yuurei had finished helping out with getting all the cargos off the ship. He had sigh as he was bending having his hands on his knees. He was just taking in air, and looked at everybody that was around. ”You guys sure are strong I tell you that. This some heavy lifting, but let’s continue. I can take a break after this is done,” he smiled at them as he stood straight up waiting to continue on.

”Well here are the things that we need to load up on the ship. I just need you to work on bring the spices and some of the other items onto the ship,” a man said who had a cart with a bunch of supplies in them. Yuurei had looked back to see who was talking to him, and he smiled at him. ”That must be the big guy of this operation,” he thought to himself as he didn’t ask any question and started to work. He was quick on his feet, and started moving the spices onto the ship. He was quick to do this because he knew after this he was going to get paid. It didn’t take long since he had others helping out as well. He kept working until. He saw that they were done and he just needed to put the last one on the ship. He didn’t complain about it nor did he wait for someone else to take it.

Yuurei had grabbed it, and moved it over to the deck of the ship. The man was already paying everybody as he saw Yuurei bringing in the last of the supplies he was taking on his journey. He moved over to the crowd that was leaving, and the man had thrown a pouch at Yuurei. He caught it without a problem, and smiled at him as he was glad to have gotten his money. He could only throw it up in the air a few times catching it and walking off the ship.

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